Analysis Of The Metamorphosis Usage Of Symbolism English Literature Essay

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'Believe me, sir, there's something the matter with him. Otherwise how would Gregor have missed a train? That boy has nothing in his mind but the business. It's almost begun to rile me that he never goes out nights. He's been back in the city for eight days now, but every night he's home. He sits there with us at the table, quietly reading the paper or studying timetables."

The symbolism of Gregor´s transformation to a vermin is that when a family or a group of person hope a lot for someone, and that someone works just to satisfy other´s desires then the fault is not of the family, the fault relies on the person who tries to fulfilled everyone desires. Every person has t fight for their dreams, if someone else tries to stop you from succeeding in life, as Gregor´s family did then you have to eliminate them from life. You have to take important decisions in your life, one of them been, deciding who is recommendable to be around you.

In the quote or passage that I decided to comment about it can be found in page 15 of the book. The quote itself demonstrate how highly committed is Gregor Samsa to its family. How everyone who surrounds him and that are not his family notice Samsa´s duty towards its family. In the first part of the quote, Gregor´s partner tries to defend him, saying that something paranormal has to happen with Gregor, because otherwise he would be in work. The partner knows that Samsa cannot afford letting down his parents and siblings. He really knows Gregors problem, which Gregor thinks that if he does not bring money to the house the parents would not love him.

It is totally true for Gregors example; his parents have raised Gregor in such a way that is more similar to how slaves are raised than how a son is. Gregor´s parents depend upon him; he is the one who really works in the house. It is the money that Gregor brings that pays the rent, which pays for the food they each, other cloth they wore. It is Gregor who takes the role of Alpha male in the house, his father has relegated to a second plane. However, Gregor has not realized that, he still feels inferior. He still thinks that he depends upon his family to survive; his guilt has eaten him up.

Guilt is the major factor of his slavery and of its final metamorphosis. Guilt is the factor that has remained him in the house working for those lazy people who he considers as family. Guilt can be found in many different situations. His guilt is transformed to his obligation to work. Even Gregor's mother, a passive spectator, could see his dedication to his job. Life without amusement becomes stressful and unpleasant, who leads to misery. Not physical misery, in which in some way lives, I'm referring to internal misery in which he felt very useless, and his self-esteem is really down.

Throughout the novel Gregor finds himself overextended because of his discontent with his ability to provide for his family. Gregor, finally near the end of the novel, finds satisfaction in something: his sister's violin. Gregor found an instrument that really made him happy. With his sister violin he felt a sense of completion, a feeling that his work has not given him. At the end something as banal as the violin gave him that thing that was missing in him, he felt useful. This ironic given that fact that when he worked to supply his family he s very useful for them. However, inside of him he didn´t feel that way.

The last part f the quote wraps around Gregor´s life. He just works and goes to the house where he finds those people who he called family. The partner sates the sense of desolation in which Gregor lives. Gregor has already accepted the fact that he is his family´s slave. Therefore, after he return from work he just goes to a quiet place where no one could bother him and read, something that made him feel good. It can be seen that no one thanks him for what he has done. His mother does not give him a lovable hug, nor his father goes and talks about business. Neither his sister tries to thanks him. This is the best example to demonstrate how Gregor´s family thinks that they deserved to be helped by Gregor. What they had to do is thanks him in all the way possible.

It can be concluded that it his guilt that create the pathway to the metamorphosis and consequently to the portal of death. If he would not have felt a guilt and duty towards his family then he would have never stressed out to satisfy and supply for his family needs. As it was stated before he low self-esteem guided him to work a for large quantity of hours just to satisfy his family. He did not felt any sense of completion when he works; he just did it for receiving a little small amount of love. His family was vey unthankful with the best son and brother they had, at the end of the day Gregor´s family thought that it was his duty to supply them with what they needed. That it was ok to eliminate Gregor´s dream just to satisfy their needs. Kafka intention with this book is to criticize how sometimes society give from granted something. Kafka trioes to demonstrate society that you have to fight for your dreams, in Gregor´s case it is symbolized with his sister violin.