A Sloshing Noise Emanated From The Ceiling English Literature Essay

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The tentacles writhed together, sinuously flexing before the girl in a hypnotic display. It was difficult to focus on any single tentacle before another distracted her. The creature supported itself with half of its tentacles and began to climb down one of the support beams. The remaining appendages began to snake their way towards the vulnerable teen.

Alana dodged away from the creature as one of the glistening tentacles tried to wrap itself around her upper arm. The creature made a strange mewling noise as multiple tentacles began to worm their way towards the young girl, their tips quivered and dripped a thin layer of clear slime that fell in spots to the dusty floor.

The thin floorboards creaked as Alana tried to outmanoeuvre the creature every time the tentacles came within reach. She darted from one corner of the room to the next as the thing continued to slide its way down to the floor.

Snake-like tentacles shone wetly where the sunlight touched them and Alana could see the creature's eyes followed her when she moved. Hiding behind the back of the boat she stopped to catch her breath, small breasts rising and falling as she gasped for air.

Alana trembled with fear as the creature spread out in front of her. She was trapped. The first tentacle curled around her right ankle and kicked and struggled against it. There was a sharp sting where the tentacle gripped her and the teen immediately stopped fighting.

Warmth spread through her body as the creature's venom took hold. Her racing pulse began to slow as a second tentacle began to rise about her leg. Alana felt the felt the warm touch of its suckers as they gently kissed their way up her bare skin. She shuddered and the tentacle made its way up her thigh.

The tip of the appendage that had been caressing her thigh began to gently rub her white cotton panties, probing her pussy through the thin material. Her body jerked and welcomed the intimacy of the tentacle's touch. As it continued to rub against her lips she could feel her own wetness mixing with the thin slime of the tentacle coating her inner thighs with their combined juices.

Alana's body writhed in pleasure as the probing tentacle squeezed and caressed her pussy. She felt tentacles caressing and exploring her entire body, sliding along her pussy, caressing her breasts and pulling at her clothing. Her body was soaked in perspiration and slime.

There was an urgent tugging between her legs as the tentacle that had been probing her pussy pulled her panties away. A second tentacle tugged at her shirt, ripping it away, leaving her completely naked on the dirty floor.

Alana shuddered as the suckers began to kiss her newly exposed breasts. They writhed against her slick skin and when the delicate tips finally found her erect nipple they clamped on, sucking and pinching the sensitive nubs. The teen convulsed under the unrelenting grasp.

The tentacles were warm and wet against her exposed skin. They surrounded her completely, coiling and flexing as the held her tenderly. Every nerve in her body was alight as the creature teased her nipples and her pussy. The venom coursing through her veins filled her mind with a haze of lust and feverishly burning desire.

The tentacle massaging her pussy stopped suddenly. Alana looked down at it and watched in fascination as it began to pulse. A thin line appeared along the tip of the phallic head and a tiny finger-thin extrusion emerged from with. It curled towards her swollen cunt, spreading her lips as it found her aching clit.

Alana began thrusting her hips uncontrollably as the tiny tentacle wrapped itself around her engorged clit and began to squeeze and rub the sensitive nerve bundle. It curled and uncurled, tighter and faster, making her swollen clit throb with excitement. The creature's expert touch triggered an urgent need in Alana as her thighs squeezed tightly and her hips bucked wildly.

Staring down at her body, Alana caught a glimpse of the creature through the mass of tentacles. Its alien eyes shone with animalistic intensity as it help her body in its sensual caresses. She knew this thing was more than a mindless animal. It observed the way her body responded to its touch with ruthless intelligence.

The teen's eyes widened as a new tentacle hovered in front the entrance to her pussy. The phallus had a thick, bloated head that dripped thick slime. The entire length shone in the weak sunlight and Alana could see that it was ribbed with large bead-like protrusions.

She watched with increasing excitement as the slick and swollen organ moved towards her exposed pussy.

Alana tensed as the thick phallus slid between her slick thighs. It stiffened and the teen moaned as the enormous head slowly pressed against her wet and swollen cunt. The mixture of slime and pussy juice allowed the monstrous tentacle to smoothly work its way into her depths.

The teen threw back her head in ecstasy as the throbbing tentacle began to push deeper inside. It filled and stretched her tight pussy, slowly making its way towards her fertile womb. Her hips continued to thrust wildly as the head sank deeper and deeper. She could feel every inch of the tentacle writhing inside her pussy as it filled her.

Alana's petite frame body was glistened in the morning light, coated in a mixture of sweat and the creature's thick. Her tiny breasts were slick as tentacles to massage and caress them. Her nipples were engorged and throbbing from the sucking tentacles. Her cunt and thighs were sticky with her own juices.

The throbbing organ in her pussy began to thrust in and out rapidly. She could feel her pussy stretch to accommodate to the size of the invading member as the beaded ridges raked the walls of her pussy, driving her wild with pleasure. Every nerve in her body was alight and soft moans escaped her lips as she felt herself cumming.

Alana was swept away by waves of pleasure as they washed over her body. Her tiny body shook and spasmed with the combined force of her orgasms and the creature's fucking. Orgasm after orgasm hit her and the teen's muscles flexed and contracted, held tight in the creature's sinuous grip.

Her sense of self was stripped away as the teen's existence she became a thing of pure pleasure. Her eyelids fluttered; she rode the cosmic waves of orgasmic pleasure for what felt like years as the creature continued to pound away at her dripping, swollen pussy.