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What is cinema. Cinema is a place for us to watch the latest movie and it also a place that can earn many money. When the movie released, peoples only can watch it in cinema because it won't release the disc version yet when the cinema still having the movie show. Cinema had been created 19th century. So it is quite a long time that cinema exist in the world. Every cinema also having a popcorn stall or food snack stall outside the cinema. So all the customer can buy some snack before they go in for a movie and they can enjoy the movie and the snack at the same time.

1.1 Answer of question 1

In 21st century, having a movie in cinema was already a very common thing for everyone. Students will go for a movie when weekend or holiday usually with their friends. For answering my assignment, I did a questionnaire on moviegoers "views on the influence of cinema on youth today". In this questionnaire, I had done 21 statements for the moviegoers to answer. All the statement that prepared by me are related to the views on the influence of cinema on youth today. . In the statement, I prepared two sections, in section1 I only giving two choices, there are YES and NO. In section 2, I am giving 5 choices for each statement, which are strongly agree, agree, neutral, strongly disagree and disagree .I type the entire question into Microsoft Word and print out with 30 set, then there are 30 moviegoers has answer my questionnaire. I also giving three choices for my audience to choose their occupation, there are student, businessman, office ladies, families and others. In the statement, there are 3 range of age among my audience, which are 15 to 17 years, 18 to 25 years and 26 to 40 years. There are 15 audiences are in the range of the 15 to 17 year, then got 9 audiences are in the range of the 18 to 25 years and just 6 audiences in the range of the 26 to 40 years. Most of the 30 audiences are still studying and 6 out of the 30 audience of them are working status. I already used around 2 weeks to complete this questionnaire and they filled it up carefully. Some of the question from my statement I think it is quite important for the youth, such as the statement in selection 1, 'Are you addicted to cinema movie'. 17 of the audience choose YES and 13 of the audience choose NO. Most of the student are ticking yes from the statement that I completed. It is actually a good activity for the students who going to cinema for a movie. They can learn a lot of things from the movie. They can learn the different language example like malay, English, Chinese, Tamil and so on. Just they have to control themselves not to spend too much money for going to cinema everyday. But it is actually good for them if they are only go for a movie once a week or when holiday. Parents also can bring their children to the cinema so that their children can learn moral or what from the movie. That is quite a good activities for all the humans being to spend their free time on it. The second statement is form section 2, I think also important for the youth are " Do you agree RM14 to watch movie''. There is no audience agree that is expensive for them to spend RM14 for a movie. So that all the peoples are thinking that there is quite worth for it to watch the movie for RM14. So it is some of the statement that I found. So there is really a lot of benefit for peoples to go for a movie actually. The movie ticket is not expensive actually. Families can make their relation become more good through this activity. And actually there is a lot of cinema had been build in this world. And it also a good activity for all the couples to spend their free time to dating in cinema.

1.2 Conclusion and Recommendation

In the conclusion, peoples like to watch movie in the cinema. The audience would like to spend their free time in the cinema no matter teenager, adult or families. Movie have a big power to affect the peoples thinking, the action and the cloth style. The rule had been set by the government that violence movie is only can be watch by the peoples who are 18 or above 18 years old. So actually parents shouldn't worry about their children that will learn all the violence from the movie. And actually their children will control themselves not to learn the violence if they having a good thinking. The children who are under age they also have their type of movie to watch, example like cartoon. There is a lot of cartoon movie appear in the cinema recently. So the parents can bring their children to watch the cartoon to watch it if they don't want to watch the movie that are only allow adult to watch. And the price of the ticket is actually not expensive for all the people. Nowadays, even though children also have enough movie to go and buy a ticket to watch it. So it won't be expensive for the price. Watching a movie also can learn the language skills, English skills and so on. In this conclusion, watching a movie in cinema is actually a good activity for all the peoples.

2.0 Answer of question 2

Lee Kin Yep

No 10,Lebuh Rapat Baru 7,

Taman Song Choon,

31350 Ipoh, Perak.

Prime Ministry,

Local Education Authority,

62, Jalan Ampang

55000 Kuala Lumpur,

Perak Darul Ridzuan. 4th October 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

Education Ministry to Support Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English .

