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By using Yukls information, the most suitable type of leaders I would say describe Coach Boone is a directive leader. Yukl said regarding the directive leader that "the leader takes responsibility for solving and for making the decisitions." [1] For example, Rev broke his wrist in the game played with Groveton, Coach Boone solved the problem immediately by letting Ronnie play on Rev's position.

According to Yukl's information in the paper, the directive leader lets "subordinates know what they are expected to do, giving a specific guidance, asking subordinates to follow the rules." [2] For example, at the first time Coach Boone met his team players in gym, he said, "this is no democracy. It's a dictatorship. I am the law." [3] He told everyone in his team to follow only his rule without any other conditions because he is the Coach. Simultaneously, Coach Yoast came to meet Coach Boone in order to tell him that he would run the defense side, "As part of my team strategy," Coach Boone replied back immediately; this indicates that he already had his specific objectives and wanted others to follow what he was expecting them to do. [4] 

Another example is before going to a camp, Coach Boone arranged the seats for everyone; he divided his team members into two buses: defensive bus and offensive bus. He also chose the roommates for everyone so that the players would not split between white and black group. [5] As Coach Boone wanted his team players being in harmony, he brought everyone to the Gettysburg and mentioned its story about the battle among those dead people because of hatred within the team, and the consequence was everything went to ruin. He said, "I don't care if you like each other or not, but you will respect each other." [6] He wanted everyone become a team, no racial fighting and respect each other.

Moreover, Yukl's information said that the directive leaders are goal oriented and achieving the goal is more important than their employee's satisfaction or comfort. [7] For example, during the training, there was a player asked Coach Boone for a short break to drink water, but he refused that because he wanted everyone to be patient and strong players so that the team would be able to achieve the goal in any tough match. [8] 

In my opinion, Coach Boone is not only a directive leader, but also an achievement focused leader. According to Yukl's information, the achievement focused leader is the leader who attaches importance to an improvement of individual and the group performance, and emphasizes on challenging goals. [9] For example, Bertier and another player had a fight at the camp, Coach Boone taught them and other players that "Football is about controlling the anger, harnessing that aggression into a team effort to achieve perfection!" [10] In addition, during the game with Groveton, Rev broke his wrist, Ronnie was required to replace on Rev's position. Since Ronnie was afraid to play on Rev's position, Coach Boone gave him a very brief story of his tough life to encourage him. Eventually, Ronnie did a great job in the game. [11] 

The four characteristics of leaders on page 398: honest, forward-looking, inspiring, and competent. From reading the text I view that all characteristics are necessary for a good leader; the leader is supposed not to miss even one characteristic. These characteristics can raise a leader's credibility and respectability toward subordinates, they will believe and do what the leaders want them to do without suspicion. In my perspective, Coach Boone meets these expectations more than Coach Yoast. There are few reasons which make me think that.

Example of the honest, at the first time Coach Boone met Coach Yoast, he told Coach Yoast with his confident face that he came here to win. Although Tyrell (Coach Yoast's assistant) insulted him that he could not be the coach of Titans, Coach Boone smiled back and said, "What an opportunity for me to learn" this demonstrates that Coach Boone has confidence in himself to lead the team win. [12] 

Example of the forward-looking, in the cafeteria at the camp, Coach Boone talked to Lastik about entering college and he wanted Lastik to bring him his test score so that he could help Lastik go over the exam. [13] With the scene, I think Coach Boone wasn't concerned only the team performance, but also the future of the individual players. Another example is in the scene between Doc and Coach Boone having conversation at football field, Doc was worried about the no-win situation that Coach Boone may face because he had just known that the board didn't want Coach Boone to command the team; if Coach Boone lose the game just once, he will be fired. [14] He didn't even worry about himself, yet the first concern which Coach Boone expressed was about his family, they had high expectation to see Coach Boone move on.

Example of the inspiring, Coach Boone led everyone to Gettysburg and told them about the primary cause of the Battle of Gettysburg. There were 50,000 men died right there, for they fought among themselves. Coach Boone wanted to inspire everyone become a team, otherwise the final result would turn out the same way as the battle of Gettysburg. [15] Moreover, before the first game with Hayfield started, Coach Boone encouraged the team players by telling them that "Greek mythology said that the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power; that football field out there tonight is our universe. Let's rule it like Titans!" [16] This could raise the courage and willpower of every player.

Example of competent, after the third game with Groveton, Titans became more famous; this tells me how good training capability of Coach Boone was, he assisted and supported the team to get through a tough time with the racial issue. [17] 

Coach Boone was successful as a leader of diverse team. There were many scenes that made him a good leader of diverse team. For example, at the beginning of the film, before going to the training camp, Coach Boone chose seats on the buses for everyone; he separated the players by position: defensive bus and offensive bus. He even combined their roommates by mixing them regardless the race. [18] He has never been an ethnocentrism. He treated everyone equally because he thought that all the players should be together as a team. Initially, what Coach Boone did to make them get acquainted to each other didn't succeed, but finally making them get along well and live sociably to each other.

