A Summary Of A Boy Called Colin English Literature Essay

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This book is about a 12 year old boy, Colin. Colin doesnt have a father, and his mother doesnt want to tell him how his father died. Colin is really curious about this, and he makes up his own story about how his father would have died. A lot of this is based on movies about the war he sees in the cinema.

On a day, when theres nobody else at home, he searches the house for documents to find out the truth about his father. He doesnt find anything.

On Friday, when Colin goes to school, he notices that he is being followed by someone. He is scared and stops for a while, before continuing on his road to school. When he returns to have lunch at home, he is afraid to go back to school, and he is feeling quite sick. His mother tells him that he has to go to school.

In the park, he notices a strange guy dressed in black. He is afraid of him, because he knew that man: he had followed Colin before. He runs home, where he finds Pauline, a friend of Colins mother.

That evening, Colin and his mother go visit the Hennigans. There is also a paranormal gifted woman there, but when she tries to tell something about Colin, she faints. Later, she tells Colin that he is paranormal gifted as well.

On Saturday, Colin started to feel more sick. He had a dream, that his mother was dead. He went to his mothers room, and saw her mother in her bed with Reg, her new boyfriend. Reg stood up, and called Colin his son while speaking to him. Colin didn't like Reg, nor the fact that he called him his son. He lied to Reg that his mother forbid him to call Reg his father. After that, Reg left to never return to that house.

When Colin is playing outside, a man with a mask suddenly appears. Colin runs away, but faints. When he wakes up, he finds out that it was a joke of his friend Adrian. Later that day, Colin asks Pauline if she knows anything about his father. She tells him that she doesn't know, and that he has to ask it to other people.

So after all, Colin still doesn't know how his father died. But during the story, he makes up his own story about his father. This story could be right, because of his gift. This is the story:

On a railroad in France is German security. Van Strohm leads the security. Gaston and someone else try to run away. That other guy doesn't survive: he was shot en leaves a suitcase. There is communicational material in that suitcase, but a codebook is missing. Gaston meets up with Pierre, and Gaston says he has the codebook. They walk away, but they are followed by a man in black. They're going to a café that evening. Later, Bernard comes in dressed in women clothing (Colin had met that person once). He gives Gaston a packet. Later, German soldiers come to get Bernard.

Bernard is getting beat up, because he's not telling Strohm anything. He's being locked up, together with another guy, Antoine, who later seems to be a traitor. When Pierre and Gaston come to rescue him, Bernard first kills Antoine. Paulette is waiting for Bernard with clean clothes. When Maurice and Paulette look in the hiding place of Bernard, they find Vivienne dead in the bed. Maurice and Pierre don't trust Gaston, and they want to kill him by giving him the wrong identity papers. When they try to get on a train, and Gaston notices that his identity papers aren't right, he tries to run away and he gets shot. The other three get away.

This is where Colin stops, because he thinks it's been enough.


I found this a really difficult book to read, especially in the beginning. You don't really know what it's about and in the beginning it's really disturbing that two stories are told together. After a while, I got used to the writing style, and the book really started to interest me. It was a very mysterious book. You didn't know who the man dressed in black was, you didn't know how Colins father died, and you don't know where the story about Gaston is exactly about. This made me very curious, so I kept reading. There was always something happening in this book. The only thing I think, is that not everything was important for the story. For example: Colin goes to the cinema with his friends, but doesn't get in. He eventually does get in, because a friend opens the emergency exit from the inside. When they get out of the cinema, the see a person, and they're not sure whether it's a man or a woman. You do see this person back in Colin's fantasy about his father, but then again it doesn't really make sense.

The end of the book was also a kind of deception, it's a very open end, but I can't really do anything with it. Colin still doesn't know how his father died, there is only a story he made up himself.

It does make you wonder a bit. Because in the story, Colin gets told that he has a paranormal gift. Therefore, I was thinking that the story Colin made up could be partial right. It can't be completely right, because Vivienne dies in this story, Colins mother.

So in short: It was difficult to get started with this book, but after a while I really kept on reading. It was a very interesting book. Only the end was a bit weird, because you still did not really know anything. But you do see a lot of things from Colin's daily life back in his fantasy. I don't regret choosing this book to read. After a while, it didn't feel like something I had to do anymore, I just wanted to read the book.