Analysis Of Mark Twains Mindset English Literature Essay

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The set of a mind can be complex. Everyone has a mind but almost all of them are different in the mindset. There are people who are popular with a complex mindset such as Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Galileo Galilee, Thomas Edison, Etc. One person in particular with a complex mindset is Mark Twain, a very interesting man. Mark Twain may have a humorous young mind. One may say that seeing his possible encouragement of misbehaving, he does have a humorous young mind, and it can be found out by looking into his humor, how he "speaks" to the reader, and his opinions.

When people read a book, they expect to learn or get something out of it. Mark Twain is known for many of his books but one such as "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" teaches a moral that slaves are human and should be treated as human rather than property and in the book he shows that Huck Finn knows its wrong for his friend Jim to be in slavery "I would go to work and steal Jim out if slavery again." (206). In his autobiography, he says that "In this Autobiography I shall keep in mind the fact that I am speaking from the grave." Mark Twain speaks with confidence getting to the point with practically no boring part at all (0 [Preference]). The reason why Mark Twain was so popular in writing books such as "The Celebrated jumping Frog of Calaveras County", "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", Etc, was because he had a talent for speaking to the reader and he knew what a person wants to hear and what a person will like having a "in the reader's shoe" kind of mind. Learning is a resilient thing and Mark Twain took full advantage of that and used it to teach his readers something new, even if it is something such as misbehaving. The book "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is a great book where Mark Twain "speaks" to the young reader, who can relate to Huck Finn at least in one of his situations. Mark Twain has a special mindset to be able to "speak" to the reader and be interesting at the same time but he also tends to be in a devious child's mind, giving hint and showing that misbehaving can be good sometimes.

Finally many people have opinions on different things but Mark Twain's opinions were simple. Simple as in not affected by any religion or anything from other people, it's his own sense of what's wrong and good in his heart like a child that knows it is wrong to steal. In his book " Book for Bad Boys and Girls" Mark Twain at the end of one of his speeches, says "Honesty is the best policy. That is an old proverb; but you don't want ever to forget it in your journey through life." he knows what is really important in people's lives (10). Also Mark Twain was against slavery which he exploits in his book "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". He did not care whether it was civilized or not as he knew "it was wrong" (Wiki. pars. 4). In his financial ruins (book or internet) Mark Twain does the right thing after he goes bankrupt by paying back to all the people he owes because he knows what is right in his mind. " I am said to be a revolutionist in my sympathies, by birth, by breeding and by principle. I am always on the side of the revolutionists, because there never was a revolution unless there were some oppressive and intolerable conditions against which to revolt. " and there he further shows his opinions to be pure like a child knowing right from wrong rather than a twisted minded man (Wiki. pars. 4). Mark Twain's opinions are really simple like a child which is why it goes along with his possible "young like mindset".

After looking into Mark Twain's sense of humor, how he "speaks" to the reader, and his opinions, it is definite that he has a young mindset, being a fair person but also encouraging misbehaving with a sense of humor. Humor is a funny thing but Mark Twain's was different. Whether he has more satire or takes joy in encouraging misbehaving, his humor was unique. Speaking to the reader takes skill which Mark Twain definitely had which explains his popularity. Opinions of people can be influenced by many things but Mark Twain's opinion was unaffected by others. Mark Twain definitely had a young mindset which hints to young readers to misbehave in a humorous way, even for a little bit. Humorous as Mark Twain is he is also giving a message that misbehaving is okay and can be good sometimes.