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This article aimed for a close analysis of a movie called Fight club directed by. The movie characterized how boring and frustrated life could actually made one to become a gangster which means that anyone who is tired of the life is not afraid of death and any man without hope is desperate to die at any time, these are some of the signification of the movie. The movie is a guide to ethics especially self-regulating, self-motivation and autonomous. Though on the other hand, an ordinary man who is ignorant with the study of mass communication would see fight club as all about fighting, but it is not. Firstly, it is important to identify the characters of this movie; Edward Norton (narrator) Brad Pitt (leader of the fight club) Helena Bonham Carter. They were all in lieu of what is called social theory on consumerist culture mostly in the aspect of the feminization of American culture. This movie was marked by a mood of cynicism, fatalism, menace, cynical characters, summary of extrasensory trauma, and the scrutiny of European liberalism and the simulation of media.

Firstly, it started by a man whose name was Jack (Edward Norton), he was the narrator and a protagonist who was being projected in a figment of his imagination to convey a subjective voice- over in the play, he founded himself in a state of topsy-turvy, as a matter of facts his life became so boredom which made him to be insomniac in his life. He was an employee of an Automobile traveller, his doctor refuses to give him drug and asked him to go to the nearest city for more experience of suffer this was how the director of the movie organized it in such a way that more actors could be featured in this movie.

The next day he went to a support group that was suffering from testicular cancer; indeed there was a man amongst the group that said he had seen a lot of courage in that room that they gave each other strength saying that they should hugged themselves. That signified that the men were homosexuals and that was the only way they could have hope on earth; further, there was a man amongst them that look like woman his name was Bob his stature was exactly like the opposite sex most especially his breast and hip these are details that proved that they were homosexuals (Tuss, 2004:96). In addition to this, it was exactly what the postmodernist described as the representation of media to the audience is something different entirely because is very hard for those who lack the semiotic skill to interpret what the media is disseminating to our contemporary era (hyper reality) (Lash, 1989:19).

As time went by, there was a lady whose name was Marla (Helena Bonham), she joined the support group but Jack was so sad at her. He called her a tourist and a faker that she should leave the support group. That signified that he was interested on men and was not happy to see any woman. On the other hand, the support group was a place organized and funds by the government as charity organization for those who suffer from cancer. Though Jack has no cancer; he pretended to join the group so for seeing Marla he was not happy because of the masculine identity in order for him not to be exposed, that was the very reason why he told Marla to leave the support group; though by it very meaning her appearance in this movie signified hyper-conservative under the concept of feminization in the theory of postmodernism during the 1960s to 1990s (Tuss, 2004:95). On the other hand, she signified the exact opposite of home security, luxury, sexual interest and woman of the street. As it was obvious in the movie she was looking for all means to sex with Jack but it was like a dream to the eyes of Jack because he could not realized if actually he slept with her on this movie due to his mood of insomniac.

Oneday he took a trip to another town outside that city, on that trip he met a friend whose name was Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt); he was the leader of the gang called fight club, in that very trip Tyler introduced himself as a soap seller to Jack and they both exchanged contact, on their way coming out from the airport, the escalator that brought them down was projected by a camera code; which moved Jack to the right hand side while Tyler was moved to the left hand side; which denotes that Jack's life was on a cross-road, obviously things were not okay with Jack his life was in the state of melancholy.

On his arrival, his house has been burnt, he called his friend 'Tyler' for help, that he need a place to spend a night, so Tyler took him to his house but he saw a strange thing, Tyler asked him to give him a punch on his face, this was the tactics that Tyler used in order to get him in his gang but fortunately he succeeded though before this stage it has been pre-arranged by the director of this movie that they will surely meet their selves at this stage in order for the film to be meaningful to the eyes of the consumers culture.

