A Book Review On A Dolls House English Literature Essay

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A doll's house is the story about woman who treated like child. In a doll's house, writer pointed out the sacrificial role of the women in the society. The play begins with the conversation between a husband and a wife. Nora and Torvald Helmer are wife and husband in the play.

The play goes around the Nora and his husband. Thought the story both of them act as they are in love to each other. In the beginning of the play they both seem like happy marriage couple. As the play progress, their marriage shows build only on appearances, and not love. In the entire play Torvald treats Nora like a doll, like a child or pet. He gets very angry and irritated with Nora. Even he doesn't love to his wife Nora. In the whole play he constantly angry and tries to control over Nora whatever she does. He has many pet names for Nora such "My little squirrel", "My little songbird". He treats Nora as little cage pet. He is married to Nora, because she does whatever he says. He gives her an allowance and gets angry when she spends too much money. Sometime Torvald also uses Nora for his entertainment.

Let's talk about Nora, Torvald Helmer's wife. In the beginning of the play, the couple seems like they are happy being with each other, but later on Nora realize how spurious her marriage is. Nora originally seems like a playful, immature child who does not has knowledge of the world. She reveal her self like silly girl as her husband calls her. She is treated like a child, a pet first by his father and then by his husband. She depends on her husband for everything. She does whatever her husband says. She agrees with Torvald by saying that "yes, whatever you say". She is expected to be satisfied in the world which her husband put up for her. In some act of the play, she shows that she has some worldly experience, and the small acts of upheaval in which she appoints signify that she is not as innocent or happy as she appears. She comes to see her position in her marriage. She is looking for the power which makes her free from her unfair situation. When she realizes the injustice being done with her, she decides to free herself. At the end of the play, she explains to her husband hoe he and her father have maintained her as a doll.

She blames her husband for making her life useless. She realizes that how her father and her husband treat to her and she wants to be free now. She tries to fulfill her needs by doing things on her own. She wants to find her position in her marriage. Finally, at the end of the play, Nora decides to leave her house to find her own identity not being a wife and mother; she is seeking for her what really she is!

Today, we think that men and women have equal chance, but is it really true they both treat same way. In the society somewhere women are still facing gender problem. They still treated like an animal. Still women are looking for their real identity what's their role for their family and society. In some place of the world, women still are prejudiced by men like Nora.

Throught the whole life, women appear to be the ideal daughter, wife and mother for her family. She maintains everything such as her house, children and husband's desire; she fulfills every thing. In short, women sacrifice every thing for her family. On the other hand, men always try to rule over women and try to play with her feeling and emotion. In short, we are living in manhood world where man is the boss and woman is the servant.

In many countries, woman has equal position as man, but when woman work harder than man and get more success than man, they are stopped. Directly or indirectly man jealous for woman's progress and tries to stop her. Man believes that woman doesn't have knowledge as man; they are not stronger as man.

A doll's house introduced a woman as having her own purpose and goal. According to this play, women should allow to fulfill their respective personal desires. They should have to choose their own fates, freely and without mal influence. In general, female character represents the sacrifice role of woman assertion that men refuse to sacrifice their integrity. At the end of the play Nora leave her house to find her identity to find that what really she is. I think every woman has a right to build to do whatever she wants to do. Every woman has dream, ambitions for being something.

In my opinion, this play shows that every one has a right to find or make their own identity rather their role in their family. Every one should have equal chance. I think the moral of the play is the importance of the individual and the search for self realization. Each man and woman has their own identity or role in the society, both of them have to realize their duty for society, for themselves and their family.