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The report is an assessment tool as part of our business communication paper. The main purpose of the research interview was to identify the communication challenges faced in the New Zealand work environment, how were these workers affected by the problem and how they overcame there problems. By completing this project I have learnt on how to deal with communication challenges if I were to come across any similar communication challenges.

Firstly a letter of request was written to the participants requesting for a research interview, a date and time and what question will the interview be based on. Then a questionnaire was made, questions were based on communication challenges at a work place in New Zealand. The major question which was concentrated on was the communication challenges faced by the participants, how they were affected and how they overcame these situations. After the interview was conducted an email of thanks was written to thank the three participants for their time and how their interview could help me to understand better on communication challenges.

New Zealand is multi cultural countries were most employees in the New Zealand workforce are of different nationality and are working together. Due to the language difference a barrier in communication occurs, people of different nationality have a different accent therefore miscommunication can occur. Due to this communication challenge the participants were affected at their work place and the common effects were the work was delayed. Some of the recommendation that were given by the participants is to speak slowly and clearly, to socialise with people with different cultures and to ask question for better understanding. Recommendation from the internet suggests that active listening, body language and answering your phone is important to overcome such communication challenges

Communication is very important in any organisation either big or small. In order for a successful outcome in an organisation effective communication needs to take place that is the sender of the message (Manager) and the receiver of the message (worker) needs to understand the message

Communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages or information as by speech, visuals, writing, or behaviour. Communication requires a sender, a message and a recipient, although the receiver need not be present or aware of the sender's intent to communicate at the time of communication; thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality. The communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. There are two types of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication. (Wikipedia, 2012)

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is communication using words or language. Language is a useful tool because, if we use it effectively, Language can convey knowledge and establish connection across time and space. (O`Rourke and Barnett, 2008: Pg 32) Verbal communication is spoken and written.

Non verbal communication

Is behaviour, other than spoken or written communication that creates or represents meaning. In other words, it includes facial expressions, body movement, and gestures. It is a communication without speaking a word. (Wikipedia, 2012)

Means of Communication

There are many ways people communicate with each other. Face to face Communication is when people interact with each other when looking at each other. Communication can also take place through the use of computer that is using internet for example using face book to communicate with friends, using e-mails also used to communicate. Other means of communication are telephone and radio. (Wikipedia, 2012)

Barriers to communication

Barriers to communication are Physical barriers which can be noise which can course disturbance while communicating. Technical barriers are for example when there`s no reception in the phone or the telephone lines are down. (Wikipedia, 2012)

Why communication is important in a business

Communication is important in any organisation as it helps managers and the workers to communicate to achieve a success outcome. Communication helps managers to planning, leading, organising, and controlling (Managementstudyguide.com, 2012). Workers can also discuss matters with management if they have enquiries over work matter such as on what work needs to be completed and discuss on their wages

2.1 Terms of reference

Our tutor Mr Rasheed Hussein has given us assignments where we had to write a letter of request for a research interview, questionnaires were prepared for this interview, a email of thanks was also written and finally a report had to be made on the findings. This report was due on the 6th of August 2012. This research will discuss on the communication challenges.


The reason why I am doing this project is to find out the problems faced by the workers in New Zealand and to find out how they are affected by this problem and no how they overcome their problems.

2.2 Methodology

Firstly a letter was written to the participants requesting for a research interview giving them the time and day of the interview, a questionnaire was prepared which had ten questions relating to communication challenges in New Zealand work environment. After the interview was conducted an email of thanks was written to thank the interviewee.



3.1 Participant A

"A" works at a recruiting agency as a manager for the last 3 years. A recruiting agency has many clients, they register workers under their company and give work to them when their clients need workers to work for them.

Communication Challenges

Candidates not answering the phones-When candidates don't answer their phone. I have to keep on calling until I find someone. That takes a lot of time and other work is delayed

Most candidates no very little English-It becomes hard to communicate with those candidates, explaining things to them is hard since we are using phones to communicate only verbal communication can take place but non verbal communication is also needed for better explanation to them.

