Amirs Characters Failures And Successes English Literature Essay

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As a young adult Amir has big success from the failures he had with his friend/brother Hassan as a child. He begins with teasing Hassan, When hed ask what a word mean; he would like as a joke not telling him the true meaning afterwards "My favourite part of reading to Hassan was when we came across a big word that he didn't know. I'd tease him, expose his ignorance" (28). Amir watched Hassan get raped without trying to help him, he knew what kind of person that would make him; all the bad thoughts he had still didn't faze him to stand up for Hassan "I had one last chance to make a decision. One final opportunity to decide who I was going to be. I could step into that alley, stand up for Hassan-the way he stood up for me for all those times in the past-and accept whatever would happen to me. Or I could run" (77).Amir was never as loyal to Hassan as he should have been. Hassan stood up for Amir when Assef had been bullying Amir despite his fear of Assef "I turned and came face to face with Hassan's slingshot. Hassan had pulled the wide elastic band all the way back. In the cup was a rock the size of a walnut. Hassan held the slingshot pointed directly at Assef's face. His hand trembled with the strain of the pulled elastic band and beads of sweat had erupted on his brow." (41-42". Hassan would say "For you, a thousand times over." (67). After he asked Amir if he could run the kite for Amir, even with all this; when Amir was questioned if he was his friend, he almost responded with "But he's not my friend! I almost blurted out. He's my servant!" (41).Amir framed Hassan by putting his own money from his birthday under Hassan's mattress so Hassan would be seen as a thief to his father, afterwards Baba questioned Hassan. Hassan told Baba he did take the money, not telling the truth so Amir wouldn't have got into trouble. Amir was a very unloyal, and dishonest type of person who wanted his father to love himself, and not Amir; qualities of a failure. Amir learns from his past failures, so he doesn't do them again and to avoid those; making him a successor.

Amir's success was heavily influenced by Rahim Khan. Rahim Khan gives Amir the love that his own father never gave him. He encourages his creative side of story writing. On Amir's birthday Rahim Khan gave him a brown leather-bound notebook. He also teaches Amir to care about the past. When Rahim Khan Read Amir's first story, afterwards he wrote him a letter telling him how gifted he is and how great his story was. Rahim Khan adds by saying that he will always be there for him. "Amir Jan, I enjoyed you story very much. Mashallah, God has granted you a special talent. It is now your duty to hone that talent, because a person who wastes his God-given talents is a donkey. You have written your story with sound grammar and interesting style. But the most impressive thing about your story is that it has irony. You may not even know what that means…..My door is and always will be open to you, Amir Jan. I shall hear any story you have to tell. Bravo. Your friend, Rahim". This shows us that Amir has much more success when Rahim Khan is around because he has hope and faith for Amir. In order for a person to grow and succeed, they need someone that has hope and faith for them like Rahim Khan. That's what makes Rahim Khan so close to Amir.

Amir's success is also helped by his wife Soraya. While Amir gets married he realizes the mistakes he has made in the past and learns the true meaning of a friend and a brother. Amir feels this way because his father passed away and he has a new family that loves and cares about him. He realizes his mistakes and doesn't want to come close to making them again with his family. "I envied her. Her secret was out. Spoken. Dealt with. I opened my mouth and almost told her how I'd betrayed Hassan, liedm driven him out, and destroyed a forty-year relationship between Baba and Ali. But I didn't. I suspected there were many ways in which Soraya Taheri was a better person than me. Courage was just one of them". This shows that Amir knows that he has made a terrible mistake. He notices this through the courage of his own wife. When Rahim Khan calls Amir, he tells him everything, the lies, the change, the truth and asks Amir to go to Afghanistan to get Sohrab out of there. Amir wasn't going to risk it to save Sohrab, after talking to his wife Soroya; she convinces him to go. This shows that his wife Soroya makes him a better person, a kinder hearted, loyal person.

As you grow older you start to make your own decisions, not forgetting your childhood; but learn from the things you've been through, and make sure they don't happen again. Hassan, Rahim Khan, and Soroya really made Amir become a success from his failures in his childhood.