All Mixed Up In A House Oblonskys English Literature Essay

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In Moscow, visits to Oblonsky sister Stiva Oblonsky - a noble lady of St. Petersburg: Anna Karenina. Steve meets Anna at the station, and then Anna meets a young officer Vronsky. A day later, Anna and Vronsky meet at the ball, and Vronsky in amazement finds that flared up in him a feeling for Anna so much that without it he can not imagine life. Anna leaves to St. Petersburg, Vronsky rushes after him. In St. Petersburg, he begins to persistently pursue Anna, does not embarrassed by the presence of her husband and 8-year-old son. Vronsky knew that in high-light of his insistence on courting a married woman to engage her in adultery, all will be greeted with approval. Anne resisted his advances for almost a year, but eventually lost his head out of love for Vronsky, became his mistress. Very soon, all in St. Petersburg became aware of it, including the husband of Anna. This situation was extremely difficult for all three, but out of it none of them could not find. Anna discovers she is pregnant. She hopes that Vronsky asks her to leave her husband and leave him, but Vronsky ranges - he still dreams of a military career, which in no way might have been if it was in someone else's wife. Anna falls into despair, births are difficult, and Anna just does not die. Her lawful husband, Alexei Karenin, Anna's illness to the firm were planning to divorce her, seeing her distress at birth who unexpectedly finds himself the most forgiving and Anna and Vronsky.Karenin allow her to continue living in his house, under the protection of his good name, but would not have to ruin a family and do not shame children. The scene of forgiveness - one of the most important in the novel. Anne, however, does not stand the oppression of generosity, proyavlennnogo Karenin, and taking with a newborn daughter, he leaves with Vronsky to Europe, leaving his beloved son in the care of her husband.

For a while Anna and Vronsky are traveling to Europe, but soon realize that they actually do nothing. Boredom Vronsky even begins to indulge in painting, but soon throws the empty class, and they decide to go with Anna to St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, Anna discovers that high society is now an outcast, or one of its decent homes were not invited, and nobody except the two closest friends, it does not come to visit. Meanwhile, Vronsky can happen anywhere, everywhere and anywhere it take him happy. Upset Anna decides not to pay attention to it, its main goal - to see her son. On the day of his birth, in secret, early morning Anna sneaks into his old house, walks into the bedroom to the boy and wakes him. Boy happy to tears, Anna, too, cries of joy, the child hurriedly trying to tell something mothers and something to ask her, but then resorted servant frightened reports that Karenin has woken up and was coming to visit him. The boy himself understands that the mother and father met my mother and now can not get away from it all, with tears, he rushes to Anna and begs her not to leave. At the door is startled Karenin and Anna, in tears, covered by a feeling of jealousy towards her husband, runs from the house. More than her son had never seen.

At this point in the relationship of Anna and Vronsky opened a crack, distributing them farther and farther away. After meeting with her son, Anna in a sort of stupor, going to the theater, where the night is going all the great light of St. Petersburg. The whole audience in the theater literally pokes his fingers into Anna, a woman from a neighboring lodge throws Anna's face insults. Anna hysterically leaving the theater. Realizing that in St. Petersburg they have nothing to do, Anna and Vronsky decide to move to the countryside and live in seclusion. They settled in a large estate and Vronsky start there alone host. Vronsky tries to make the estate a profitable and introduces various new methods of agriculture and involved in charity work - building on the estate of a new hospital. Anna around trying to help him.

In parallel with the history of Anna unfolding story of Konstantin Levin. Despite the fact that the novel is named after Anna, the central character of the novel it is Levin. It was his Tolstoy gives the best human qualities, and he trusts his innermost thoughts. Levin - a fairly wealthy man, he also has an extensive estate, all the cases in which he conducts himself. That for Vroskogo fun and a way to kill time, for Levin - the meaning of existence and of himself and all his ancestors. Levin at the beginning of the novel woos a cousin Stiva Oblonsky - Kitty Shcherbatskaya. For Kitty, at the time for fun courted Vronsky. Kitty, however, is seriously fascinated Vronsky and refused Levin. After Vronsky followed Anna sped to St. Petersburg, Kitty, even sick with grief and humiliation, but after a trip abroad recovered and agreed to marry Levin. Scenes of courtship, marriage, family life, Levins, imbued with a sense of light, the author makes it clear that it is now and should build a family life.

Meanwhile, the estate of Wronski situation is heating up. Bronski tired of Anne, it unwittingly leads to his old free life. Anna feels it, but wrongly implies that the Wronskian attracted to other women. She is constantly happy Vronsky jealousy that his even more cool to it. Feeling that they live in the countryside is no longer possible, they moved to Moscow. In Moscow, however, things get even worse. Bronski whole days somewhere disappears, Anna was waiting for him and slowly takes morphine. In Moscow there is a meeting of Anna and Levin. Anna Levin liked very much, but he realizes that this woman only as a lost, call anymore. Anne also came up with the idea that the mother Wronski quietly preparing the ground in order to marry Vronsky at a certain Princess Sorokina. Vronsky, Anna can not prove the absurdity of this idea and he can not always have to quarrel with Anna, decides to give up on everything by hand and leave the estate to his mother. Anna, in a moment realized how hard, grinding her life as a No point her cohabitation with Vronsky, rushes followed Vronsky, hoping something else to him to explain and prove. At the station, where she had to take a train to go to Vronsky, Anna remembers her first meeting with him, also at the station, and in that distant day a lineman fell under a train and was crushed to death. Then Anna comes up with the idea that because of her situation is very simple way to help her wash away the shame and untie the hands of all. And at the same time it will be a great way to take revenge on Vronsky. Anna throws herself under a train.

Terrible act of his, Anna did not prove anything to anyone. Heartbroken Vronsky went as a volunteer for the war, there to lay his head. Karenin took her daughter to her and raised her as their own, with her son. Levin and Kitty born son was born. On a bright note of reconciliation with Levin himself, his inner world and the novel ends.