Brief Romeo And Juliet Analysis English Literature Essay

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The play was written in setting of the English tradition life. The play fortunately was able to reflect that, the furniture used was not modern but traditional the mode of lighting the stage also reflected that through the use of beautifully shaped lamps distributed throughout the stage. This was a positive move as it identifies the play to its original setting. The actors also used appropriate costumes for example swords, clothing and used the tradition English language used in the written play that helped to take the audience back to the play�s original setting.

The theme of the play is love that turned tragic this by itself is a theme that brings joy and sorrow at the same time. The play reveals the traditional English culture of arranged marriages and where marriage was based on ones social class and status. This is where Capulet ( Juliet�s father) plans for his daughter�s engagement to count Paris who would like to wed her even without him consulting with his daughter first. The play discourages this when this master plan by Capulet fails and Juliet meets and falls in love with Romeo. Juliet meets with Romeo secretly and wed him thus making her father�s plans useless. This shows that marriage should only be based on love and nothing else, otherwise the marriage is bound to fail

The strength of love is evident throughout the play as it is the main theme. The play shows that true love can stand against all odds and that its strength should never at any one time be underestimated. This comes out strongly whereby Romeo disguises himself to attend a party hosted by Capulet in which he is not invited with the hope of meeting his beloved Rosalina. Upon hearing of his Juliet�s death ( which is not true ) Romeo buys poison and drinks it. This is because he believes he cannot live without the lady he loves. He does this after he kills Paris, the man who wanted to marry his wife. When Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead besides her she cannot take it and she decides to stab herself and join her love in the other world. All this is done in the name of love.

The play considering its old origin and its popularity in the modern world means its lessons, teachings and conclusions are still as relevant to us as they were to people back way in history. The play in itself discourages against rivalry, disunity, fights and suppression it on the other hand encourages unity, friendship, tolerance and peaceful co-existence. For example when Tybalt ( Juliet�s cousin ) gets into a fight with Mercutio ( the prince�s cousin ) Tybalt ends up killing Mercutio and has to run away to avoid punishment. Romeo is super angry and in his rage goes after him and in the end kills him to avenge his friends murder. This in turn causes him to run away also to avoid the prince�s wrath. This causes Juliet get worried and take measures to avoid her marriage to Paris , this is responsible for the regrettable confusion that followed. At the end the two warring families finally made up and became friends after both lost those they loved to their pride and hatred towards one another.

The play is also not lacking suspense which makes it really entertaining and nerve cracking at the same time. This is a very important aspect of any play as it holds and grips the attention of the audience from start to finish and no play worth its salt can do without suspense. The aspects of suspense are evident in various scenes of the play, for example when Romeo receives news of Juliet�s

Death, the audience wonders what action Romeo would take. The audience is aware that Juliet is not really dead but this important fact is unknown to Romeo. The level of suspense is heighten when Romeo buys poison. The audience is also thrown into suspense when Romeo falls dead besides the still body of Juliet and later Juliet starts to wake up from her deep induced slumber. She awaits to see her Romeo waiting for her anxiously but the audience knows she will not as her said love is already dead right by her side. The audience does not know what action she will take on finding out this incident. This is the highest form suspense and helps to keep the whole audience on its edge as the play nears its end. For me this is the best climax that this play or any other may have.

The play is also a masterpiece in the element of confusion and surprise. It portrays how a simple misinformation and misinterpretation of words may have so many profound results. In the beginning it was a perfect plan, Juliet would take a portion given to her that would make her appear dead, her heart beat would stop and she would get cold, she would lose consciousness and drop down to a deep slumber. In that way she would avoid her arranged marriage to Paris and would later wake up to find her love Romeo waiting for her. Word is sent to Romeo to meet her at family�s monument. However none of this was to happen as the report that reaches Romeo is that she is dead and buried in her family�s monument. Romeo kills himself to join her in the world of the dead only that she is not there but soon follows suit by stabbing herself with Romeos own knife.

The play is really worth watching and was not disappointing at all. It even surpassed my expectations and may aid one to understand the written play eve better.