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Ding, ding, ding. Not yet I think to myself, I just want one good night's sleep. Recently I haven't been sleeping properly, I stay up on MSN just talking rubbish all night and the 'convo's' aren't that good. You know that feeling when you just want to get back into bed and fall back asleep, well that's how I feel. I lean over onto the table and grab my phone, well it's not the best mobile I've ever had but it's good enough for me. It does irritate me sometime with the touch screen. Looking at my phone my eye daze and I try to focus on the time. My lord its 7:12am and I need to straighten my hair. "Sarah, Sarah" my mum calls and starts bouncing down the hall like an elephant. "Yes, I'm awake" I answer before she gets to my room. Why does she insist on waking me up when I'm already awake? She bounces back down the hall and climbs back into bed.

Lifting my head I gaze around my bedroom, what a mess! The bright pink walls make my eyes dazzle. "I hate school" I murmur under my breath. There is only one reason I get out of bed and go to school and that's 'Leon'. He not my boyfriend yet but he will be soon. I get up off my bed and stroll to the mirror .I flump down onto the floor. I examine the damage done during sleep. I tell you it isn't pretty. The only thing that looks good is the new pyjamas' I got from Primark. My mind drifts for a second to how the poor little children made them, only getting paid 30p a day for it, in such bad conditions. Okay, I'm not the type that cares but today I do.

I get up off the floor and sluggishly grab my phone off my bright pink bedside table. I need a wee; I slowly walk down the hall and into the toilet and sit with grace. Ha-ha what part of me is graceful, I burp and fart in public (not in front of boys though). I stroll back to my bedroom and sit on the floor by my mirror and grab my phone to see if there's a text; no text. I open my pink make up box and start to fix the damage. I turn on my straighteners, not that my hair isn't already fried but hey it looks better straight.

I grab the foundation and smear it all over my face. I look like a total idiot; I rub it in as well as possible and then apply my eyeliner. Looking at myself in the mirror I see the plain boring girl that was bullied for being who I am. Right now though I don't give a crap what people think of me. I'm special to my family and my friends and they are all I need in my life. I pick up my straighteners and quickly fix my hair, I press the phone and gaze its 7:20am. I place a glitter headband on my head and jump up off the floor and clear my makeup back into the box and turn off the straighteners. "Mum where's my uniform?" I say loudly, she doesn't reply, she's so lazy sometimes she just can't be bothered to wake up. I love my mum and dad more than anything in the world, as a teenager my mother was hit by a car and now she has arthritis in her leg. She finds it difficult to walk long distances and has trouble getting around.

I won't call her again; I get up walk onto the landing and bounce down the stairs in a one-two, one-two manner. I quickly turn on my heels and walk into the living room. There is my uniform; I think to myself it's funny how when you think something in your head you hear your own voice. Today I Sarah Taylor, the one and only, normal Norman will have a good day. Well I hope. I pounce over to the chair and pick up my uniform. I head towards the kitchen, nearly killing myself on the step up. I run into the bathroom and change into my uniform. Holly Lodge High School here I come I think to myself. I step out of the bathroom feeling fresh, I quickly turn on my heels and step back in to the bathroom. "Teeth" I mumble

I grasp my toothbrush and run it under the cold tap; I squeeze the toothpaste onto my brush and run it under the tap again. Whilst brushing my teeth I view myself in the mirror again, (I'm not vain just screening myself). I put my tooth brush back on the side and groan, not to worry I'll see Leon at school today and that alone will make me feel alive.

I walk slowly into the living room and pick my phone up off the table. I look at the time on my phone and its 07:45am. I have to leave at 8am to get to Leah's house she's my bff. I known her since I was three and we have a good laugh at school. She is so special, not only that, she could ruin my life in less than 10 seconds flat. I tell her everything from boys I like to people I want to kill, I could tell her anything and she would keep it a secret. She's a down to earth kind of girl, don't take crap off no body and loves a giggle. She also hates being shorter than me, ha-ha, I adore her hair and wish mine was the same. Her hair is blond and shoulder length, it makes her blue eyes stand out and she has some adorable freckles, but you can only see them in the sunlight.

