YOGA for Health, Weight Loss, Mindful Eating, Anti-Aging

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YOGA for Health, Weight Loss, Mindful Eating, Anti-Aging

You will find that a person who has been stuck with sad news is experiencing deep sorrow and for that sorrow, the person has forgotten to eat anything. He or she has even forgotten to realize whether there is any hunger or thirst in him or her. This is because of the fact that the person’s emotions have stopped the secretion of the enzymes in the body and the stoppage of stimulation has stooped the digestive system also. You will also find that a person who is stuck by any news or by any incident that have given him a shock is guided in such a way that the heart beat is increased by multiple times and the lungs are trying to pump more air. There is some person who out of hypertension feels more proximity towards urine. This is due to the stimulus pressure on the kidney due to that tension.

Yoga for Health

Although yoga is fore uniting the mind with the soul, yet there are some issues, where the body is given more concern. Through the practice of Pranayama, Asana and through the righteous thoughts and action, most of the regular body problems can be healed and one can easily recover from them. A regular practice of the Pranayama not only activates the Kundalini but also makes the body generate some antibodies that acts as the immune capacity for the body. Thus healing through the help of the Pranayama is much easy and that is quite effective in some of the rigorous nervous ailments. The most important part that the Pranayama inherits in the body is the cleanliness of the air that is within the body. Every day we inhale excessive pollution and this is the major agent that pollutes the blood and the plasma in the body, as a result of which we feel sick. This very thing is eliminated by Pranayama by means of purifying the air as well the air content in the blood and the plasma.

Another practice of Yoga is the Asana. This is another process to concentrate the mind and meditate on the cosmic world. It is again having immense implication for the betterment of the body and thus is used in that way. It has also got many implications on the digestive system of the body and also in the maintenance of the different body parts like the kidney, pancreas and even the intestines. Thus the Asana have a great implication in the better functioning of the body and the better carry of the body too.

Righteous thoughts are the right way to control the emotions. The emotions and the attachments that are worst for the mind and for the body are removed but the righteous actions. Righteous actions remove the attachment from the results of the work and thus remove the very cause of the hypertension. The mind that is attached with the righteous action and righteous thought never adheres itself to the results of the work and never feels that he or she is lost by any means. The mind that follows the right actions surely is aware of the situation where the problems are coming from and dedicates its mind in the right thought. Although he or she can make the thing easy and fit for him or her, they do not do that and concentrate on the righteous thoughts again after finding the problematic area. Thus the mind of the person remains settled to the right mind and the right thought and they are never deviated from the track by any means. On the other hand the right action detaches the mind from the result of the work. They are never concerned about the results and thus the high blood pressure or the low blood pressure in the person is not found. The person enjoys a sound health, regardless of the condition or circumstance they are facing right at that moment. Some of the important areas where the person can still heal in the day to day life through the recommendations of Ayurveda are as follows:

Healing allergy with Ayurveda is also possible and most importantly you can get rid of the allergy forever by the means of Ayurveda. The medicines that are needed for this purpose are the Tinospora cordifolia or Rubia cordifolia and adding little bit of Curcuma longa with it. You must take enough water with it so that the allergy faults or the dosha fault can be removed fast and you can generate a fast relief from that.

Getting rid from the headache is a really big challenge. The work stress and the family pressure including the financial pressure is the key to make your life full of stress and the result is a daily headache. The best medicine prescriber here is again Ayurveda. Ayurveda says to make a paste of three spices, clove cinnamon and adding a pinch of almond with it. Mixing milk and adding ginger with it will generate a fast relief from the headache and that is the best area for Ayurveda.

Common cold is also treated by Ayurveda perfectly and the most important support that Ayurveda provides here is in the form of ginger and the pepper. They call it as the pachan and that pachan is very much influential to help you get rid of the cold that is disturbing you.