During mealtime at the camp, Coach Boone announced to the players that they had to spend time with a teammate of a different race every day in order to get to know each other more, then reported back to him; they had to continually do this until everyone meet each other. [19] Coach Boone cared for the relationship among the team. He wanted his players to know each other so that they would understand and accept a distinction between white and black.

Besides, before the first game with Hayfield started, Coach Boone said, "Hayfield, they are all white. They don't have to worry about race, but we do!" [20] This demonstrates his attentive attitude toward the racial conflict and he always built up moral support to his team.

In addition, Coach Boone always used the word 'daddy, son, and brother' which are very meaningful. These words could make the team players feel like they are a family, no racial issue between them.

Based on the five leadership practices of transformational leaders, I think Coach Boone was also a Transformational leader.

Example of Challenging the process, at the camp, Coach Boone questioned everyone that how it was going on between their roommates who are different race and no one volunteered to speak out. Therefore, Coach Boone wanted every players get to know every teammate more, each of them needed to spend time with each other and then reported how much they know each other back to him. [21] Coach Boone sought a new opportunity to accustom everyone being together; this made them to be more open-minded and understand the racial difference.

Example of inspiring, in the locker room before the first match with Hayfield, Coach Boone inspired his team with confidence by referring the Gods and he said, "Greek mythology said that the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power; that football field out there tonight is our universe. Let's rule it like Titans!" [22] Coach Boone motivated all the players to be aware the strong in themselves and fight as the team in order to reach the goal of victory.

Example of enabling others to act, Coach Boone empowered Bertier to fire Ray off the team. He listened and respected Bertier's decision. [23] Example of modeling the way, Coach Boone brought everyone to Gettysburg and told them the tragic story regarding what happened there. He used Gettysburg as an example concerning the team that having conflict amongst the group, and finally everything was destroyed by themselves just because of all the hatred in their heart. Coach Boone wanted his boys to consider how sorrowful consequence of fighting each other. [24] 

Example of encouraging the heart, before the first game with Hayfield, Coach Boone told every players that "I'm not going to talk to you tonight about winning and losing. You're already winners because you didn't kill each other up at camp." [25] He used the word 'winners' toward everyone, which could elevate the team players' willpower and loosen the stress before the game started.

Besides Coach Boone and Coach Yoast, I think that Bertier was the one who acted as a leader. For example, after the victory of the game with Groveton, Bertire told Coach Boone that he wanted Ray off the team because he knew that Ray fumbled the ball on purpose which caused other teammates to get hurt. Although Coach Boone has repeated to Bertier that his policy was he would never cut anybody out of the team, Bertier still insisted on firing Ray, even though they had a close relationship. Bertier said, "Sometimes you just got to cut a man loose" and Coach Boone replied back, "You are the captain. You make a decision and you support your decision." [26] This scene told me that Bertier was concerned about the team performance more than other players did, he did not only carry the name 'captain', but also behaves like real captain of the team: having an eye on the players and making a decision with strong supported mind.

I think if Coach Yoast had been Head Coach rather than Coach Boone, he would have been successful in leading this racially diverse football team as well. Because he had experiences as a Coach of football team before, and his personal characteristic was generous, open-minded, and honest. I believe that he would listen and understand the difference between races. He was a little different compared to Coach Boone, he had a gentle mind more than Coach Boone; thus, sometimes he could get players' mind and encourage them successfully.

For example, in the first match with Hayfield, Coach Boone yelled in anger at Petey because he missed the block and didn't get the ball. Coach Yoast walked to Petey to stimulate and get him back to the game. Petey told Coach Yoast that all the yelling, Coach Boone did to him, made him play worse, then Coach Yoast replied back, "You come play linebacker for me. 23's killing us, I want you to get out there and cover him for me." Although Petey told Coach Yoast that he couldn't play the defense, Coach Yoast kept replying back that "That doesn't matter. I just want you to get out there and cover 23. That's all you have to do." Finally, Petey got back to the game and he did a great job as a defensive player. [27] Coach Yoast gave Petey spirit and belief that Petey could do it, not just yelling at him like Coach Boone did.

Example of the honest behavior, during the Northern Virginia Regional Championship Game, Coach Yoast knew that the game was going on unfair way. Therefore, he went to talk to the umpire and said, "I know all about it. You call this game fair or I will go to the papers. I don't care if I go down with you, but before God, I swear I'll see every last one of you thrown in jail." After this short conversation, the game turned out to be the justice game. [28] Coach Boone has never been concerned about only his sake, but also the team.