Thinking about the day ahead of me I grasp the chemistry book I put on the table last night and shove it into my bag. Mr Sanger won't be pleased with me, I haven't done my homework on exothermic reactions, I'm not smart enough to (more like I can't be bothered). Yes, I said I can't be bothered, but who cares? Not me. I zip my grey leopard print bag and put it on the floor, I grab my grey new coat off the back of the chair, while slipping it on I it reminds me if a bin bag. I slide on my Nike trainers that are beside my bag and pick up my bag I then head for the door, I'm not allowed to wear them to school because Mrs Thompson will have a paddy . Standing at the bottom of the stairs I call up to my mum and dad, who are still lazing around in bed. "C'ya Later" I utter in a pleasant fashion "yeah bye" my dad calls back. I walk to the door and my cat Tigger follows me. I close the first door so I'm now wedged in-between the front door and the door I just closed what a great start to the day I think.

Stepping outside the cold air hits my face causing my teeth to ache, I walk down the two steps and out the gate. Turning to the left walk swiftly down the road, Leah's house is only a 20 minute walk from here, taking my phone out of my pocket I view the time it's now 8:02am. I can't wait to see Leah and tell her all the juicy gossip about what Leon said to me on MSN last night. I'm so deeply in love with that boy. His deep brown eyes make you feel like your melting and that smile well that's unexplainable. When I see him the world slows down (like slow-motion) and just for a second its bliss, until the student behind you wants to get past and shoves you until you no longer have eye contact.

I get to the park at the end of the street; I walk up the steps (more like a ramp with two steps). I always walk through the park; it's nice in the morning. Just at that moment I spot an old woman walking her two poodles. The dogs are so cute, but they look like Edward scissor hands had been hacking at them, nearly bold, just like Mr Melons head (my geography teacher). I turn and stride down the winding path, watching above for birds, so they don't have a doo-doo on me. Andre don't like me using his word, he always says 'doo-doo' and he makes me chuckle. The way he says it is so darn funny.

Leaving the park I turn onto Little Moor Hill, nearly getting hit by yellow DHL van as I cross the road, Little Moor Hill is the steepest hill I have ever walked down. During the winter I broke my wrist on the ice because I slipped down the stupid hill. The start of the hill isn't that steep it's the bottom that's worst. As I approach the bottom of the hill I walk with extreme care and turn right onto Leah's road. Walking up Leah's road I spot Felix her cat, we can guess why he was given that name. I'm now outside Leah's house. I walk up the drive and knock the large brown door. Her two dogs Daisy and Duke bark loudly. Leah's little sister Paige AKA Pigeon due to her flat chest answers the door, "come in" she says politely. I step inside and grin "you look gorgeous today" she says in a polite tone. I don't call her Pigeon I call her fluffy. Every time I see her she looks like she has been hit by a static electricity bomb, her hair is always on end. I walk down the hall-way and into the newly decorated living room, I smile and say "hey Auntie Fay" she looks back at me and smiles "hi Uncle Sarah" she says.

I love Leah's mum she's always happy, I can remember as a child staying over at their house, we had so much fun. Me and Leah would put her hamster in the remote control Barbie car and whizz it around the bedroom at 20mph. As children we spent a lot of time together, we have so many memories together from water fights to fights with other girls. She is the best friend a girl could ask for.

I hear Leah marching down the stairs, "hey chick" Leah says piercingly, "Hi darling" I reply. I walk over to Leah and give her a big hug. Every time I see her a smile grows on my face. "How are you?" She asks sounding interested. "I'm all good" I respond. Leah grabs her pink bag off the table, and gives her mum a peck on the cheek. "Bye" we both say at the same time. It's true how they say great minds think alike. Walking out of Leah's front door I take a breath. On the way to school I fill Leah in on all the new gossip (not all of it, some cannot be told).

Chapter Two

As I step into school me and Leah grab the pole outside our form room. It's always hot, it's a radiator pole thing (I don't know what it is) but it's always warm. There must have been a million times I have burnt myself on the pole and today is no exception, Mrs Hanif isn't here yet so we have to stand at the door. Great! I look at Leah and smile; I notice that she's not looking at me she's looking past me at the main school door. "Don't look now" she says, "Kealy is coming". Oh great that's all I need, Kealy is such a bitch. Not only that she has the body, looks, hair and eyes any girl would die for. I turn around and look at the door. She gives me the 'look' and walks past with her 'crew'. Her 'crew' are most of the girls in our year; they all pout and pretend they are just like her!

I've known Kealy since we was in primary school and she used to pull my hair. She is a Katie Price look alike; you could mistake them if you were the paparazzi. She has snow white skin and apple green eyes; she has the most perfect teeth you have ever seen. She is always up to date with fashion and always has a new handbag. She's the 'in girl'. Why can't I be the rich girl? With all the money she has got I could buy myself a new house (more like seventy new houses).

