Analyzing The Freedom Writers English Literature Essay

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Everybody got a diary and everybody has to write their feelings down. That's what the whole book is about. Most of the students thinks it's not going to work out for Erin. Because she's too nice and that she's just one of the other teachers. So everybody thinks she won't last very long. But Erin is not like that, and she learn the children about Anne Frank. She let the people read good books and make them write in their diary's. The children got a lot of respect for Erin and the do what Erin wants. They went to museums and other trips and the people start to change. The don't want to be in the hood anymore and they don't want to have a gun with them all the time.

But then Erin noticed she had to lose her students because she cannot teach children in the third class. Only in the second and first. The students are mad about that and that's why they put all the pieces of every diary together and made a book. The called the book the freedom writers. The commission of the school read the book and the decide for Erin she can teach in the third and fourth class either.

Erin Gruwell: she's a teacher. She has 150 teenage children and she wants to be a really good teacher.  She has brown hair and brown eyes. She's really trying to help her students and she is the only one of the teachers who does that. And she is also the only one who succeeds. She took a lot of money and a lot of time in her students to help them. She thinks that people doesn't belong to the hood and she is going to help her students to get them out of there. I think she has a lot courage and is very smart too. At the beginning the students thinks she's not going to last very long but at the end the students love her and don't want to lose her as a teacher.

The other characters are hard to describe because you don't know anything about them only their diary number. But I choose someone to describe I choose diary number 2 that's at the beginning of the book but I choose this diary because he is the only white person and he describes how he feels.

Diary 2: he is a white boy, he is the only white boy. And he hates it, because he is the only one is his class he's alone all the time in his class and he always sits at the end at his classroom. He hates to go to school and he wants to get out of his classroom.

Diary 92: I don't know the name but they were talking about their son, so I think the writer of this diary is a boy. At first he was someone who hates his parents. They never spoke to each other and their relationship was very bad. But when he was going on a trip to Washington his parents appreciate him. They were proud at him for being a smart son. His whole family came together what never happened in his family. I think he likes art because he talks a lot about that he wants a camera or he wants to make pictures of things. And he liked the museum in Washington with the art.


Place and time:

The story takes place in California. In long beach, a lot of the story takes place in the school: the Wilson High school. And a part takes place in Washington.

The time of this book is 1989 because when the book was published it was 1999 and they said that the story took place 10 years ago.



The title is freedom writers because in the story the children wants to have freedom. And Erin wants that too so they working to get a better life and to get out of the hood. They read books and have excursions and they even invite Miep Gies to come to their school. Because they read a book over the holocaust. The people in this book change a lot and they are good people at the end, they want a better live.


Opinion and extra information:

I can't find anything extra about the writer because it is a real story with more then 100 writers. But there is a movie about the freedom writers too.  It's about this book and this story and I have seen it. The movie is made in 2007, 8 years later then the book has published. The director is Richard LaGraveneseI and he also made the script. The famous  actor Hillary Swank , is in the movie the main character, Erin Gruwell. The movie won a price the humanitas price in 2008. And they were nominated for the image award. I have read the book a long time ago and then I went to the movie with my class. And I liked the book so much that I read it this year again. I like this book because it has a really good story. It's real and you see that when you read it or see the movie. And because it's not one long story but 142 short stories and an afterword and epilogue. That's nice to read because you haven't got one long boring story but 142 short stories and everybody thinks something else. And it was a sad story, but it was exciting to read the stories where beautiful because the people were going mad about things or scared because it's so dangerous to live there. It's a completely other world out there and you can't imagine that people live like that. That's so good about that story.