Celia Was Temporary Blinded English Literature Essay

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She had climbed from her bed to see what was happening and had been grabbed from behind as she made her way towards the commotion. Now, as she tried to gather her bearings, Celia found herself lying on the floor of a warm, dark cave illuminated by torches.

Celia's wrists and ankles were bound tight with chains, shackled to some sort of large altar behind her. She tried to get a better look at the large stone slab but a tight metal collar bound her neck tightly, keeping her head forward.

The white robe she had been wearing when she was taken was tattered and stained with large rips in several places. Whoever had taken her had not been gentle. The heat of the large cavernous room had left Celia drenched in sweat and her soaked robe clung tightly to her small frame.

The floor of the cave was some sort of dark, reflective stone. It was unlike anything the girl had ever seen and she didn't think it was a natural formation. Looking down at her own reflection, Celia cried out. The long braids of dark hair that Celia had always been so proud of had been shorn from her head and all that remained were ragged tangled.

Her cries echoed off the vaulted ceiling of the cave and she strained against the heavy shackles that bound her. She could feel the rough stone of altar scraping against her delicate back, tearing the thin white robes even further. Tears ran down her cheeks.

"Please!" she begged, "Please, if anyone can hear me just let me go! I want to go home!"

Celia heard shuffling behind the altar and someone in a flowing black robe moved in front of her, pausing to look down.

"You must be silent, child," a familiar voice said, "You have been chosen."

She knew that voice; it was Elder Hamlin, the town's mayor. Celia had known the mayor all her life, he and his wife owned a shop in the town square and they always gave her some sweets when she came to visit with her Pa.

Other robed figures began spread out along the walls of the cavern, chanting as surrounding the young girl chained to the altar. From her limited vantage point Celia could make out five robed figures, their faces concealed by the deep hoods of their robes. These had to be the rest of the village elders; why had they taken her and what did they want?

"Elder Hamlin... I know it's you! I recognize your voice!" the girl pleaded, "I'm scared Elder Hamlin! I want to go home to my Pa! Please let me go!"

"My dear child," the elder said, his smooth voice almost reassuring, "You cannot go home. You are to be his vessel. You will be our deliverance."

"I don't... I don't understand..." Celia cried out.

"Yours is not to understand his will, girl," Elder Hamlin explained, "You are merely the vessel."

With that he turned and took his place against the wall to her left. As the robed figures began to chant louder and with a much more urgent tone a strange rumbling shook the entire room and Celia could hear a distant scraping noise coming from a narrow tunnel directly in front of her.

She watched, green eyes wide with terror as the noise in the darkness grew louder. Whatever was in the tunnel was coming her way. Tears ran from her eyes and fear gripped her racing heart as she struggled against the heavy chains.

A loud, monstrous hiss and the scraping of sharp claws on stone bounced along the walls of the cave. The robed figures fell to their knees, their bodies writhed in ecstasy as they chanted fervently, drawing the noise ever closer.

"Please," Celia whimpered, her entire body trembling with fear, "just let me go home. I just want my Pa!"

The young girl stared in horror as a pair of gleaming yellow eyes appeared with from the darkness of the tunnel. Goosebumps rose along her flesh and she found herself unable to look away as the outline of the creature slowly revealed itself.

The demon growled deep in its throat as their eyes met and Celia screamed in horror as the monster's large hairy head was illuminated by the torches; nostrils flexed as the thing inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of the terrified girl.

"Grando magna Dominus!" the cultists chanted in Latin, their voices wavering as if in a deep trance, "Great one! We humbly present this untouched vessel! Take her as your own and share with us your blessing!"

"No!" screamed Celia, realizing they meant for her to be this monster's sacrifice.

She struggled as the demon's gaze fell over her and the creature eyes drank in the sight of its virgin sacrifice. Celia was hysterical as the creature moved closer, its dark, sinuous body emerging from the tunnel. Curved black claws scraped into the stone as it entered the cave.

