Analysis Of The Glass Menagerie English Literature Essay

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Proof of the importance of the glass menagerie is known because of the reason that Tennessee Williams gives the name to the entire play. Glass represents something fragile and can be used to decorate a room, and it is very pretty. The glass menagerie represents things beyond the known and a way for Laura to escape from life. It also becomes an object which her brother, Tom criticizes and talks bad about. The glass menagerie symbolizes a colorful world that Laura spends her time in that is based on illusions. The symbolism in The Glass Menagerie connects the whole story together. It made the play more interesting to read. The glass menagerie represents a very distant and unreal world of things that are not even real or living

Like the glass animals, the character's worlds are fragile and are very close to being shattered. It's like the characters are trapped in glass which means they are unable to change or move just likes the glass animals in the story. The characters have learned to hide from their pain. Something big does not have to happen in order for their whole world to shatter. The events that happen to Laura's glass affect her emotional state a lot. It shows us a side of her that we have not seen in the entire story. It reveals that Laura wants to be connected to the real world not just her fantasy world. Instead of getting mad and yelling at Tom she tells him that now it is like the other horses. The unicorn losing its horn is a symbol of something different. The unicorn before the horn broke, symbolizes something that is beautiful and precious in its own unique way. It also represents her being in reality and her return to her fantasy world that she lives in. Laura is very fragile just like her glass collection. The use of the glass menagerie is towards the end of the story when Jim and Laura are talking to each other. They talk about Laura's glass collection and she says "Glass is something you have to take good care of." This shows how fragile she really is. When Jim and Laura started dancing, Jim hits the unicorn off the table. Part of Laura disappears when the horn of the unicorn is broken because she gives Jim the broken unicorn which symbolizes her broken heart that she is giving to Jim and the unicorn was not different like her anymore so she did not have any use for it anymore. Jim leaves something with her too. He leaves her and her mom's dreams of being married and hopes of having a real family someday. The glass menagerie reveals the personality of Laura. Laura and her glass collection are connected in a way that if a piece of her glass shatters so does the world around Laura shatters. Because glass is so fragile, it is the perfect example for representing Laura. Laura being handicapped also relates to her glass collection because she cannot move how she wants to just like her glass collection she has to have assistance from someone else because she cannot do it on her own. Laura's glass menagerie collection is frozen and unable to change just like Laura. Laura is unable to change and adapt to time and she only knows one way to live and she does not know how to break free from her shell that she has been in all her life. Laura uses her glass menagerie collection to escape the real world

The Glass menagerie collection also symbolizes all of the character's in the play failed and broken dreams that they did not achieve. All of the characters tried to escape their difficult worlds and have failed in their attempts. Their dreams have been broken just like glass. All of the characters have something to represent themselves. Laura has her glass menagerie, Tom has his movies and poems, Amanda, which is their mom, has her memories of hope. All of the characters can relate the glass menagerie to their own lives and try to make changes.