10 Things Learned From Wide Sargasso Sea English Literature Essay

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Rochester did not think twice when he was marrying Antoinette, is he marrying her because of love or her money? He did not thought of what will happened to Antoinette if someday he has not even a little love for her , he could just kick her away and taking all the money away .

3) Think positively

Annette always have bad thought in her mind , she barely shows any positively thinking , she never feels that there is a hope or a turning point for her family .

4) An open-minded society is very important

Things will have different result if they are living in an open-minded society because the society will not compared the skin colours and the fate of Annette and Antoinette will be different.

5) Have faith in your spouse

Rochester does not have faith in Antoinette, he rather believes in Daniel Cosway than believing Antoinette because of some ridiculous story from Daniel. Rochester never believes the truth said by Antoinette, he did not treat her as a spouse as they vowed when they married.

6) Mother love is very important for children

Annette barely shows any love for her daughter, Antoinette, every time Antoinette wants to approach her, she will just say, "go away" or "leave me alone". This have causes did not receive any mother love in her childhood , to her, Christophine and Aunt Cora are more likely like her mother for they caring her more than her mother does .

7) Money is not everything

Richard Mason persuade Rochester to marry Antoinette because of money that his father left for her, Richard never thinks of any consequences that will happen on Antoinette after Rochester have no love for her. After all, she is Richard half-sister; he should have some human sense.

8) Man is sometimes quite disappointing

Antoinette trust Rochester with her life and everything but Rochester failed her when he distrust her and betrayed her by having a relationship with Amì©lie, as a reader I really felt ashamed of his action.

9) Everyone should have an equal right and freedom and it should not be a privilege

If at that period there are equal rights and freedom regardless of skin colour and gender, Antoinette will have different state even Rochester betrayed or cheating on her because there will be rights protecting her .

10) Do not take things too simple or else you will regret for it

Mr. Mason thinks that the black people will not harm him and Annette because he is taking them too simple without thinking what they are capable to do. After that entire place belongs to the black people, he cannot take them too easy.

Different ending for Wide Sargasso Sea

It has been 5 years after Rochester took me from Dominica to England, is it England. I do not know myself, Grace Poole, Rochester paid her for guarding me, never allows I leave a house even for a fresh air. I have trapped in this house for five years; I cannot see any building from the house through the window. Rochester never visits me after all these years, they think I am crazy, they think I do not know what I am doing, Grace Poole will write a letter to him once a month to report my current condition, acting crazily or crazier.

Surely, Grace Poole is not as smart as I am, I always pretend to be crazy to fool her and Rochester, then I can get more freedom from them because they will not suspect me from escaping or doing something dangerous. Well, I am quite proud of myself, most of my acting fooled them, if there are some best actress prizes in this time, I think I will have the chance to win the prize but that is not the point. I want to escape from this boring place to London because I heard London is quite fun from Grace Poole, after all I have been trapped in here and I am sick of this, it is time for have some fun. Still, I will not escape to London before I have my revenge on Rochester, a useless man, I will not fall in love with him if he is not that cute and charm at that time I meet him. After all, I will not kill him, I think he is still cute and charming, I think I will make him beg me not to kill him, I would like to see his pity face when he begged me.

In order to make my plan success, I have to make Rochester come to here and it is not that hard, all I have to do is by telling Grace Poole that I saw my mother and both of my fathers have come to visit me. Surely, Grace Poole will write letter to him to tell him what I have said and he will come to visit me with a doctor. The things happen as I planed Rochester come in the next morning and with his doctor by horses. I put some sleeping pills in Grace Poole drinks and after she asleep, I tied her hand and legs with rope, I stuff clothe in her mouth so she will not make noise. I also prepared some chloroform for Rochester so he will fall unconscious.

After sometime, I managed to make the doctor and Rochester fell unconscious, and now it is time for me to take revenge on Rochester. I strip off his cloth and put him naked on the balcony with his hand and leg tied, after he is awake, he saw me any keep on yelling and yelling for help and it is quite cool at the balcony, he is freezing. It is fun to see him in this condition after how he treat me all these years but I am not cruel as him and so I decided to let him put him inside and take all his money that he has in his pocket and Grace Poole money which is quite a large sum. Then, I say farewell to Rochester and then left here with Rochester horse, I think I will have fun at London first and then decide to go anywhere that I like. I am a free woman now.


The write of Wide Sargasso Sea presented Antoinette in a way that she is a girl that are sad and has an unhappy marriage and life but why should she be unhappy? She is beautiful; there is more man she can choose, why should it be Rochester? Therefore, I have decided to change Antoinette thoughts and attitude towards life by writing her as a happy and cheeky person at the end of the story. However, is she crazy at the end? I do not know myself, as long she is happy, she will be fine person and she will not fall in love in a man after the incident happened to her.