However, as time went by, Jack was introduced to the members of fight club in the secret place where they normally fight and the place is an underground building slightly dark. It signified that the place was for hopeless people because in a movie like this there are many signs that point at something according to semiotics, the first comment was made by Tyler saying: 'welcome to fight club' which means that he should be ready for initiation in the fight club, eightrules were given to him by Tyler the leader of the gang, the first rule was, you do not talk about fight club, second rule, you do not talk about fight club, third rule, someone you beat up goes out and is over, fourth rule, only two guys is allowed to fight amongst the gang, fifth rule, one fight at a given time sixth rule, no use of shoe and shirt during the fight, seventh rule, fight will proceed as long as they have to fight, eight rule, this is your first night in fight club you have to fight (Uhls, 1998). Then the fight started, all these rules signified that it was a cult because in any cult there must surely be rules that regulate the members just like the religious dogma (Lockwood, 2008:321-335). Norton was saying 'who you are in fight club is not who you are outside the fight club' which means that it was a secret cult, Once you have belong you are entirely different outside the club, that was what the movie is trying to show, the fight club was not about losing or winning but philosophically it was what they practice often in their cult just to maintained what they believed.

One day he traveled with Pitt to a city by bus, Pitt saw a picture of a man that put on pant (Gucci) in that bus, he said to Norton that this is how real men should look like, which signifies homosexuality, Norton replied him saying that masturbation is a self-improvement, which signified that any man that is hopeless on this earth would not even think of making love with a woman and at the same time he was reasoning like someone who lost his memory as a result of insomniac.

The next day night a lady that Norton met when he was in cancer class called him; Norton told her that he had founded a new one, which signifies that he was practicing gay with Pitt, immediately he left the phone call, but the call was still on, Pitt used the phone to communicate with Marla; the next morning when he saw the lady he was astonished, he did not know that Tyler his friend called her last night that very moment he left the call. This signified jungle life where there is anarchy in the community there will be less respect for citizens, destruction would be daily work for the hands of youth applicable in the America where life is saturated by media.

One day, Pitt took him for the stealing of chemical made up of acid; as they came back Tyler use the acid on his hand. That signified the mark of the secret cult of the fight club, it was painful and the reason was to make him more active in the gang, Tyler was saying that fight club member are strong men who have ever live this words simply means courage's to make him feel brave. The next morning Norton went to his office where he normally work, he told his boss that he would not be coming to work that he can do his job at home, though he has been absent from work for some several days his boss was very angry with him, at that very process the spirit of the initiation mark on his right hand started to possess him that was how he was sacked from his job. Fight club members are men, who practice vandalism daily and anarchic, cultism homosexuals.

One day, one of the fight club member, his name was Bob went for robbery, he was short dead on his head by a security man, the moment his corps were brought home, members of fight club called his name eight times before he was been buried which signifies the eight rules just to remove his spirit from the gang peacefully it was inform of incantation of the dead spirit. Norton was living in the state of perpetual danger, his life was so boring and he was absolutely tired of his life, moreover people no longer distinguished between him and Tyler; people do call him Tyler where ever he goes the climax of the movie was when Norton tried his possible best to avoid being a member of fight club because the life became more miserable for him but Tyler was after him because he wanted to expose the fight club this was the signification of Peter in the bible who betrayed Jesus this was actually the significations of this very stage; Tyler was beating him seriously saying that he will kill him that there is no need for him to run that he is with him at all time, that was because he could disappear like a spirit, Norton was pleading for help that he is tired of all this miserable life, though Tyler promise him that he will kill him at the end that he will thank him that signifies hyper reality to the eyes of consumers culture this stage is telling the audience how media formulates and replicate images in movies because it was only one person; really there was nothing like Tyler he was featured to tell the world that most movies is just a media fiction. On the other hand, the reason was that the spirit of the cult that controls Tyler was the same spirit that controlled Norton, they cannot differentiate themselves that very moment Norton realized that he was in another world, because the gun that Tyler was holding transferred to him which he eventually short himself with the gun but fortunately he did not die rather Tyler was short dead on his head in that process, that was when Norton realized himself. The film ended.

In conclusion, this is the analytic review of the movie 'fight club 1999'; this article has analyzed it in summary. The movie is trying to show how a boring and hopeless life will eventually lead one to join bad gang just to have freedom as it has been highlighted above fight club is not mere fighting but beside it there are significations that has been reviewed such as simulations, hyper reality, masculinity, feminism, homosexuality and the consumers culture and the liberalism of the west.