Children’s labour

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It's discouraging to survey the children of today suffering from stress and anxiety as they are burdened by homework and by principle forced to attend school. Too many children are conditioned to consider k-12 education is torture and they feel the need to play "hookey". It cost the government billions in resources to keep the schools in America operating, and some students take advantage of this, but for most students the learning is not occurring at an efficient rate. By obligating kids to attend school and paying for schools there is a tremendous disservice that is given to this country during a time when there is a strong concern in generating economic efficiencies. Although parents perceive the schoolhouse as a source of babysitting, the service that is provided is an inefficient method. It is my modest proposal that k-12 institutions should be shut down, furthermore the children should be transitioned to workhouses where they can specialize in their respective jobs while remaining under supervision, so instead of costing adults more money they will be generating value with the labor they undertake.

         It is agreed by all parties that children would not grow up unsupervised, where they do not have good role models and a firm structure they may grow up with temptation to behave badly and become disruptive members of society, those who are so unhappy and play 'truant' may turn to crime and plague communities with disruptive behaviour. By developing a system of workhouses it would be possible to ensure that there is the supervision of children, that they are not out on the streets and there would not be the time, and they would not have the energy to rebel. The children who already attend school would simply attend the workhouse instead and should be happy that they are not having to undertake stressful school work as they will not longer have to take exams write essays, all tasks that add little to society. They would only have to be concerned with the immediate performance of their task, meaning there would not suffer the stress and when they are finished would have the opportunity to enjoy being children. As raising children in expensive it is also possible that were there ate some earnings these could also be given to the parents to help with the costs of feeding the children.

The proposals would involve a number of workhouse, this would help place the children wit the right type of work. As economies have been suffering with many tasks suited to children being outsourced to developing nations, this would allow the jobs to be brought back into the country. There are many tasks which are suited to the small agile figures and the smaller body shapes. The stitching of footballs and trainers by hand is one area that could create value, these are jobs which need agile fingers and which many adults simply do not want to perform.

         There are other jobs which may be seen as well suited to children's abilities, the Victorians used children to help clean chimney, while there are not many chimneys to clean today there are many industrial facilities which have ventilation tunnels and tubing that would require cleaning, in many areas there have also been problem with the blockage of storm drains, these could also be cleared by the children. Any physical work that requires little thinking would also be suitable from sweeping the streets and digging graves to packaging manufactured goods. There are also other useful task they could be out to. The public objections for testing drugs and cosmetics on annuals is understandable, they do not give accurate results, for those who do not show a taken for physical work they could become test subjects, this way they would not have to exert themselves but would still be performing a very useful role in society.

         There may be many other tasks children's labour could be used to fulfil and my opinions are open and flexible on the way that these plans may be developed for the good of society. It is for the good of society and for the benefit of the children who are stressed and unhappy at school that these proposals are put forward, the solution will benefit all stakeholders and I am adamant that this is a good and honest way of dealing with an issue that many others would shy away from promoting.