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Lisa Jane Smith is an American author. She lives in California. Her books are young-adult literature, horror, science fiction/fantasy and romance. She has written three trilogies, two series and two companion novels. Her books are popular and the characters are unusually beautiful people, human and supernatural and most of them are young, or at least almost youthful.


In the start, it's a story about Elena, she is a popular high school student. She has returning home from France at the start of a new school year. She begins in senior year at Robert E. Lee High School; she meets her best friends Bonnie, Meredith and Matt. A new boy in school, Stefan Salvatore catches the attention of all the girls. All the girls want his attention, but he didn't care, including Elena. This chocks Elena, because she never had been ignored by a boy before.

Through the memories of Stefan, I got to know that Stefan is a vampire from Renaissance Florence, Italy. He had also lived since the late fifteenth century. Elena reminds Stefan of a girl named Katherine, because both look exactly likes each other. Katherine is a vampire, who Stefan has fallen in love with. Stefan hoped to marry Katherine, but the romance become complicated when Stefan's Brother Damon Salvatore, appeared, because Katherine was romantically interested in Damon too. Damon and Stefan hated each other, because they both loved Katherine.

One night Elena was at a school dance and upset because Caroline showed up with Stefan. But later she went off with Dick, Tyler, and Vicki to the church, but Tyler brings her out into the graveyard. He puts her down and tries gets on top of her, Elena screamed and try to get him off. Stefan appears and beats Tyler, and brings Elena back to her house. Later, they start to be friend and they fall in love, as the started to fall in love, three people have been killed. One day she wanted to visit Stefan and she goes to Stefan's house, she didn't found him in his room, but she found him in the roof with blood on mouth, telling her to not be afraid. She falls off the roof and he catches her. He brings her up to his room and tells her everything.


Mysticfalls, Virginia: The whole story happens in Mysticfalls, some of the place there in our time I think. Because they don't talk like people did in old time and the places seems to be modern. Like the high school they go on, they have allowed having cars on the schools parking place. I don't think they could in old time.

Renaissance Florence, The late fifteenth century in Italy: The author hasn't described how it looks but it's has a lot of effect on the content. Here is almost the story start, because Stefan and Damon fight over the Katherine. Both hoped to merry her and they hate each other bitterly.

Graveyard: The situation happens on night; because the author says "the moonlight cast shadows over the graveyard", and the place is dark. Many worn and leaning granite, many old stones from centuries past. I think because its night and dark Tyler dared to try on Elena and then Stefan come. After it Stefan and Elena become friends.

Character analysis:

Elena: Elena has pale golden hair. Also blond and she are slender and she has a sky blue eye. She is popular, a trendsetter. The high school senior and the girl that can have any boy she wants, and every girl wants to be. She is confident and brave, because when Stefan told her that he was vampire, she was not so scared.

Stefan: He is mysterious. He had a lean, flat-muscled body. His hair is wavy and dark. He is just average height. He is good vampire because he only drinks animal's blood, because of that he is weaker than Damon, because Damon drinks human blood. He seems to be or he is the only one who can resist Elena from suck the blood from Elena.

Damon: He is "sexy" and dangerous. He has dark eyes, and dark beauty and grace and the sensuality that drew women to him but he is evil. He wants revenge against Stefan, who has betrayed him and he want Elena, because she looks like Katherine and because he know that this would hurt Stefan and make him angry. He drinks human blood that makes him strong.


I think the author try to tell us that vampire doesn't always is evil, and that they do not always drink human's blood.

Elena doesn't seem to be afraid when Stefan told her that he is vampire, but he won't hurt her, maybe that some girls trust the boy when they really love him.

Love can make to people to hate each other bitterly. Even in family and brothers who loved each other before, and love triangle can turn to be really difficult when two boys love the same girl.

Yes, I think she has achieved her intended purpose. She describe so much that you get her point, what she try to say.

Your opinion:

I really like this book. It's really exciting, there's always happened something exciting but there are many difficult words and not much action. I think part two it's going to be better because the first part, also this book it's just about the "history" of them and about the past. Not so much action.


I would recommend this book or this book series to girls but some boys might like this. Because this books it's about love triangle and it's really girly. I think teenagers would like this book series, 14-18 years old girls or maybe boys.