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There are tons of writing sites out there. Most people who begin looking for places to write and make money on the Internet dont have any idea how much is really out there. However, for those of us who have spent a lot of time researching...we can make it easier for you. All the sites listed here are ones I have written for (unless otherwise stated). I will share what I know...I hope this is a great help for those looking for more information. It is a very long Hub and may be one that you want to book mark and visit often for more information.

Referrals and Bonuses

Hubpages has one of the biggest referral and bonus types of programs I have ever seen. While the math is a little complicated, you can get a percentage of the page views that your referral's hubs get, you can get page views for directing traffic to other people's hubs, and more. It can be profitable to be actively working on getting referrals and traffic to other people's hubs. This is something I don't do much of, but it is easy to do with a "link to this page" at the bottom of every page. That will insert your tracking code into the link for the page...

One of my favorite money making sites is HubPages. (you are here). I love the fact that you can add all sorts of things to your own article and that you have a good deal of formatting choices. Sure, some of it is still automatic, but you have more say then at most sites who will format your article to meet their needs and chop it up to fit on multiple pages as they see fit.

A tiny bit of how it works.With this page being about all the writing sites that I have tried, I don't have a lot of time to explain how it works. However, with HubPages you can build a page using building blocks (here they are called modules). You choose the ones you want, add the information, links, pictures, ect. Then you order them and publish the page. It goes on the web immediately.

Making Money with HubPages. Money is made in three ways here on HubPages. First of all, you get 60% of the Google Adsense impressions that your pages have. This can bring you money each time someone clicks on your ads. However, in addition to that you can choose to add Amazon or e-Bay products to make even more money with those programs. You can add them to your pages and even choose the products that will be displayed.

How it all works out.HubPages is fun, different, and exciting. Additionally, it does pretty good at bringing in traffic without advertising your hubs (though advertising, bookmarking, and other promotion tools increase the amount of traffic you get). You can make money on some topics quickly and easily. However, as with all writing sites, the more you write the more you will make.

Another site that I am currently very excited to work with is They are very different from HubPages, but they do make a great place to earn. Plus, they have a system that is a little different compared to most other systems.

A tiny bit of how it works. At you apply to be an expert. The editors are looking for a reason however small it may be that gives you some qualifications to write in a specific category. It could be that you are a dad so you want to write about parenting. It could be that you have studied a certain field like religion or medicine. Whatever reason, so far I haven't seen that it has to be a huge or concrete reason, just something. Once you have applied and are approved you can write How to articles in that category. They are written with an introduction and three to ten steps that follow. You can choose to put a conclusion on the end of it or not. Once your article has been written and submitted you have to wait for it to be rejected, published, or revisions requested. I am not sure how they choose to reject articles, however revisions often have to do with making your article more complete. Review by the editors takes awhile, sometimes as much as two weeks. So, you have to be patient.

Making Money with Making money with is similar to HubPages and yet a little more simple. You get 50% of the Google Adsense page impressions. It is that simple.

How it all works out.While it can be frustrating waiting for your articles to get published (I currently have 11 articles that are waiting to be published), it is worth the wait. The how to articles tend to be topics that encourage others to click on the Google Ads. This means a high click through rate. In addition to this gets you a ton of traffic without you even trying to get some of your own.


Associated Content has a referral code. However, as of right now, that doesn't get you any bonuses nor are their any advantages to having a referral. When I asked about it in the forum they said that in the past their were referral bonus programs and that they are looking to run a referral program again in the future.

Associated Content

Associated Content has been around for over three years now. They have a very different model from the programs mentioned before this. However, they work well for many "content producers".

A tiny bit of how it works.You will go to the publish button at the top. Here a long line of options will be displayed. You can publish articles, videos, and slide-shows. Once you have chosen your material then you will fill in the blanks step by step. For publishing a general article it will ask you if the content is exclusive (you are more likely to make more money with this option), then it will ask you whether or not you want it on other sites, and how you want to be paid. It is best that whenever possible you have it reviewed for upfront payment (the worst thing that they could say is no and then you could have it published for performance pay).

