Why College Education

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Why College Education?

To become successful in life, education is best choice. In life we always have several choices to make over life better. Education is the key to become successful in life without putting much hard effort. It is far easier to get ajob,if you uses yourbrainrather than yourbodyif you've bothered to go on to college. Why I decided to get college education? Well, there are numerous causes and effects are related to my decision. Like that all decision, one decision in life is a college degree, some people think it is a must and some think it is not. My decision to further my education is numerous reasons and off course for its effects.

First of all, let me start with my first reason, my family, they are always in favored of college education. My father and my mother are college graduate, and they believe; now they are making good money and respects because they are educated. They reached at the top of their career, in my opinion. My father handling his own business and my mother is a head of her department. My father taught me that they have their own business because of that; he learns business skill and communication skill from the college. Furthermore, he told me if I have business skill I do not need to study, but I can only increase my communication skill buy getting into the college or being touch with other students in college.

Secondly, in the society that we live, having a college degree is very important. It will give us self respect, after getting college education I can stand up in society and said loudly that I have something to make some money. To getting a job, we know experience is countable, but it will come after the degree. In fact, most businesses and industries require at least a bachelors degree too apply for the job. Because, these all industries are using advances technology, and these all technology is replacing with upcoming advance technology. That's why they are hiring good educated people who are graduated. So, by getting education, I can take all responsibility of my family, and it will make me feel proud in society.

Furthermore, well, there are two paths I can follow. The first option is if I don't consider going to college, I can leave high school and begin working in a difficult job with minimum pay, if I can even find one. This job will cause me to work longer hours, giving me less time. I can probably rent an apartment and only go to it in-between work shifts. I will have less time to look for my family and friend. Even to take some rest. And, what will happen, after I am getting married and having Children. Children are now completely out of the question because they need a great amount of time and they are very expensive. I will not be able to take any vacation to see the world. I can't take time off because I have to pay the bills from this lower income. My low paying job without any benefits and no skill development has caused me to lose the important times of my life and my dreams are shattered.

Finally, education can make our area of interest, your occupation that can then slowly leads to your likes and dislike. College education for me is that to study of subject which I am interested in. It will give us specific area of interest. So, I can able to do some specialization work in my field. And I can innovative something new for this world. It will open gates to invent new things because of specialization in their field. It can make our social pyramid on work.

I know that, the way to a degree is not easy, when it comes on hardship and tuition fees, there are too many obstacles in the way. But after finishing college it will give us unbelievable benefits in our life that I shown on above paragraphs, and these all are my main reason to getting the college education. It is what always encourages me. Education makes our work and life easy to understand easy to live.