What is an ethical decision?

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What makes an ethical decision or issue ethical?Ethics is concerned with how we live our lives and how we act. Ethics is practical, having to do with how we act, choose, behave, and do things. Ethics seeks an account of how and why people should act, rather than how they do act. A decision or issue becomes ethical when it starts to answer the questions of: Is it right? or Is it wrong? and could it harm someone or a group.

Ethical decision making involves basic categories, concepts, and language of ethics: ought to, should, rights and responsibilities, good, equality, justice, virtue, kindheartedness, faithfulness, trustworthiness, honesty, and the like.

How would you explain the differences between ethical/nonethical and ethical/unethical?I would think that ethical and nonethical would mean that it isn't the difference between two goods or two bads, but based on your decision of survival and well-being. They say that ethics has nothing to do with feelings, but if you base your choices purely off of your feelings of what you need and what benefits you and your well-being and it goes against what is ethical, then I think that would be nonethical.

Some examples that lead to non-ethical considerations would be health, love, security, self esteem, and wealth. These examples are often barriers to ethical conduct, and the cause of many circumstances of someone having to pay at the expense of another's benefit.

Now, looking at nonethical as an example. It would mean to have a fertility treatment juts to have multiple children, so that you would feel loved and because you wanted attention by society for self esteem reasons. What makes it nonethical is the fact that you can't provide for those children, and they will be malnourished, not grow up with proper care, and various other reasons. That makes it nonethical. You put your well-being before what is ethical and right that makes it nonethical.

Ethical is pertaining to what is right and wrong in conduct. So if it is ethical, you are doing the right the thing. Your behavior is appropriate and you have personal integrity. If you are unethical you would be considered to not be doing the right thing. Your behavior would not be appropriate and you would not have personal integrity.

People, who follow the rules, and do what someone asks them to do, will be those who are considered to have good ethics. People who don't follow the rules and don't do what they are asked to do obviously don't have good ethics or morals.

What ethical issues or dilemmas have you experienced in the workplace? I have experienced many issues in the workplace. That would include previous jobs of mine and my current job. I have experienced everything from people not putting in the time that they said they put in to using work equipment for personal use.

At my previous job, we didn't have computerized time cards, so we would pencil in our hours that we worked. Also, to make things more complicated I worked at a bar that ran their time fifteen minutes fast. Well, when my co-workers would clock in they would clock in at regular time, and when they would clock out, they would clock out at bar time. So they would get the extra time on their time cards. My old boss isn't what I would call a good business manager. She wouldn't care what the employees would do and wouldn't say anything about it. She would just pay them as what it says on the time card.

I currently work for the North Dakota National Guard full time, and there we don't clock in at all. They use the integrity system. As long as you show up that day and put in your 8 hours a day, you will get paid eighty hours a week. They are really flexible when it comes to having to leave thirty minutes early for a doctor's appointment, because then you just show up thirty minutes early the next day. They would just like you to put in forty hours a week. When it comes to ethics in my work place I see people abuse this system all the time. They will leave an hour early a few times a week, or they will show up an hour late a few times a week. No one will say anything, because they expect people to have integrity when it comes to the military.

I have also seen my co-workers use work equipment for personal use. We have a CD duplicator and they use it all the time to copy CD's that are their own personal CD's. I have also seen them use the photo printers to print off personal photos. Behavior like that isn't having good work ethics.