Fever is also common among the human and Ayurveda makes a sentence there also. They say no to the acceptance of the cold substances, fruits and everything that are cold in nature. The cold objects absorb the latent heat from outside and generates the heat that is going to make the body temperature rise by a great extent. To get rid of that you can easily manage the fever by taking a teaspoon of honey and ding cinnamon and pepper to it along with the mixture of the ginger with it.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga has many parts in it. The best part that suits for the health is the Asana and the Pranayama. For loosing extra weight of the body, the best practice is to follow some of the asana on regular basis. The extra weight is gained from the fat. The best way to get rid of it is through the practice of some of the Asanas. Some of the most effective though simple asanas that you may practice routinely are as stated below:


This is the type of Asana that puts pressure on the backbone and the hip bones more and also on the fat content of the belly and buttocks. Regular practice of the Asana burns down the fat content at the positions and from the side of the chest, and finally that strengthens the bones and the bone marrows.


This is that type of Asana that puts extensive pressure on the arms and the chest. The fat content from both those parts are burnt down and the diaphragm and the arm pit bones are strengthened by the inverse pose.


This is the pose that makes the bones strong and burns down the chest side fats. The pose is a strong one to burn the fat from the hips too. The hip bones become strong and thus the exposure to the atmospheric pressure can be stronger.


This is the cobra like pose and is efficient to reduce the fat content from the limbs and also from the chest of the body. The fat content from the lower end of the backbone is released and thus the body gains enough fitness.

There are many other asanas, but practicing all of them is next to impossible. It is thus better to select the above four poses that are best for reducing the fat content from the body.

Yoga for Mindful Eating

The fitness of the mind depends mostly on the healthy food habits. Healthy food habit is not to have the best supplements every time. We have discussed about that before also that food habit depends on few things.

  • First and foremost thing to consider is the number of times you take the food in a day, and the different times of the day when you are taking the food. If you are equipped with the Satwa gunas, then you must not accept food more than three times a day. This will hamper your health and the mind too. If you are affected with the rajas, then you must not take food more than four times a day. If you are in the state where Tamas is reigning, then the food habit must be frequent.
  • The quantity of the food you take is also an important aspect. If you are affected with the Satwa gunas, then the mindful eating of yours must not be more than the 70 percent. This will devastate the state of meditation and the mind will be disrupted at the work. Likewise if you are going through a phase of Rajas, then the mindful eating must be a full appetite food, otherwise the enzymes will solidify to form stone in the body. Similarly the people who are affected by the Tamas eat less in one time, but they need frequent supply of food.
  • The taste of the food and the preference belonging to that differs from person to person. Here also the nutrition that the body requires and the elements that the body feels is the matter. The state of the mind is governed mostly be the taste of the food. A person who is affected with Satwa will definitely show preference for the sweet and the Tikta taste. The rajas on the other hand will like the taste of bitter and Kasaya. The Tamas will like the taste of the sour and spice. Thus the difference is based on the mental condition and the mindful eating suggests that the person must eat that type of food, which is bets desired by him, since that is the key that suits the body.

Yoga and Anti-Aging

Every person loves to slow down the aging process in his or her body. The best support in this field is provided by Yoga. The five major supports that yoga provides in this anti-aging factor make the body feel alive and fresh every time, and thus the body’s aging is slowed down.

  • The first of them is the balance in the body among all the five elements and the seven dhatus. The body experiences a perfect balance between all of them and thus the aging is restricted. A perfect body is that one where all the seven dhatus are best balanced in proportion. Yoga is the only mean to maintain the balance in the body.
  • Yoga provides the flexibility in the body and the immune capacity of the bones and the bone marrow are restored in the body. Thus the body feels relaxation towards the ailments and thus the aging is restricted again.
  • Strength is restored in the bones and in the blood vessels, by regular practice of the Pranayama and asana. Thus the body enjoys a perfect balance of the five elements and the strength that they all provide, when in proportion is restored.
  • Breathing and body awareness becomes better through the practice of yoga. The ether content which cannot be felt by the senses at regular time can be felt by the effect of the Kundalini yoga and thus the body becomes perfect to get ahead in the life with a constant age criteria.