Celia squeezed her eyes tight as the demon's long, tongue flicked in and out of its mouth, saliva dripped onto the girl's thighs as the creature licked lightly at her spread legs, tasting her. The young virgin cried out as the demon's strong arms gripped her and bodily lifted her onto the altar.

"The great one has accepted our offering!" one of the hooded cultists exclaimed, her voice a cry of ecstasy.

The hairy creature leaned over the young girl's body, dragging his tongue up from her thighs and along her torso.

"Ohh!" Celia moaned, her back arching as the creature's cool tongue slithered along her body. Celia strained against the heavy metal shackles, desperate to escape as the demon's dark hands found the rips in her robe and ran across her delicate skin.

The cultists crawled forward on their knees, bowing before the strange demon. Their chanting voices undulating in ecstasy, rising and falling in time with the girl's frightened breaths. The hooded figures seemed to be urging their God on, desperate for him to make her his vessel.

Incensed by the chants of the cultists, the demon slowly began to climb up onto the altar. Celia bravely opened her eyes and let out a terrified scream as she felt the creature's sharp claws begin to violently tear at the front of her robes.

"No!" she cried; her pale skin flush with embarrassment as her small, firm breasts were exposed to the creature. Its thin fingers slid over her sensitive pink nipples, forcing them to an unwilling hardness.

"Please!" she begged, "please stop! Let me go!"

Her pleading had no effect on the demon, its long, sinewy fingers continued to squeeze and pinch her dark nipple. Looking down at his sacrifice, the creature latched onto the altar.

The circle of cultists writhed with pleasure as the demon hauled the rest of his body up onto the altar, hovering over Celia's small frame; his long, sinuous body writhing with excitement.

"Take her, Master!" Elder Hamlin pleaded, throwing his arms into the air and wailing in pleasure, "Make her your vessel and let us taste your power! Share your greatness with us!"

The terrified virgin whimpered and moaned as her tattered robes were torn completely open by the monster, revealing her small, nubile body. Pleased by the sight, the demon made a frightening growl from deep within his body.

Celia felt his cool skin pressing tightly against her own and felt something large pressing against her thighs. Looking down the length of his furry underbelly the young girl saw a large bulging object pressing outwards.

"What... What is that thing?!" Celia screamed.

Frightening thoughts entered young innocent mind as the bulging object slipped between the creature's legs, revealing a long, white phallus as long as her forearm and as thick as her wrist.

"Yes! Yes!" one of the robes figures exclaimed as the demon's cock came into view, her right hand kneading her breast with desperate fervor while her left hand moved frantically beneath her robes.

"Fill this vessel, master! Take this virgin sacrifice! Take your pleasure from her young body and let us taste your power!"

Celia turned towards the woman, her wide green eyes full of a combination of shock, terror, and disbelief as the circle of cultists started tearing at their robes, masturbating in frenzy as their God positioned itself on top of her.

"Why!? Why are you letting it do this to me?" Celia sobbed, crying out in fear as she felt the demon's hard cock press against the labia, smearing something sticky pre-cum across her virgin sex.

The monster let out a roar of pleasure as his tongue slid out of his mouth, rubbing its way along Celia's face and neck, down to her small, firm virgin breasts. She struggled helplessly beneath his bulk as the dripping tongue flicked across her sensitive nipples, desperately trying to close her thighs as the demon's cock rubbed her lips and clit.

"No! No, please! What are you doing!?" the girl cried

Her eyes opened wide and she let out a guttural moan as she felt the huge cock begin to press against her virgin pussy, forcing its way between her labia as it tried to enter her tight wetness.

Celia's shock and embarrassment was suddenly drowned out by the sudden feeling of immense pressure she felt as the monster rammed the tip of his penis into her body, inch my inch it sank into her virgin pussy, sending Celia into a fit of moaning and frantic thrashing.

The demon shuddered; savoring the girl's panic, forcing his terrible cock deeper and deeper inside of her, filling her in a way she had never imagined. The invading cock pressed against her tight inner walls, the viscous slime it secreted easing its entry.