Turning back to Leah I smile pretending everything is ok, Mrs Hanif suddenly appears look lovely as usual she rummages for the keys in her handbag and unlocks the door of our class. "In you go girls, bags and coats off" she squeals in a loud voice, me and Leah catch each other's eyes and smile as we follow her into the classroom. Me and Leah sit together at the other side of the room, like I said we are inseparable.

The door opens and in comes Isma, Layla and Afia they are all good friends of mine. Mrs Hanif is at her desk trying to log onto the online register on her laptop, she has a bored kind of look on her face and one eyebrow is raised. "Take your coat of Layla" she scans Layla's body for anything out of place "and your scarf" Mrs Hanif screams, she looks over at me and Leah "and you two". At a snail's pace I remove my coat and Leah copies.

"So what lessons have we got today?" I ask Leah, "Math, Science, English and ermm double P.E". Well that's it then my day will be good, I enjoy Science and P'E. Oops! I have forgotten to do my Science homework and that's not good. The classroom is now filling with students, the sound of Amrit and Kieran laughing fill my ears and the boys are just making loads of noise.

"Be quiet" Mrs Hanif says loudly, the room goes quiet and all you can hear is Daniel whispering. "Daniel" Mrs Hanif says. She has finally logged onto the register. I glance at Leah and she has her head down looking under the table. "What the hell are you doing?" I ask "just texting my uncle" "Oh" I reply. The bell rings and Mrs Hanif starts the register. We all reply yes miss, how annoying, we have to talk to the teachers like they are something superior. We are told we have to wear uniform so we are all equal but we have to call the teachers 'Miss and Sir'. Most of the teacher in this school wouldn't know how to teach dogs new tricks. The top teachers are Mr Wolstencroft and Mrs Hill (the short one), there the only ones who can teach a lesson and allow us to learn 'new' things.

The door opens and Mrs Thompson enters, she glances around and smiles. "Tie and shoe check" she says in a deep voice. Great I think, grabbing my leopard print bag off the table, I swing it down under the table and cover my trainers. Not the best idea I know but it's all I've got, Leah moves quickly to put away her mobile phone. We only had new ties last week and they are ugly, different years have different colour strips; trust Mrs Thompson to pick dirty orange. Pink would have been much better, I would have even settled for purple, but no dark orange it is.

Leah covers her short tie with her blazer; she never gets caught for having her tie short. She hasn't unpicked it; she's just found a way to make it shorter that everyone else. Mrs Thompson walks around the room viewing everyone's uniform, especially the boys they are the worst with trainers. Please don't look at me, please, please, please. Mrs Thompson marches over, "do up your top button". Just like a little dog I do as she says her eyes now wonder over to Leah who is pretending to read a book. "Leah" her head appears from over the book. "Yes miss" "well done on your uniform it's always immaculate". At this moment I wish I could rip off Leah's blazer and show Mrs Thompson her tie. That does sound a little dirty, but I am not the dirty minded one in our friendship group. That position has to go to Chelsey.

Chelsey is a great friend of mine and Leah's and I love her. She is the funniest person you will EVER meet. Me, Leah and Chelsey are always together at break and dinner time. Me and Chelsey laugh at random and unusual thing. For example peoples very bushy eyebrows. I remember this one time when we was all walking to the shop and the was a bright yellow rubber duck on the wall of someone's garden. We were laughing all the way to the shop and back.

Me and Leah tend to argue about the colour of Chelsey's hair, I say its light brown and Leah says ginger. It's definitely light brown (with a hint of ginger) but she's not fully ginger. She just lets up argue about it and doesn't say what colour she thinks it is. Secretly she thinks she's ginger but she's not. Leah is so colour blind sometimes she thinks pink is orange and can make me think like I'm going crazy sometimes.

Chapter Three

Mrs Thompson didn't spot my trainers, like I said today is my lucky day. Ding, the bell rings in my ears, that's the cue to put my coat on and grab my bag. I jump up and run to the door, I'm always first to the door with Leah following like a puppy. Students push and shove to get out the tiny door. Thirty people pushing you is not the best way to start the day but that don't matter coz now I'm getting ready to see Leon. Hopefully he will be coming down the stairs outside my classroom any second now. Stepping out the classroom sharply I spot Chelsey and she runs over. "Hey" she squeals,