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Pecola Breedlove is a little 11-years-old girl and she lives with her parents. They are very poor and really unhappy. Her parents are always in discussing with each other, and her dad is very aggressive. On a day her dad tried to burn their house. And then Pecola moved up to the family MacTeer. She became friends with their daughters, Claudia and Frieda. And there she is for the first time menstruating. Pecola considers that she is very ugly, because she is a black girl, without blue eyes. She tried to do everything to get blue eyes. So is she every night praying to god for blue eyes. She can not believe that someone would love her.


Winter had arrived. Claudia told us about a new girl. Her name was Maureen Peal. She goes now to the same school as Claudia. Maureen is a white girl. Maureen has got green eyes, long hair, a light colored skin and good looking clothes. She is beloved by her classmates. She also has a good relation with her teachers. Claudia didn't liked that. Claudia disgust her. Claudia also didn't liked some things of Maureen her culture. In Maureen her culture they favor 'white' things. In Maureen her culture they behave that white people are better than black people. Pecola thinks otherwise. She is obsessed by white things. Pecola wants to look like a white girl. She wants to have blue eyes, and nice blonde long hair.

Pecola went on a day to Junior. When she arrived at Junior's house, he threw a cat on Pecola. The cat scratched her. Pecola wanted to leave the house of Junior, but he didn't let her leave. The cat rubs its back and tail against Pecola her leg. Pecola sees the pretty blue eyes of the cat and is immediately taken by it. Then Junior grabbed the cat by its tail and started to swing with the cat. Pecola tried to save the cat. Pecola grabbed Junior. Too late. Junior threw the cat away and it smashed against a window. Junior's mother came out. Junior blamed the cat's death on poor Pecola.

Spring had arrived. Claudia told a story about how Mr. Henry was touching Frieda's boobs. Frieda her father attacked Mr. Henry after he had touched her boobs. Pecola already lived in her new house, and Claudia and Frieda visited her in her new house. It was an apartment. On the floor above Pecola lived three prostitutes. Pecola often visited them and talks with them.


She talks a lot about the younger years of her mom Pauline. In the past she goes a lot to the movies. She liked this so much she became fascinated with beauty ideals. The famous movie stars are in her eyes the truth of beautiful nature. And who not seemed like them, are in Pauline eyes ugly. She says also her own daughter Pecola was ugly. She treated not Pecola as her own daughter but the daughter of another family where she is working. That daughter was perfect in her eyes whit blond hair and blue colored eyes. This was the best way to have some perfect person closed to herself.

Also she talks about her dad. The parents of Cholly Breedlove has leaving him behind. He was growing up by his aunt Jimmy. But Jimmy dies. Cholly's first sexual experience was in the woods with Darlene. But they're caught by two men. Cholly is humiliated. Then he runs to Macon, because he thinks Darlene is pregnant of him. In Macon he tries to find his real father. After a while he finds him. But his father is a gambler and he drinks a lot of alcohol. He wants no contact whit Cholly. Then Cholly goes to Kentucky. Here he meets his wife Pauline and marries whit her. Together they have two kids called Sammy and Pecola.

Then Pecola described the rape of her. His father has raped her in the kitchen. That day Cholly was drunk and saw Pecola in the kitchen. He thinks about Pauline and then he rapes her. After he raped her he leaves Pecola on the ground. Pecola is ashamed and alone.


There comes a psychic healer who hate's people. His name is Elihue Mica Whitcomb. He comes a mixed family. He is for 1 side Chinese and for 1 side a normal white man. Pecola visits him every day. She is telling Elihue over her wish to get blue eyes and if he can do that. Elihue is tricking Pecola. He says that Pecola has to poisoning a dog. If the dog behaves strangely, then is it a sign of God. He is telling her that she then have blue eyes the next morning. When Pecola feeds the dog poisoned food then she saw that the dog chokes and fall down dead. She is Horrified and she runs out the house.

When the summer comes tells Claudia how she and Frieda have learned from rumors that Pecola is pregnant of her father. Frieda and Claudia feel bad for Pecola. They decided to bury their marigold seeds instead of selling them. They say that when the seeds bloom, then will be everything fine, and will they not bloom then will things go bad.

Pecola talks to her only friend. A friend that is not real. An imaginary friend. She talk about the blue eyes that she thinks she now haves. She thinks that they are the bluest in the world. She is getting crazy over her blue eyes, and she is still alone. She is getting totally crazy.

Analysis & Interpretation:


The genre of the book is a tragedy. Pecola Breedlove has a tragedy life. In the beginning they are very poor and unhappy. Also she is raped by her own dad. And at the end of the story Pecola is a impaired woman. For example Pecola's lover is an imaginary person.


We think the main theme in the book is the racial between the black and white people. This can mean a lot for a little black girl. You don't think it is a lot meaning for her but you will be surprised.


The structure of the book is very simple. There are four parts in the book, from Autumn till the Summer. The book starts with some information about the family and the neighbourhood of the family. Then you see the same information again, but then without interpretation. And then you have to read the same short story but without interpretation and spaces. And that is very weird. Also some pieces of this story are coming back later in the book.