"Yes! YES!" elder Hamlin cried out, masturbating frantically as the other cultists convulsed all around the altar, each one pleasuring themselves as they watched their dark god penetrating the virgin sacrifice they had offered.

"This one is our gift to you, great lord! Taste her sweetness and tear away her innocence, make her your vessel!"

Celia shook her head in denial; tears blurred her vision as she was forced to watch the creature's long thick cock slide into her body. There was a strange mixture of pleasure and pain from her womanhood as her virgin muscles were forced apart and the demon reached her depths.

"Oh god" she cried, feeling her own body betray her, "I can't do this!"

The beast pressed harder, the tip of his monster cock pushing forward until it began to fill her entirely. The creature let out a bestial roar and tightened its grip on Celia's naked body.

The girl moaned as the monster cock began to pull out of her pussy and felt strangely empty once it had fully withdrawn. Her tight muscles had tried to seal themselves against further intrusion but a single push from the beast allowed the large cock to easily slip past her labia.

The monster's hard cock filled her completely, shaking her body with every hard thrust. Celia's body was beginning to become aroused by the demon's large cock filling her and her mind struggled to understand how a terrible monster could cause such a reaction.

Celia closed her eyes and gave in to the creature, savoring the sensation of the thick member filling her so completely. She ran her hand down the monster's hairy underbelly, reaching their combined sexes as her fingers searched for her clit.

Celia's body shook with pleasure and anticipation as her fingers found her engorged clit. Having never used her own fingers for pleasure the young girl was not sure what to do. She remembered how the monster's cock had felt as it rubbed against her clit and she pressed down on the sensitive button, making hard circular motions.

The effect was instantaneous; electricity seemed to shoot from her fingertips, spreading out, setting every nerve in her body alight. Never before had she felt such pleasure as wave after wave of warmth radiated out from her throbbing clit.

"Yes master! Fuck her!" the cultists yelled as Celia's fingers continued their work, "Use the child! Make her your vessel! Fill her with your seed!"

Celia's eyes flew open and she looked up at the hooded figures, her mouth went wide and her terrified expression showed her inner conflict. She knew what it would mean if the demon were to cum inside of her and she began to struggle beneath him, desperate to dislodge the invading cock.

"You can't!" the girl pleaded, her mind reeling in the face of this new revelation, "I... I can't get pregnant! No! I can't have a baby! Not from a monster!"

Elder Hamlin laughed at Celia, "This is your new master, Child! He is the last of his kind! You should feel honored to give your body to him!"

"Why me?" Celia sobbed, shaking her head in disbelief, watching the huge cock slide in and out of her, stretching her virgin pussy, causing pleasure to radiate through her,

"Why does it need me?"

"Because, child," he replied, smiling up at the thrusting serpent with adoration in his eyes, "our great Master requires a virgin sacrifice. You were chosen to be his vessel because you are pure, unlike the other youths in our village! Only you would suffice. You and you alone!"

"No!" the young girl cried, her head lolling weakly against the altar. She knew the elder's words were true and cursed herself for foolishly preserving her chastity in the hopes of marriage.

"But Elder Hamlin, I'm not innocent! I've made love to many of the boys in the town! Your master can't use me as his vessel, I'm not what you want!" Celia said, a desperate lie.

One of the cultists threw back his head and laughed; the hood of his dark robe falling away to reveal his all too familiar features.

"P... Pa!?" Celia cried out in sudden horror, feeling her head spin in disbelief, "But... but you... Pa how could you do this to me? Don't you love me!"

Her Pa smiled at her and made his way towards the altar; Celia felt her face go flush with embarrassment as she lay before her Pa, naked and vulnerable, held underneath the monster as it fucked her.

As he reached the altar he slowly ran his hands across the girl's body, gently caressing the her neck before taking a firm hold of Celia's small, perky breasts.

