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Amy Tan

Tan's full name is Amy Ruth Tan. Her mother gave birth to her in February 19, 1952, her age now is 57 years old. She is a American author. She likes to write novels about Chinese American. She also wrote quotes. Tan demonstrates how to make good books. She wrote the book "Joy Luck Club." She won a lot of awards like the national book award and many more.

The Joy Luck Club Awards

The Joy Luck Club is the number 1 selling book by Amy Tan. The film of The Joy Luck Club was the shortlisted BAFTA film Award, and best screenplay adaptation. Also the shortlisted WGA award, and best screenplay adaptation. Amy Tan won many awards only for that book. She won the finalist national book award, finalist national book critics circle award, and finalist Los Angeles Time Fiction Prize.

Kitchen God's Wife Awards

Her second book that she made is Kitchen God's Wife (made in 1991), was inspired by her mother's history; it concerns a Chinese mother who accepts American ways dumpily and her relationship to her thoroughly Americanized daughter. The awards she won for that one book are The Now York Times Notable book, American library Association notable book, and booklist editor's choice.

All Novels She Made

The novels she made are "The Joy Luck Club, made in 1989."  The next novel she made was "the kitchen God's Wife, made in 1991. After she had a grate success with the other two novels she made "The Hundred Secret Senses" made in 1995. She took six more years to do the novel "The Bonesetter's Daughter" made in 2001

The last book she had mad is "Saving Fish from Drowning" made in 2005.


My author, Amy Tan created the libretto for The Bonesetter's Daughter, which premiered in September 2008, with the San Francisco. Her story in New Yorker "Immortal Heart," was performed on stages throughout the U.S in France. She served as co-producer and co-screenwriter with Ron bass for the film adaption of The Joy Luck Club.


She made her own quotes like "I think books were my salvation, they saved me from being miserable." "You see what power is-holding someone else's fear in your hand and showing it to them. Those are a few of the quotes she made on her own. These quotes are examples of her own words. We need to work on parenthetical citations before the next research paper. Be very careful of underlining and please use a guide that specifically tells you how to "" or ___ or italicize

All the Awards she had Won

(each one of these bullets should have been explained in full detail  and at the very least the type of award should have been fully defined. In the future, do not use bullets unless you are going to fully explain each category.

She won plenty of awards for all the books she made just like

  • Grammy
  • WGA
  • British Academy of Films and television arts
  • Parent's Choice
  • Emmy
  • International IMPAC Dublin literary
  • Orange price
  • Booklist
  • New York times
  • National Endowment for the arts

My conclusion

I would recommend this author because she knows how to explain all the stories very good.  For example she 474 words and unfinished)

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