A Comparison Of Marriages In Culture English Literature Essay

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This Reflective Draft will show how marriage can be good and not so good in different culture. It taking from Marriage is a private affair and compare with taking a husband. Marriages is said to be a beautiful thing, but in life sometimes things take a turn for the worst. In some point of time we as ladies all wish to get marriage and we all dream of a fairy tale wedding to a prince charming. This story will demonstrate how marriage can change how your life.

This story is tell how this man name" Nnemeka" want to get marriage to someone that her family did not set her up for. In some parts of African they arrange for their daughter to get married and that person have to be of the same tribe of his family. This is the case in this story. This story takes place in "Lagos Nigeria" On" (pg 374)" it tell of how is father is explaining to him about this girl he suppose to marriage. "I have found a girl who will suit you admirably; her name is Ugoye Nweke", now here is where religion comes in, this girl was raise in a Christian household and this girl is taught how to be a wife to her husband. In this custom the marriage will last for a long time because she knows where her place is as a wife. I believe in this type of marriage it will not last for a long time, how you can marry someone you don't even love. For man to love someone he does not know is hard, especially if they don't really know anything about them. "Nnaemeka ask his father forgiveness ". His father replied forgiveness for what? Nnaemeka replied I don't love her." When you are raise in a different culture, you are to follow whatever custom that family practice, even if that what you believe in.

In taking a husband it this story is some what different to marriage a private affair. This story tells of how two couples got together. In this culture which is Chinese, some woman is not always array by their parent. In this particular case because of which Hong father was a high power man suddenly died, so that left Hong to open to marry whomever she please daughter, but right now she is not ready to get marry "Hong mother suggest that she get marry. She said "If I die tomorrow, I want be able to close my eyes unless you have a good husband." Every woman ought to marry; if she didn't people would think her abnormal." Hong had like this guy that was from the Chens family it was the son. His name is young feng. Young feng is looking for true love that what the aunt replied. "Hong said for him to go to hell," Mrs. Chen said out loud" .No girl's words mean business in her marriage. That's why we parents arrange things for them. Mrs. Chen is making it hard for Hong to marry her son, that why she is forcing for Hong to make a decision. There were two other girls wait to get marry to young feng. If Hong did not make her choice yet, Hong choose man by what position they held that how she wand up with how she have right now. It funny how we choose to get married, some of us fall in love with someone and others are forces to marry someone they have never met or someone they know that they can not have. In both of this story it tells how marriage can make a person who they are and how things can turn out for good or for bad.

Appearance vs. Reality

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair" is the infamous line that begins Shakespeare's Macbeth. This line highlights the relationship between one's appearance and the reality of their nature. In this play the connection between appearance and reality is paradoxical; what appears in one a way in reality may not be that way.

Throughout the play Shakespeare uses paradoxes to show the connection between appearance and reality. He writes, "God's benison go with you and with those/

That would make good of bad and friends of foes." His paradoxical words convey there is no relationship between one's appearance and their reality; it is as if reality and appearance are complete opposites. Shakespeare uses character's deception to prove his theory on appearance and reality.

In the first act of the play it is discovered that the Thane of Cawdor has been a traitor to Scotland. Duncan is deceived by the Thane's false appearance:

No more that Thane of Cawdor shall deceive

Go, pronounce his present

Death, and with his formal title greet Macbeth.

Once again Duncan makes the mistake of judging by appearance and gives the title to Macbeth. Now Macbeth the next Thane of Cawdor's appearance will deceive him, which was Macbeth's intention.

Lady Macbeth instructs him: "Look like the' innocent flower/but is the serpent under." By using the serpent there is a biblical reference to the deceiving serpent that tricked Eve to eat the apple causing original sin. The serpent did not appear to Eve as being harmful just as Macbeth did not appear to Duncan as harmful, but just as the serpent did Macbeth had a destructive nature that was concealed by his false face and dishonest words. Duncan continues: "There's no art/to find the mind's construction in the face." There was no way that Duncan could have seen through Macbeth's honorable appearance to his vaulting ambition that would kill anyone for the crown. His appearance deceived his destructive nature.