Making Money with Associated Content.At AC, you get to write an article. As long as you choose to have it reviewed for upfront payment then you could make money for this article. A lot of articles are denied for upfront payment now, but when you do get one that is accepted then you will be offered $3-20. I have never been offered more then $7.20, but I have heard that some are offered more then that. You then publish your article. In addition to upfront payment, you receive $1.50 for every 1000 page views that your articles get. You get more page views for long well written articles that encourage people to move on to the second and third pages. You can also make passive income writing on topics that tend not to earn as much with Google Adsense revenue sharing sites because this is based on performance. Additionally, if you choose to publish articles without upfront pay, you still get the performance pay.

How it all works out.The performance pay isn't much compared to other passive income sites (getting paid long after the work is done). However, it all balances out as long as you are making some upfront payments.

Sadly, this site only pays Americans for their work. Sorry to all my International friends!


Helium has a referral program. However, in order to invite new writers you have to have their e-mail address. This makes it impossible to invite a lot of people you know from message boards, on your blog and such. A referral is worth five percent of their earnings, but unless you know a lot of writers, it isn't going to help you much. Plus you don't get five percent of the money they make in contests or marketplace which is often where a good portion of the money will come from.


Helium has a unique site and a unique way of doing things. It is a site that most people don't really like and the earnings on there aren't huge. However, it does have its advantages.

A tiny bit of how it works. Helium has thousands (if not more) articles. They aren't necessarily looking for unique content. You go to their site and choose an article title. You write your article (along with others who write on the same title). Peers then vote the article up or down and the articles are ranked. You could be first or not.

Making Money with Helium.Helium pays on performance (or so they say, no one knows how much one gets paid). You make pennies on the articles that you write. This is the part that most people get frustrated with. However, there are a few other ways to earn money. Helium does a number of contests and winning can get you extra money, plus your articles continue to make the passive income. You can also write for the marketplace where you can write articles that publishers are looking for and you may or may not sell that article.

How it all works out.The earnings at Helium are rather low, however they are really easy to write for. You don't have to worry about coming up with something unique. In fact, you can search their site for topics that you know a lot about and quickly write up several articles about those topics. I did this with "coffee" since I was a Starbucks barista. I searched the word "coffee" and wrote about fifteen articles on the topic. It makes it very easy to find things to write! That is the big advantage. Additionally, they often run promotions which help you to make more money.

Learn to Write Better Articles

Writing Articles About the World Around You

Price: $14.55

List Price: $17.99

Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged

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Triond is a slightly different type of site. They take content of all sorts (written, pictures, videos) and they put them on all sorts of sites (that they own and that they partner with). You can get published all over the web this way.

A tiny bit of how it works.You will put your content on your computer. You either save it or you will type it up in the word processing program. Then you upload it to their site. It goes through editor review. If it is accepted then it will be published on one of the sites Triond works with.

Making money with Triond. Triond shares the revenue that your article brings in with you. They will let you see how many page views you have gotten and how much money you have made, but you don't know exactly where your money has come from.

How it all works out. Compared to other sites that pay me each month (not through revenue sharing) I make quite a bit of money on my few articles there. I am very pleased with the money that I make. They choose the best place for your article to make money and together you and Triond can make money. I also highly recommend this site for International users because they let you publish in any language which can make a huge difference for those who struggle with English or those who are multi-lingual and want to make money this way.

They publish in multiple languages and also publish multiple mediums.


ehow is another how to website. They publish how to articles of all sorts on their site and over time you can earn money with their site.

A tiny bit of how it works.You go to publish an article and you write it step by step. There is an introduction, a place for you to put "required materials" as well as "tips" and "warnings". However, there is no conclusion to this article. You click publish when you are done and your article goes live where it can be viewed from then on.

Making Money with ehow.ehow is easy to write for. You can publish anything you want as long as it is a how to...and it can be written in steps. However, the money that you make here is small compared to other sites.

How it all works out.ehow still remains a good place to build an article directory, it just isn't the best place because earnings are rather low. On the other hand, it is nice being published right away rather then waiting.

Sorry International friends, this site only pays Americans :(


Squidoo has a referral code. You can make money referring others, however it isn't very quick. You refer someone, they make their first lens, and you make $5 once that first lens brings in $15. However, your referral also makes an additional $5. This can be an incentive to have them work toward making lots of lenses to quickly boost their earnings by $5.


Squidoo is another place where you can build pages rather then just write articles. This can be a lot of fun, plus Squidoo has some unique concepts up their sleeve.

A tiny bit of how it works.Squidoo has you take their building blocks (capsules) and build a page. It can have tons of different elements included in it (much more then Hubpages). You build your page including whatever elements you want.