"Celia, child, I'm afraid I haven't been truly honest with you," her father said in a strangely hollow voice, "You see, I'm not your real father at all."

Celia's head spun with the revelation, "That can't be true," she pleaded, "Pa please! Why are you saying such hurtful lies?"

Closing her eyes and shaking her head against the painful truth, Celia felt his rough fingers pinch and squeeze her sensitive nipples.

"I'm afraid it's true, Celia. It was my duty to raise you as a child and to make sure you stayed pure for our master,' he explained, "eighteen long years we have waited for this moment. You were born for this."

Celia let out a long howling moan as the pain of her father's betrayal sank in; she barely noticed the creature thrusting away between her legs as her entire world was shaken to its core.

Celia was pulled back into the present, feeling the demon's cock pulse and swell inside of her. The engorged head of his cock was pressed firmly against the entrance to her womb, trembling within her pussy as it built towards climax.

Elder Hamlin crawled towards to the end of the altar, standing behind the beast as it thrust into Celia with reckless abandon. The elder raised a silver chalice above his head, licking his lips in anticipation.

Suddenly the demon let out a savage howl of animalistic pleasure. His thrusting became frantic, each pump pushing his huge cock deeper into Celia's cunt, the tip ramming roughly against her cervix. Celia could feel the monster's fiery hot seed fill her body as it shot from his pulsing balls.

"No! No! No!" Celia cried out.

The young girl tried to fight her way free but the demon held her tight, impaling her small frame upon its massive cock. Celia's hips were lifted off the altar as the creature thrust harder and harder. The beast was mindless with pleasure as it reached orgasm.

"I can't! I can't get pregnant! Please, Pa, stop him!" Celia begged.

"I'm sorry, child," he told her, "it must be this way."

The other cultists were chanting madly as the monster's cum spurted into Celia's cunt and oozed from around the shaft. Pulse after pulse filled her to overflowing and it semen began to run out the sides of the imperfect seal holding their genitals together.

The huge cock filled her completely, ravaging her body with quick, hard thrusts. Thick, hot cum filled her aching pussy and all Celia could do was shake her head, crying in her denial.

"No! This can't be happening!" the sacrifice yelled in denial as the monster tried to force more cock into her, trying to flood her womb with his seed.

"Get ready, brothers!" Elder Hamlin called over his shoulder, holding the cup in both hands, pressing it close to surface of the altar as a the thick, vile mixture trickled out from their combined sexes. Thick rivulets of semen squeezed around the shaft of the monster's cock, running down Celia's ass cheeks and thighs before dripping into the chalice.

Celia closed her eyes as the demon began pumping her cunt with slow, hard thrusts, attempting to make sure his wicked seed would find its way deep into her womb. As the last sprays of his hot cum shot into her, Celia felt the monster shudder.

She let out a yelp as he released her and her hips dropped to the altar, the long thick cock that had taken her virginity slipping loose, leaving her pussy aching with a sense of emptiness as her tight muscled pressed slowly closed tight, sealing the monsters cum deep with her womb.

Elder Hamlin watched as the foul liquid dribbled along the groove in the altar and into the chalice, grinning up at Celia as the foul fluids filled it nearly to capacity before standing up once more.

"Now my brothers and sisters," Elder Hamlin proclaimed, turning to face the other cultists, sacred chalice held high above his head, "Our master's gift shall be ours! Come forth and taste his power!"

Celia stared at the elders in disbelief and horror as Elder Hamlin brought the silver cup to his lips and drank deeply. In turn, each of the village elders made their way forward and drank from the terrible mixture.

As the elders drank and celebrated the union of their God and his virgin sacrifice, Celia watched as the demon slowly withdrew and returned to the tunnel. She listened as it shuffled away, disappearing into the darkness, and was surprised when it paused and looked back at her. Its yellow eyes gazed at her for a moment and then it was gone.

Finished with their master's seed, the cultists quickly unchained the young girl and carried her towards the surface. They made many promises to her, telling Celia that she and her child would be well taken care of for the rest of their days.