Analysing The Characters From A Dolls House English Literature Essay

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Based on the expert given, taken from A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, the playwright seems like playing a status on the characters. From the excerpt, Helmer called his wife, Nora as a 'little skylark', he also said to his wife 'look straight at me'. These two examples show that Helmer has a higher status than Nora obviously. The word 'little' is bringing down the Nora's status between them. If Nora is in the higher status, Helmer may not call Nora as 'little skylark'. As we know, skylark is a small bird species, by adding the word 'little', it shows that the small bird is getting smaller and smaller. "Look straight at me", is a powerful sentence that may take attention of people. This sentence makes Nora looks straight to Helmer which increases Helmer's status. The script then followed by questions that been asked by Helmer to Nora. This makes sense if I said it as Helmer sounds like interrogating Nora. The way Nora answering Helmer's question is kind like afraid. She afraid Helmer knows that she broke the rules by eating the macaroons and there is a package of macaroons is still inside her pocket.

By accepting the status between herself and Helmer, I can see the love between Nora and Helmer. Helmer mentioned that he would not wish Nora to be anything, he just want what Nora are. Helmer loves the natural Nora, just the way Nora is. If Nora does not love Helmer, she may not accept the status between them. This may lead to conflicts happening and they may not have so much conversation. To prevent Nora from avoiding him, Helmer mentioned 'of course I was joking'. This may maintain their relationship and no conflicts will happen that will break their relationship. Helmer knows that Nora was breaking the rules, he saw the uneasy of Nora. But he does not exposure Nora and scolding her but just asking her a few questions and say 'I was joking'. As we look deeply into the excerpt, the love between them is deep. They are not arguing because of the "rules" mentioned by Helmer was being broke by Nora as she ate the macaroons. Helmer is just joking around with Nora, he does not really want to exposure Nora was eating the macaroons.

As a conclusion, although the excerpt is playing a status role, Helmer and Nora are still live in a lovely and peaceful way. Relationship between them looks so complicated but they actually love each other deeply and loyalty.

Based on the excerpt given, I think the main theme is relationship. Vladimir and Estragon was waiting for someone called Godot. After Vladimir told Estragon that they are waiting for Godot, they did not leave the place they been. This shows that they are having a very close relationship between each other that make them willing to wait. I think the relationship is friendship. They did not blame Godot even though Godot did not appear. Like what the excerpt shows, Estragon believes that Godot will go to the place they are waiting.

Godot actually did not promise them that he will go to the place he told them. Believes between friends occur here. They believe Godot will come some day. They never give up for waiting for the arrival of Godot. They said they will back to the place the other day if Godot does not appear, and then the day after tomorrow, and so on. The main point for they come back to the place and wait is just as simply as what I think; they want to wait the arrival of the one who called Godot. Vladimir and Estragon do not argue angrily and complaining each other for waiting for Godot for such a long time.

The way Vladimir and Estragon talked create the atmosphere that is full of anger. Estragon said that something they looking looks like a bush meanwhile Vladimir said that is a shrub. The way they communicate, let me feel that they are arguing. They argue for the place they waiting is the wrong place. But there is actually only one tree in the scene, so they are focusing on the same tree. The way the characters talked are also give me feel the ironic. Estragon said confidently that Godot will appear but Vladimir just argue that he sis not say for sure he'd come. When Vladimir says they will go back to the place the other day if Godot does not appear, Estragon reply Vladimir "And then the day after tomorrow". This kind of reply does bring me to the imagination that the way they talk are full or irony and the character does not feel comfortable to each other.

Question 3

From my point of view, Willy is very agitation in the excerpt taken from Death of a Salesman by Authur Miller. He was very angry when he heard that his wife, Linda bought the other type of cheese. His mood changed in rapid because of Linda got a new kind of American-type cheese while his wife supposes to know that he likes Swiss-type cheese. I can feel that Willy is really very angry until did not notice his surroundings. He sounds angry and asks Linda "Why don't you open a window in here, for God's sake?". As what I know, people may scold "for God's sake" when they are very angry, and Willy did mention that sentence. He did not notice that the windows are actually all open.

Willy then suddenly changed the topic of cheese into the neighbourhood and the environment of the place he stay in. From what Willy said, I found out that he would like to stay in a village compare the city he is staying now. He is complaining there is too many cars and there is no fresh air in the neighbourhood. He also complains that he can't raise a carrot in the backyard and the grass doesn't grow anymore. At last of the excerpt, Willy jump back to the cheese again by asking the question "How can they whip cheese?".

What I can conclude is Willy was very angry and having a mood swing after heard that his wife bought a different type of cheese and this bring him to complain the stuffs around him.

Question 4

Based on the excerpt taken from Educating Rita by Willy Russell, I think that Rita is a girl that full of perseverance on her future life. She told her tutor, Frank "I wanna discover meself first'. Here we can see the reason why she still go to the Open University even though she is in a mature-age, twenty-six years old. I feel that she is determined to change her life so she starting the course in university. Studying do makes one's life better, and that is the way Rita wants. Everyone expects she should have a baby in this age, even her husband wants her to come off the pill. But Rita did not do so because if she had a baby now, she got no chance to come to university to learn more and change her life. She got no time to do so anymore.

Rita is a brave girl. As I know she was just starting the course and she just met her tutor, Frank. When Frank asked her question, the way she reply Frank was totally does not look like the way a new student replying her tutor, "What? Comin' here?". Even though Frank is new to her, she still brave enough to tell her tutor that her husband thinks she is sterile. She also told her tutor she told her husband she had come off the pill just to shut her husband up, but she is still on it. Rita even moves round to Frank when talking to Frank, this shows that she do not really thought Frank as her tutor.

Rita also says the things that come to her mind without thinking. She just strongly dislike the place called Formby, and she describe it as a "hole". She did not think about the where the person she talked to live in. Frank answers Rita "Yes" when Rita asked him don't he hate that hole. I think after Frank gave her this response, Rita at that time only start thinking where her tutor lives.

The motivation that brings Rita to the university although she is in mature-age is she was determined to change her life so she got a better way of living her life. She do not want to move to Formby which she feel that is a hole and she may have a boring and meaningless life there.