A Plain Face With A Beautiful Soul English Literature Essay

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Jane Eyre is a autobiographical novel written by famous talented English woman novelist Charlotte Bronte according to her own experience . And it is the masterpiece works of hers. Jane Eyre as well as one of the greatest and most permanently popular literature works of English fiction for readers.

In this novel, Charlotte Bronte created successfully a toughness woman with a plain face and have a beautiful soul. Jane Eyre, is a poor and plucky heroine is outwardly of plain appearance, she possesses an indomitable spirit, a sharp intellect and great courage to rebel and pursuit for freedom and equality. Even though Jane is little, penniless, obscure, her soul is huge and beautiful.

The thesis focuses on the analysis of Jane's character, on the assumption that more people may act like "Jane" possesses an indomitable spirit. The first part talks about the author Charlotte Bronte and the general idea about Jane Eyre briefly, as well as its historical background of this work. Secondly, this part mainly analyses the characters in Jane Eyre through her life experience according to psychology, language, mentality, behavior and so on. Finally, it is the conclusion of Jane's temperament and reflect the theme.


Jane Eyre is a typical works written by English woman novelist Charlotte Bronte. When Jane Eyre was first published in 1847,it got an immediate popular and critical success as well as became a bestseller. In this novel, Charlotte Bronte created successfully a toughness woman with a plain face but have a beautiful soul. The novel describes Jane Eyre's life experiences from an orphan to an independent woman. Jane Eyre, the main character, was an orphan when she was born, she lost her parents and was passed into the care of Mrs. Reed, her aunt's family. In Jane's memory of childhood, she was treated heartlessly, but she was not break down, on the contrary, she learns how to live face with over-whelmed difficulties and how to grow up in ugly fact. Jane was little, penniless, obscure, plain, but her character was bright, shining, and beautiful. She has the courage to struggle with the pressure, to pursuit the recognition of their basic right and equality.

In the early years of the 19th century Victorian Age, Jane gets a completely new woman image. She possesses an indomitable spirit, a sharp intellect and great courage to rebel and pursuit for freedom and equality. In Jane's path of life, her love story as another main part to show her character. For instance, in her view, love must be based on mutual understanding and equality, Jane would rather to depart her beloved Mr. Edward Rochester than to get married with him. At the fictional end of the novel, Jane received a heritage and returned to the lonely and helpless Rochester and finally get married.

Charlotte Bronte depicted through Jane's character to show her ideals-women's independence and equality in the economic, social and family and to the loyal love.

I. Overview of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre ranks as one of the classics of world literature, was written by famous talented English woman novelist Charlotte Bronte. Since Jane Eyre published more than 152 years until now, this work was also attract lots of people because of the charm of the heroine's character.

A. The Introduction to Its Author-Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte¼ˆ1816-1855¼‰was one of the most famous female writers in English literature. She was born in Yorkshire, northern England and lived in the early years of the 19th century Victorian Age. Her father, Patrick Bronte was a poor local priest and her mother, Maria Barnwell Bronte was a housewife. Bronte have two elder sisters, two younger sisters, and one younger brother. Bronte's childhood was unfortunate: her mother died when she was 5 years old, the two elder sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, died in the Clergy Daughters' School where have a poor condition for impoverished children to study. Soon after, Charlotte Bronte undertake responsibility for her family, take care of her younger sisters and younger brother. Barnwell, her younger brother, was became an alcoholic and finally died.

Charlotte Bronte and her sisters , Emily and Anne have a strong interest in literature since in their childhood. In order to get further education, Charlotte went to Roe Heed School when she was 15 years old. After her graduation from there, she returned as a teacher. In 1836, when she was 20 years old, Charlotte wrote to the poet laureate, Robert Southey, for his opinion about writing. However, his response to her was unfriendly: "Literature cannot be the business of a woman's life, and it ought not to be." This matter does not break down Charlotte's dream of writing, on the contrary, it become a driving force to her. In 1839, she act as governess to a family in Yorkshire, the career which she pursued until 1841.

In 1846, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne published their poems and novels under their assumed names of Currer, Ellis and Action Bell. This collection of poetry did not take seriously until Jane Eyre published in 1847. Soon after, Emily and Anne published their respective novel "Wuther Heights" and "Agnes Gray", finally made a great coup. However it is unfortunate that Emily and Anne died of complications from lung disease in 1848 and 1849. Under the hardship condition, Charlotte went on writing and published Shirley (1849), Villette (1853) and create parts of the novel Emm. Charlotte get married with her father's curate in 1955, and died during her first pregnancy several months later.

Charlotte Bronte's work about how to pursuit freedom, independent, rebellious, equal for women, about how to struggle for their unequal life, about how to keep a positive attitude toward concept of love among men and women.

B. The Synopsis to Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, is a orphaned protagonist of the story, her parents died when she was young. When the story begins, Jane was lived in her cruel, unsympathetic aunt, Mrs. Reed's family. Jane's uncle, Mr. Reed was passed away when she was 10 years old, Mrs. Reed dislike Jane and never treated her as other children. After years of neglect and abuse, Jane was sent to a bording school called Lowood School, where is a charity school with a severe conditions. The headmaster of the school is Mr. Brocklehurst, he is a harsh, stingy and hypocritical man, he always mistreats the students suffer from cold and hunger, provides the girls with perishable food, clothes in rags and freezing rooms. Jane Eyre stays at the school for 8 years, 6 years act as student and 2 yeas as teacher. Spend time in Lowood School, Jane overcomes difficulties and grows in strength.

After years of misery in the Lowood School, Jane decide to leave here. She advertises in newspaper for a position of governess and finally employed of Mr. Rochester, the master of Thornfield Hall. As a governess at Thornfield, Jane teaches an eight years old French girl named Adele and gets along well with others. Her master, Mr. Rochester, is fascinated by her charm of courage and wisdom, falls in love with her and so does she. On the morning of her wedding day, she got news that he has had a wife, a raving mad woman called Bertha Mason and now is still alive and living at Thornfield. Under the shock and sorrow, Jane left Thornfield finally.

Jane left Thornfield without anything, due to starving and penniless, she has been rescued by St. John and his two friendly sisters. With St. John's help, Jane got a position as a schoolmistress for the poor girls in charity school in Morton. After a period, Jane knows the fact that St. John and his two sisters are her cousins. Simultaneity, St. John found Jane's wit and wanted Jane to help him for his religious service, so he tried to persuade Jane to marry him. Jane realized that she still love Mr. Rochester, and refused St. John's love. One night, Jane heared a calling from Mr. Rochester's voice, she returns to Thornfield, and found a blackened ruin to the ground. Mr. Rochester was blind and disabled when he tried to save his mad wife who set the house on fire. Jane goes back to Mr. Rochester, then they get married and and live a content life.

C.The background of the society

In the 19th century, it was a time that Industrial Revolution break out, economic developed rapidly in England. However, connected with the improvement in economic, there was many social problems came out. Social hierarchy was changed, the relationship between the rich and the poor was sharp. In this period, women have no place in politics, economics and society, and regarded as second-class hierarchy. Women were treated as cheap labor and do hard jobs, they have no chance to receive education, also did not get the vote. When Jane Eyre was published, it became a flag to show women the way to go forward. In the late period of Victorian Age, women were struggled for their independent, freedom and equality.