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The lights are dim and her skin shimmers under what seems to be candle light. The environment is calm and tranquil. She puts on a dark, seductive outfit and looks very sensational as it brings out the beautiful color of her eyes. She lays on the bed, her lover creeps up to the side of her neck and she gently strokes his head as he whispers on her neck, 'you're all I've ever wanted'. It sends thrills down her spine and she repeats to herself, 'you're all I've ever wanted' and smiles. All I ever wanted: greatest desires, my love, my fragrance.

This is the mood expressed by Demi Moore in the advertisement for Wanted fragrance. It appeals to the inner being of a woman with sexually appealing images that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. In creating this masterpiece, Helena Rubinstein-founder of the perfume- merged colors, luminescence and graphics to create a masterpiece to justify the beauty and eloquence of the products fragrance. The visual graphics of an advertisement is very critical for its success, and can aid in setting its tone and mood. Evidently, the graphics and words of the ad can also illustrate who is its target audience. In the creation of an advertisement, individuals should be very careful and must ensure that they select the target audience or niche market for their product. This helps in ensuring that the right type of advert persuades their audience. Another aspect of a good printed ad is celebrity endorsement. By using celebrities, business individuals may gain its audience interest in their product because those people already have created a public image and has many people looking up to them as role models. Hence, the companies benefit and get their products to sell even more. These methods were evident in the Wanted perfume ad by Demi Moore. Helena Rubinstein's advertising team tactfully used celebrity endorsement combined with sexual appeal to ignite awareness in every mature woman who knows what she wants.

Helena Rubinstein artistically chose Demi Moore over other celebrities to endorse her perfume because she symbolizes passion, beauty, seduction and perfection of women. Most of all, she exhibits the youthfulness in a mature woman. Popular magazines and articles have described Demi Moore as passionate, seductive and in control. This professional actress has been renowned for her fantastic performance in classic movies such as "G.I Jane", where she portrayed her strength and "Ghost' in which her seductive and sexy characteristic was displayed. Her character and life style arouses feelings of admiration as she symbolizes a strong successful middle-aged woman. Moreover, she reflects how a mature woman can maintain her beauty and appeal to younger men.

The advert appeals to a mature audience. The use of Demi Moore as compared to more popular and young movie stars proves that Helena Rubinstein's aim was to target consumers who are both sexually and mentally mature. By using a younger lover, Ashton Kutcher, Helena is showing that the women that she is targeting are not only mature but also young in their own way. The dark blue color scheme used is dualistic, appealing to both the masculine and feminine audience and their enduring wants.

"All you've ever wanted" ad describes the mysterious relationship between a woman and her love, a woman and her lover and the woman and her perfume. This link is observed in the advert through the positioning of Demi's hand- one on her lover and the other on her perfume. In this steamy, sexually charged image, Demi's hand represents the flow of her passion and love to her lover and perfume. The advert says to its audience "All you can ever want is your lover, yourself and your perfume". In other words, the image expresses Demi Moore's perfection and satisfaction from having all she ever wanted. In addition, the choice of colors used in the advert reflected this perception.

The advertising team of this ad chose dark yet seductive colors to highlight the moods of sexuality, self worth and beauty. Demi Moore's body position as she lies next to her portrayed lover, the reflection of the lighting on her upper body and the choice of clothing combines to create a sexual appeal of emotion from audiences, which immediately grabs their attention. The choice of a simple, dark blue blouse contributes to this appeal as her low- cut blouse exposes her cleavage, defining the lining and curve of her breasts. Not only does this appeal to sexuality, but it also embody the philosophy that a woman can have a perfect body throughout their life. The lighting is in tune with the sexual themes as a stream of white light leads the audience towards her bosoms. The lighting and tone of the background also draws attention to her breast and thus one's sexual appeal. According to Kate Smith, a color expert, deep shades of blue is an expression of self-mastery and spiritual realization (Smith, 2010). The color of her blouse characterizes the fragrance as it portrays to its consumers a product that completes and fulfils one's desires contributing the 'all you ever wanted' theme. Her dark blue blouse is an expression of consistency and stability and is comparable to our blue sky and oceans, as they too are constant in our daily lives. The background used to highlight the product is also in harmony with Demi's blouse, which emphasizes the theme of self-mastery. Furthermore, both Demi Moore and her lover's black hair appear to be glossy and healthy. Young (2010) believed that black hair symbolizes characteristics such as "exotic, sultry, tough and mysterious" as depicted in the setting of the ad and Demi's personality. The perfume has a golden color, which reflects on her gold bangles and her skin, and brings out her eyes. This color symbolizes success, strength and wealth. It also reflects an optimistic tone. According to Color Gold Meaning (n.d), in order to relax and enjoy life; to have success and good heath; and to increase personal power, people can incorporate gold in their lives. It can be concluded that this is the reason for the positioning of the perfume in Demi's hand.

The perfume is positioned higher in Demi's right hand than the one on her lover her lover's head to show the flow of the love exhibited in the advert. The exact placing of the perfume brings to one's thought a tunnel with a light at the end. This imagery emphasizes the quality, uniqueness and worth of the product. It compares the desire one would get from using the perfume to the success one finds at the end of a hard struggle. Evidently, placing Demi in the middle reiterates the fact that she is center of attraction and is connected to both her perfume and her lover.

The romantic setting was purposely placed on the left side whilst the slogan and other information about the product on the right side. The team used this tactic 80 - 95% of people are right handed (, 2010); the right side of the body is dominant. As a result, most people will have a greater vision in their right eye than their left. Hence, the romantic scene was placed on the left side because it would appeal to the emotions, whilst the words were on the right because the eye view more details. In addition, the word 'Wanted' was placed in the largest font to capture the audience attention. The slogan 'All you've ever' was placed in smaller font than the latter because it is a lead to the main essence which was the wants of women. The other details such as the website, the model name and perfume designer were placed in the smallest font because they were not as important in persuading the audience to buy the product. However, if the audience saw it fit to buy the product then they will look at that information.

By using a testimonial and glossy imagery to captivate a romantic setting with colors that appeal to maturity, Helen Rubinstein was able to successfully capture and persuade her target audience. Demi Moore can be described as passionate, tempting, seductive and in control: qualities every mature individual desire (People, 2009). However, Demi Moore's facial expression lacks sophistication, a quality that distinguishes a mature audience from an immature audience. Further, the use of air brushing and Photoshop creates a fake beauty that affects consumer's perception of the production negative. The use of her lover, Ashton Kutcher, would have created a more realistic image that the audience could have easily related.

Overall, Helen Rubinstein campaign printed ad for her Wanted fragrance was outstanding. Besides the edited photos and other minor problems, it did an exceptional job in gaining its target audience. The celebrity used in the ad represented the qualities of charisma and strength both in her personal and professional life, which was in line with the overall advertisement's theme. Moreover, after looking at this printed ad, one will ask their self, "does this product appeal to me, does it appeal to my ever desires." The answers depend deeply on the person asking it. Nevertheless, the seduction tale revealed by this advert may play a great part in their choice, even if it may be just another celebrity endorsed perfume advertisement just to make profit.