Pecola Breedlove - She is the main character of the novel. She is a black girl. She is an arm girl. Her community thinks that white people are better, and prettier then black people. Through that idea she things that she is ugly. Pecola wants to have beautiful blue eyes. On that fact is the Title of the book based.

Cholly Breedlove - He is Pecola's father. He is a very aggressive man. He is addicted to alcohol. At the end of the novel, Pecola's father rapes her. His father and mother didn't treat him well. They rejected him. He was raised by his aunt. He raped his daughter at the end of the novel, because for him, raping her is the only way to express his love for his daughter Pecola.

Pauline Breedlove - The mother of Pecola. She is married to Pecola's father. She tries to raise her two children well. She is an isolated, lonely person who lives in a world of dreams and fantasy. She sees what she wants to see.

Sam Breedlove - He is the brother of Pecola. He is older than Pecola. He ran away from home, because he didn't liked the place he lived in..

Great Aunt Jimmy - He is the aunt of Cholly. He took care about Cholly after his parents abandoned him.

Junior - He is a mean, aggressive boy. Their family cat is tortured by him and when children come on his playground, he teases them.


The happenings in the book took place from Autumn 1940 - Summer 1941.

Perspective & narrative:

The point of view is not very clear. It is very hard to say what perspective there is, because sometimes is the point of view from a he- narrator, and sometimes from a I - narrator. There are also a lot of dialogues between the characters.


The story takes places in a small town. The name of the town you don't know. In the flashback's tokes the story place on a other space.

Language & style:

The language is good to understand. Some words are difficult to read. But if you read the hole senses or paragraphs you easy understand the text. That's the reason why you read with more interesting for de text because you will understand the text.

Personal Opinion's:

I did not like the book because there were a lot of hard word used in it. There were too many flashback so the book was hard to understand. There were many dialogues used in the book, that made the book hard to understand. You didn't know who was talking and where they were about talking. The structure of the book is clear. The book is spited in 4 parts, The Autumn, Winter, Spring and ends in the Summer. Inside the book was it a rare book. On the top of the page, on each page stood the title "The Bluest Eye'. That was confusing. The pages were also looking strange. There was a lot of white paper. In my eye's the book is very girlish. It goes about the life of a girl. I think that is not very interesting for boys. I think girls will like the book, because the understand more the feeling about the girl.

I don't like the book, because they use very hard words. The book is not very exciting because there is no tightness. There are a lot of flashbacks so you don't understand what took place ore where the main character is. I think the book is more for girls because the characters are mostly girls, and the writer is also a woman. The book is very difficult to understand because there a lot of dialogues. So it is difficult to knew what they mean and who are talking to each other. The structure of the book is very logical because there are 4 parts, the 4 seasons. They do not have the same pages, because in the spring happens more than in the other seasons. The subject is very clear when you start reading, because they tell a lot about blue eyes. I will not suggest the book for boys, but I think it can be a very nice book to read by girls

In my opinion, the book was hard to read. The writer used a lot of difficult words in my eyes. Words like 'antagonist' and 'perpendicular'. Because he used a lot of difficult words in my opinion, it was hard to read. I understood the book in great lines, but most of the time I didn't understand the details. The happenings in the book attracted me. There were a lot of fights in the book, and I like that. There was only one loss; I didn't understand the specific details of the fights. The characters were described well. The writer wrote a lot of information about the characters, like the way they felt, thought and what looked like. The structure of the book is quite simple, there are 7 chapters, and they got all one exciting title. So you want to read further in the book. The theme also attracted me. Buck is developing himself to become a real wild dog. The perspective and narrative is also good in my opinion, because you know everything about everyone. That is because you see the book through the eyes of an unknown person.

The book was not great to read. Sometimes you read a hole text about one think. Also some subject are not interesting to read. An example is the first menstruation of a girl. That is boring to read. The story describes a life of a girl in one year. It is not interesting to me what happened whit a girl in a year. There are also no actions in the story. The text is also not so difficult to read. There are a couple of difficult word, but if you read more of the text it is easier to understand it. My conclusion is I do not recommend to you to read this book. Especially for the boys it is not interesting.

Background information of the writer of the story:

The writer of the book is Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison is born on 18 February 1931 in Lorain. Lorain is a city in the state Ohio. She is an Afro-American. She was the second child in a family of 4 children. Her real name is Chloe Anthony Wofford. But it was difficult for a lot of people to say Chloe. She changed her name in Toni. She studied literature at Howard University. In 1953 she succeeded. After this she goes to the Texas Southern University. Here she gave English lessons. A couple of years later she came back to Howard to give her lessons. In 1958 she met Harold Morrison. They married and have two children. But in 1964 separate whit her husband. After her separating she moved to New York. Her new job was a editor for Random House. She was an important person in the company and especially for the Afro-American literature. Beside these job she gave lessons on different universities. In 1993 she received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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