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Among the Betrayed is a fiction book written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Among the Betrayed is a book about a girl named Nina Idi who is sent to prison for being a third child. Since it is illegal to have more than 2 children, the population police, capture and kill any third children. In this book Nina is captured by the population police after she is betrayed by her friend Jason, who was secretly working for the population police. After she is put in prison she is given a chance to betray three more third children for her freedom.

Nina Idi is a thirteen year old girl who has light brown hair. Although she tries to act tough at times, Nina is actually scared of many things. Although Nina's real name is Elodie, to hide that she is a third child, she must get a fake ID with her fake name as Nina. Nina has a big family, and her Aunts would usually take care of her before she left to attend Harlow School for Girls. Nina is scared of many things but she learns how to take care of herself and be brave.

At the start of this book, Nina is taken by the population police to a prison after she was betrayed by her friend Jason. When she arrives at the prison, Nina is questioned by a member of the population police, who have also arrested Jason. After finding out that Jason had blamed his crimes on her and had later been killed, she was given a chance to trick three other arrested third children named Percy, Matthias, and Alia for her freedom. When she first is put in the cell with them they will not talk to her or trust her, but begin to trust her a little after a few days. Every few days the man will come back to question her, and feed her. While they step out of the room she would steal food and put it in a bag to take back for the next few days without food, to wait until they called her out again.

After many days trying to decide if she should betray them for her freedom, she is brought back in to be questioned again. After the man brings her back again to question her, a guard comes with keys saying he had been poisoned and drops his keys. After they walk out to get help, she finds the keys on the ground. When she sees the keys she decides to pick them up and hide them in her dress so she could escape. After a different guard comes back he leaves her locked in the hallway instead of the cell, and leaves. When she is about to escape she starts trying to decide if she should leave the kids and run by herself she begins to feel sorry for them, and chooses to take them with her.

After they make it out by jumping out of a window in the interrogation room, the four kids run for a couple hours until they have to stop to rest for the night. When they stop Matthias and Percy leave her with Alia while they go to get something. When they return they have new fake ID's. In the morning after walking for a while they stop by a river where Nina decides to swim. When she jumps in she realizes she cannot swim and floats a little ways downstream by a bridge, and is spotted by two police. When the police ask to see her ID card Alia comes with them in her hand, and after they show the police their ID's they begin walking again. Later in the day at lunch time, Nina notices they have no food, and after a few hours they arrive back at Nina's school. When they arrive at Nina's school she realizes that one of her old friends, Lee Grant, was growing a garden full of vegetables, and starts making trips there to get the food. After a couple days Lee and his friend find her and drag her off to see Mr. Hendricks, the founder of Hendricks School for Boys, located right by her school. When he tries to interrogate her she pushes him out of his wheelchair and runs out to warn the children. When she arrives there, the two boys grab her legs and arms and the man from the prison comes out of the trees to arrest her again. When he appears she yells to Alia to run, the boys put her down and the man reveals she has passed the test, and that he is only working with the population police to sabotage them as much as he can. After they return to the building with Mr. Hendricks and Lee waiting, the man reveals he is Jen Talbot's father, the dead leader of a protest against the population law. After they talk he reveals Jason didn't really betray her, but was actually trying to protect her, and that he is now working with the population police. After hearing this, Nina agrees to fight against the population police with them.

In this book Nina had to learn how to be brave even if she was scared. At the end of the story even though she thought she would be taken she tried to let the others escape even though she thought she would be caught. Even though Jason had tried to hurt the other third children and was going against them now, Nina still learned to forgive him for what he had done before. "This just means---he wasn't all bad. He's dead anyway. So I can . . . hold on to the good memories and let go of being mad at him." At the end of the story she had learned a lot and was a lot braver and smarter than before. Nina was now ready to help fight against the population police, to save the other third children.