My name is Lee Kin Yep, I was currently taking the Diploma in Business Management in Olympia College Ipoh. I strongly support for teaching English in the subjects of Science and Mathematics . Having a habit for learning the two subjects in English are extremely good for the children since young .

2. English had became an international worldwide language nowadays . People usually communicate with others in English during their workplace or even with their friends or families. We have to change our mindset first. Some of the countries are still using their own country's language in the subjects of Mathematics and Science. Mostly for the students who graduated in secondary school will most probably getting tougher while they had to change their language in the subjects of science and Mathematics. That is a lot of information are using showing in English, even though we log on any website it also showing us in English. So if we don't understand English we are getting harder to get the meaning of the information in other website. There are much of benefits of learning in English. Learning mathematics in English since their young age will give students ability to learn advances subjects like physics and chemistry. And the students who using English in science and mathematics are helping them to upgrade their English standard, so they can learn about the term of science and mathematics, for example, physiology, biology, linear, sums and so on. The terms of the science and mathematics can't be learn in their life if they never change their science and mathematics subjects in English. Therefore, they can use the term in proper way when they are working in social like accounting or scientists, so they don't need to waste more time to adapt the terms of science and mathematics if they are habit to using it when they are in secondary or primary school.

3. Let's check out with the previous generation, they are still using the Malay language to learn all of their subjects. Their English skills are not that good because they are still using the language of their own countries example like Malay, India, Spanish and so on. So that we have to change our opinion in decide to use country's language. That is already not a tradition for us to use our own country's language to learn all the subjects. Time is running, everything was changing. English had already became one of the international language. So that I strongly support the science and mathematics change to be teaching in English. A lot of parents are keep on sending their children overseas for study it's because they also believe that is good for their child if they letting their child to learn more about the English. Example like United Kingdom, New York, Australia and so on. It also proving that the English are getting important nowadays. Malaysian was starting to learn the English and they start to know about why English is so important. And if they are still using their mother tongue to speak with their family, they can't speak well or the correct English even though they are scientist or accountant. So if they are only using Malay to teach the science and mathematics, they will only can speak well in Malay and Malay only can be understand in Malaysia usually. They can learn a lot of new words if they are learning science and mathematics in English. From my research, some of the secondary or primary school student are bad in English. Government have to train their teachers to be good in English so that they can teach their students without any grammar or vocabulary mistake. So that the young generation's student can learn English very well.

4. If the young generation can handle the English well and their foundation of science and mathematics in English are strong, it will be very useful for their future. Especially science, it can bring a lot of challenge for the students. If students learn well in foundation of science and mathematics in English, there is a lot of for us in our future job because it is related to the market because English was an international language. In a business view, an international company will not hire a workers who do not know how to speak well in English if there is another competitor who good in English and interviewing at the same time. Because it will cause a deal or not deal in a business when dealing with a foreign who do not know how to speak malay, Chinese or Cantonese. So if people who do not know how to communicate in English, they will miss a lot of chances when interviewing a job. The documents, letters, contract, email, project and memo have to type in English usually. So if peoples who English standard are low because they never learn their subject in English, there will be a problem for them to do all this type of paper work and they will get cheat when signing a contract. Can speak well in English was an addition for the peoples who are seeking for a job in international company. Peoples can handle the job easily if they are having a good English standard. English language had already became the basic language for the people. It is because some of the family are starting to speak with their children in English even though their child was only 5 years old. If can speak fluent in English will get the great job easy. If we are going to others country like Spain, we still can communicate with them even though we don't know know to speak Spanish. They will know how to speak in English even though they are not born in England. If we can speak well in English, we are like much more closer with the world. Because English will be work in every country. If we are going to tourist, we have to book a hotel, the hotel workers will speak English to us when we step in the hotel and book for it. And some of the banks or restaurant also will talk to you in English if they don't know to speak your own country's language. And some country their signboard are using English too.

6. In the conclusion, I fully support the government change the language of science and mathematics to English. I suggest all the students will keep on practicing their English skills so they can become habit to use English to communicate and or use English in the subject of science and mathematics. I fully support the students to use English in the subject of science and mathematics it's because English was an international language. And there is another reason for me to support and learn the science and mathematics subject in English. We can stay connected with foreign and we can make more friends all around the world.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,