Misunderstanding of communication-since some candidates understand less English they sometimes misunderstand communications for example one candidate went to the wrong work place. Instead of going to company "A" he went to company "B". This probably happened because the client was not active listening.

Effects of the communication challenge

Work was delayed-As stated above candidates not answering their phone takes up much of the time. As a manager a lot of work has to be completed, sometimes most of the time is spent on the phone and the other work is not completed.

Overcome this communication challenge

To speak slowly and clearly while on the phone makes it easier for people to understand the communication.

Active Listening- in order for successful communication to take place both the sender and the receiver of the message should understand the message. It is important for the receiver of the message to do active listening while communicating so they can understand.

To ask questions-after the communication is completed it is important for the sender of the message to ask questions. For example "Do you understand"

3.2 Participant B

"B" works for a bakery for the last 2 years. He works in the kitchen were the actual baking takes place.

Communication Challenges

Accent of colleagues-most colleagues are of different cultures, they no English but pronounce certain words differently, which makes it hard to understand their English

Misunderstanding of communication-because of the accent misunderstanding of communication happens, that is the message received is misunderstood

Effects of the communication

Work process is slowed down- "B" works in the kitchen there are different sections example one person makes the dows out of the flour and the other cuts the dows in shapes and so on, so because of the miscommunication one part of the working process is slowed down there for the whole working process is slowed down

Work is done wrongly-because of miscommunication sometimes wrong work is performed

Overcome the problems

Socialise with different cultural people- to socialise with people of different culture so you can learn the way they speak and pronounce words so you won't face problems understanding the accent

Have knowledge of sign language-it is very important to communicate using gestures with verbal communication because people understand much better when communicating using gestures. it is very important to no sign languages in order to understand them.

3.3 Participant C

"C" Works at a catering company. A catering company which looks after catering of airlines. She has been working there for a year now.

Communication Challenges

Accent of colleagues-Most colleagues are of different cultures. They speak English but with a different accent, they pronounce words differently which makes it hard to understand what they are saying.

Misunderstanding of communication-The accent of the colleagues makes it hard to understand. Sometimes because of this misunderstanding of communication takes place

Effects of the communication challenge

Work process is slowed-There are different sections in the working process. One section is where the food is prepared and the other is where the entire cutlery is set or packed. So if there is a miscommunication work is slowed down because work is not understood.

Work is wrongly performed-sometimes communication is misunderstood therefore wrong work is carried out. If that happens it can sometimes delay the flights

Overcome this problem

Socialise with different cultural people- socialising with different cultural helps in understanding there accent or the way they speak and pronounce certain words

Ask questions-if the supervisor gives instructions and it was not clear, always ask them questions or tell the supervisor to repeat the instruction

4.0 Conclusion

Communication is very important in any organisation either big or small. In order for a successful outcome in an organisation effective communication needs to take place that is the sender of the message (Manager) and the receiver of the message (worker) needs to understand the message. In this research interview the most common type of communication challenge was the accent of the people this is because New Zealand is a multi-cultural society where people know English but pronounce words differently because of this language barrier miscommunication occurs and wrong work is carried out in an organisation. Communication plays a vital role in a success of a company.

5.0 Recommendations

Active listening- it is important to listen carefully and not allowing mind to drift when having discussion with co-workers so that you can understand the important discussions (Wikipedia 2012). Since New Zealand is a multinational country people are of different nationality who all work together, a communication accent is a major problem faced by the participants. Active listening is important when communicating so people can understand the people with different accents.

Be aware of body language- Your body language communicates for you before you open your mouth to speak. Body language often says more than your words (Wikipedia 2012).It is important to use gestures while communicating because people with whom you are communicating with do not understand you verbally they will understand your body language. it is important to know what those body language mean.

Answer your phone- Making yourself available is part of effective communication. Your boss or manager is relaying on you to get there work done (Wikipedia 2012).. It is important to always have your phone with you.

Speak clearly and slowly-Speaking clearly and slowly is important because the receiver of the message will understand you better as they won't have confusion when listening to the words that was spoken

Asking questions- When communicating asking questions is really important because it helps you to understand better. Asking questions such as how, when, where so the task that was handed to you won't be wrongly performed