A Look At Angels And Demons English Literature Essay

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Dan Brown the author of this book is an American author born and raised in Exeter, New hampshire, and has has also written The Da Vinci Code That he's best known for, in 2010 the book was in a list of 101 best books ever written from a survey of more than 15,000 readers. His books are translated into more then 40 languages and has sold over 80 million copies. His books have also been made into films, Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code.


The book starts when Robert Langdon who is one of the best religious symbologist researchers in the world are woken up in the middle of the night of a phone call from Maximilian Kohler who is head of research organization, CERN Conseil Européen pour la Recherche, the world's largest center for science research. The reason of Kohler calling in the middle of the night is because of Leonardo Vetra, a outstanding scientist, who has been brutally murdered in his laboratory and the killer has left behind a 400 year old mark burned on his body, symbolizing the Illuminati, the Catholic Church's ancient, mythical enemy and the most powerful underground organization that ever existed.

Kohler says that he has to come directly to Geneva, Switzerland, Langdon hesitant at first but decides to continue. He is a bit conserned of how long it will take to fly to Switzerland, he drives as fast as he can to the aitport, well at the airport a pilot is there to meet him, he show him the way to the plane. Langdon sees something he'd never seen before, a specially constructed plan, with the shape of an space shuttle. Once on the plane the pilot says they are in Switzerland in a hurry, Langdon does not understand how it will go quickly when it is thousands of miles to fly, he says the plane is an HSCT, Langdon asks what it means and the he answered that it is a High Speed Civil Transport, plane is a groundbreaking innovation from CERN, fact that the plane travels in 18 000 km/h. Langdon now realized that CERN has something really important to show him.

When he arrives to Geneva and the headquaters of CERN he is welcomed by Maximilian Kohler, a crippled man in a wheelchair. Langdon followed Kohler into the CERN headquarters, the lobby was "The Glass Catedral" roof of glass that made it possible to look straight up into the heaven. Langdon was almost jogging to keep up with Kohler, his wheelchair was going in such an high speed, "Kohler said: "This way, please, Mr. Langdon" with his almost computerized voice. His wheelchair just leaped along with the tiled floor."

He is directed to the room where Vetra was found, when Langdon sees his branding, he knows immediately that it's a symbol which stands for an ancient extinct brotherhood, the Illuminati. This brotherhood has always been opposed by the Catholic Church as the Illuminati believe in science and not in God. Also one strange detail is that Vetra is missing an eye. Illuminati announces that they've placed a time bomb in the Vatican, Rome. This bomb was manufactured in a test of by the murdered scientist Leonardo Vetra, it's not a big bomb but thanks to Vetra's discovery 1gram of the antimatter contains the same power as an 20 megaton atomic bomb.

Langdon gets in touch with Leonardo's daugther Vittora Vetra, an beautiful Bio Entanglement Physicist. She leads them to Leonardo's laboratorium, when they come to the retina scanner that allows access into the lab it's obvious why they've took his eye, it was there only way for access into the lab.

Meanwhile in the Vatican is a new pope to be announced, so all the cardinals from around the world are gathered. The target is complete , now the Illuminati can eliminate and take revenge on the Catholic Church. Robert Langdon and Vittoria is caught in the middle of this. Trying to find the bomb and seeking for clues that will lead to the place where the bomb is located at. They travel around the streets of Rome, the cathedrals and piazzas eagerly searching for clues so that they will find the antimatter.


Robert Langdon - He is the main character of this novel, u will get the feeling that he is an true adventurer that doesn't leave any mystery unsolved, his quick-thinking and way of putting things together helps him along the mysteries and problems.

Maximilian Kohler - Director general of CERN, a well-respected and also most feared. Called "könig" behind his back by the employees at CERN. He was crippled and had a wheelchair with several of high-tech gadets, he was like an king in it.

Vittoria Vetra - Daughter of the murdered scientist Leonardo Vetra, she is also an scientist as her father but in biology and physics, she helped her father making the antimatter. In the story she is like Langdon's sidekick, helping him find all the kidnapped cardinals troughout the story.

Hassassin - The killer hired by "Janus" to murder, Leonardo Vetra, the Preferiti, and Commander Olivetti. He is not a member of the ancient Illuminati group.The group hires him to do all their evil deeds for them. He faces death after Langdon pushes him from a balcony the fall causes his neck to break on a pile of cannonballs.

Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca "Janus" - He was the one from the Illuminati group hiring the Hassasin to do the murder of several people, Including the pope wich turned out to be his biological father.


The book was exciting from beginning to end, it took turns and they were racing against time throughout the whole book. And to think that the whole story takes place in only 24 hours is incredible, it proves that Dan Brown is a great author and really can make a book living with all the facts and details that makes the reading almost as if it's for real, you get this picture in your head of how it's looking and makes the whole novel so much better.

As for the end I think it was a bit of an cliché, or just as all American stories. The good guy wins and get the girl, but still this was really good and still quite realistic.

The author gives so much information and details that makes the reading almost like its real, you paint up a story in your head while you're reading and it makes the whole novel so much better.