Shakespeare also uses language of borrowed clothes to convey Macbeth's unfitness for his title. As the nobles learn of Macbeth's nature they realize that his title was based on his appearance and not on his reality. To be king one had to be honorable, trustworthy, and good natured which was what Macbeth's appearance conveyed, but his nature was the exact opposite: ruthless and immoral. The noble Angus replies, "Now does he feel his title/Hang loose upon him, like a giant's robe/upon a dwarfish thief." His title was too great for the absence of greatness that he had. His appearance was deserving of his title, but his reality lacked all the greatness that his appearance carried.

Macbeth's had a title, an honor, and a life all riding on his appearance. When his reality was discovered he lost all that he had. His appearance deceived all for sometime, but in the end his reality came out. Macbeth's appearance was paradoxical to his reality. He seemed fair, but in reality was foul natured.

Hamlet Critique

There have been many authors throughout history that have written dramatic plays. One of the most famous play write authors was William Shakespeare. In Shakespeare's play Hamlet many people wrote critiques on Hamlet and discussed Hamlet and had their response to the play.

One of the main questions that came from Hamlet was that is Hamlet mad. According to Sam Portlock, Hamlet was "stressed, certainly, but sane". This statement is very accurate and bold. He also says that when Hamlet is ever "alone with Horatio, he is sane enough". Both of these statements are very bold but accurate at the same time and I agree with him. Hamlet never really seemed mad to me, at least that's what I got from the book. He always kept cool even knowing the fact that his uncle killed his father. He never wanted to murder Claudius, he just knew that he had to. I honestly believe Hamlet handled himself pretty good for being in the situation that he was in. Claudius I believe was the true mad one because he killed his own brother tried covering it up and then married his brother's wife to become the new king. Claudius was mad in the fact that he couldn't face the truth for what he has done and he had to try to cover himself up and when Hamlet found out what happened he still could not face the truth. The fact that he ended up killing Claudius doesn't make Hamlet mad, it makes him sane because he was hurt when he lost his father and he knew that he needed to seek this revenge on Claudius. This was a not because he wanted too either it was because he knew he had to.

Another big response that came from Hamlet was if Hamlet was a hero or a coward. According to Keri Gee "Hamlet was a hero". I agree with this statement because Hamlet was defiantly a hero and he revenged his father's death. Hamlet was set to go seek revenge on his father's death because he found out from the ghost who and actually what killed his father. Once he confirmed and was sure King Claudius had killed his father he knew that he had to seek this revenge even no that he did not want to kill him. This makes Hamlet a true hero because he was not in fear of anything he just got the job done. Claudius is a coward but not Hamlet because Claudius tried killing Hamlet by trying to send Laertes after him and killing him in a duel. In the end Claudius was killed with his own trickery and that's what he disserved because he is a coward. Claudius truly deserved to die because he was a very big coward in many different ways such as killing his own brother and trying to cover up what he had done by killing Hamlet also because he knew that he had known.

Many people believe that Hamlet was also mad and was not a hero but a coward but I think other wise. I believe this because Hamlet went through a lot in this book in all of a matter of only a few months and he still kept his cool. Hamlet never really lost it he was just a little angry at times because his father was killed by Claudius and he tried covering it up. This should not make Hamlet mad because he is upset about his father's death and he does not like his mother's decisions in marrying Claudius. I believe that it was perfectly normal to be a little upset and angry at times in the book because Hamlet truly went trough a lot. Hamlet was a true hero and was completely sane in my own opinion. In the end of the story Hamlet ended up dieing but in the process he took Claudius's life with his own and pretty much everyone else. Hamlet was a hero and no coward. There have been a lot of responses to Hamlet but these are some of the biggest responses that come out of one of the most famous and well-written plays in history.