Attitudes In Romanticism Literature English Literature Essay

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In Romanticism literature a lot of different attitudes are portrayed through poems. The attitudes start at looking at nature with beauty to using emotion over reason. In the poem "Nutting" and the poem "Crossing the Bar", they each portray the attitude of looking at nature with beauty.

In Wordsworth's poem, "Nutting", he expresses how greatly this young man is enjoying his day in nature. He shows how heavenly the man thinks the day is in the poem "Nutting". The man no longer wanted to be in prisoned in his cottage. You can clearly see that he is ready to get out and be in nature. The young man just wants to enjoy his day underneath trees, adoring the scene of delightful flowers in nature. The "Nutting" shows how intensely this man is about nature. The man claims he wants to force his way into nature, taking the virgin scene. The man is very in touch with his nature side, maybe just a little bit too much. You can see how the emotion of nature comes through this poem, though. Then the man shows how he has taken nature to be his own scene, I guess you could say. He says, "In that sweet mood when pleasure loves to pay, the heart luxuriates with indifferent things." That scene just makes you see that he wants to become one with nature, that maybe he looks at nature more than just a beautiful scene.

In Alfred's poem, "Crossing the Bar", he shows some similarities that are shown in Wordsworth's poem, "Nutting". In "Crossing the Bar", he portrays the vision of abeautiful nature scene. They say "sunset and evening star, and one clear call for me!" That line in the poem says so much to begin with, I believe. It shows how beautiful you can look at nature. Nature has so much to offer from the sky down to the grass you sit on. You can tell this poem clearly expresses the emotion of loving nature. In "Crossing the Bar", they speak of dark and sadness a lot, but then how they embark on it. This shows how even when there is no sun out in nature, it still has tons of beauty to offer, no matter what time of day it is. The poem mentions "and may there be no sadness of farewell", I take this part of the poem saying your soul will never leave the earth. That even when you die you can enjoy the beauty that nature has to contribute to the world around. The line "for tho' from out our bourne of Time and Place", goes completely with my thought of how even if you die you are still attached to the beautiful nature scene.

In Wordsworth's poem, "Nutting", and Alfred's poem, "Crossing the Bar", thereare many similarities that are very easy to pick up on. In the poem, "Nutting" he speaks about how he does not want to be imprisoned in his cottage threshold, well in the poem"Crossing the Bar", there is no talk of being in a home or any shelter. Both poems clearly portray that each man wants to be outside in nature, and be able to enjoy what nature has to offer. In the poem "Nutting", he mentions how he wants to embrace natureand force his way into nature, well in the poem "Crossing the Bar", he is speaking of being put out into the sea, and embarking in nature. They both explain how into naturethey both want to be.

In Wordsworth's poem, "Nutting", and Alfred's poem "Crossing the Bar", there are actually some differences to be picked up on, as well. In the poem "Nutting", he shows a lot of aggression towards nature, actually. For example he talks about forcing himself, and basically how nature will lose its' virgin scene. These context are way different, then how they are portrayed in the poem "Crossing the Bar". In the poem "Crossing the Bar", he speaks about how embarking in nature is such a joy, and how it somewhat feels like home. In no way shape or form do those sound like the same things. I believe that in thepoem "Crossing the Bar" shows a bit more respect for nature, than the poem "Nutting" does. Wordsworth's poem, "Nutting" just seems to want to show how someone is readyto destroy or you could say violate nature. That is not the intention of the poem "Crossing the Bar" at all. "Crossing the Bar", has much more respect for nature. Thepoem, "Crossing the Bar", shows how gentle someone is towards nature, and how relaxing nature can be. "Nutting", just kind of gives the vibe of aggression out rather than relaxation.

I really enjoyed reading both poems, Wordsworth's, "Nutting", and Alfred's "Crossing the Bar". Both poems made me think a lot, and helped me obtain a emotionfor them. You can clearly say these poems are both about nature and embracing the beauty rather it be in a aggressive tone or a relaxing, respectful tone. Both poems had good intentions and showed a lot of expressions towards nature and the take on natures' scenes. I really enjoyed reading the difference between them. I liked how the poem "Nutting" was disrespectful towards nature, but still had the intention of a good vibe for nature portrayed in the poem, compared to the poem, "Crossing the Bar", where it had a respectful, relaxing tone toward nature, and how beautiful the poem made nature seem. In both poems it is portrayed how the beauty of nature comes through, and how each arthur feels about nature. The different tones actually express a lot for thedifferent perspectives. The poem, "Nutting", and the poem "Crossing the Bar", did a great job in showing the emotion of loving nature, and the beauty it has to offer.