Making money with Squidoo.Squidoo then lets you make money by sharing the Google Adsense revenue with the writers of the site using complex algorithms to figure out who deserves the most based on performance. You can also make a portion of any sales that come from your lenses (pages).

How it all works out.Squidoo doesn't have a lot of traffic that is brought in from just creating lenses. You really have to advertise to get traffic coming in. However, the more lenses you have, the more traffic. Additionally you can write lenses about your articles on other sites, your website, your blog, as well as anything else you might want to write on. This can make it a great marketing opportunity for you as well as growing your income.


Xomba has a referral link. For all of your referrals you will get 10% of the page impressions that all of their pages get (they will still get their 50%). This means that the more people you invite, the more money you can make (over all, after all, the more page impressions you get...).


Xomba lets you write small blurbs about other sites and nice articles for lots of earning potential. As a Google Adsense revenue sharing site, they have a lot of advantages and some good results for many writers.

A tiny bit of how it works.You write your article or blurb in the box (using a little syntax it you wish) and publish it. It goes live and is available for viewing. You place your Google Adsense code in the system and get 50% of the ads that are displayed on your articles and blurbs.

Making Money with Xomba.Xomba is a good site to make money. They have a nice amount of organic traffic (that you don't have to work to get) and they also have a fairly good set up. I haven't written enough here to be truly excited, but many people report, hundreds of dollars a month or more from writing at Xomba.

How it all works out.Content is key. You need a lot of it and then you will see the money coming in with this site. It has a good program and works hard to keep the writers happy.


Writing Campus also has a referral program. You will get 5% of the page impressions of your referral's writing. This can be significant over time.

Writing Campus

Similar to Xomba is Writing Campus. With a great site, all they need now is some more great content...or something.

A tiny bit of how it works.Writing Campus is very similar to a few other sites including Xomba and others, however they call all of your writings "blog entries". This means that you can write regular articles, or shorter articles and still have a good response (shorter articles must be at least 300 words).

Making Money with Writing Campus.Here you earn 70% of the Google Adsense revenue. This is significant compared to most other sites. As long as you are writing a lot of good quality articles and you are promoting them, you could see that you are making a lot of money, fairly quickly.

How it all works out.This is a site that is fairly new to me and I haven't gotten a lot of articles on there yet. However, it looks to have fantastic potential and a good start. This isn't as established as a lot of other sites, but 70% is a good amount.

Learn to Earn More with Adsense

AdSense Unleashed: AdSense A-Z Plus 175 Killer Tips and Tricks

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Google AdSense For Dummies

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Print N Post

Print N Post is similar to a few other sites mentioned. However it has some differences that are worth noting.

A tiny bit of how it works.Print N Post is a Google Adsense revenue sharing site. They let you publish by going through a third party publishing page. You can then see your blog entries right away, but articles must be approved which takes about a week.

Making Money with Print N Post.You make money with your Google Adsense. I am actually not certain how much you get, it sounds as if it is 100% of the Adsense revenue. Either way, you can watch your Google Adsense earnings get bigger and bigger.

How it all works out.This isn't my favorite site. I like the blog and article options, however the site often feels like it is low quality. However, there are some great writers there and you can get some traffic. It is important to also work on promoting your articles from this site.


Referrals don't directly affect your earnings with Qassia. However, you get Qassia cash which increases your chance of getting your articles and your sites promoted on the site.


Qassia is a completely different site. While you get to write articles and make 100% of the Google Adsense impressions, that isn't it. This site is also one that allows you to link to your various sites and get promotion for your blogs, articles on other sites, and websites.

A tiny bit of how it works.You write an article complete with syntax if you wish. Then you choose a site or page to link to. This will be advertised at the bottom or your article. Then your article gets voted on by 12 other Qassia writers. Soon you see a score. You want lots of content and the better the quality the better the score. You also make Qassia cash. The more Qassia dollars you have, the more exposure your sites and your articles get.

Making Money with Qassia. You have two ways to make money with Qassia. The first is the 100% Google Adsense impressions that you get with each article. The second is the traffic that you can get from here to other sites (such as HubPages, your blog, or your affiliate site).

How it all works out.While I haven't gotten rich doing Qassia, it is easy and fast. Additionally, it has brought traffic to my blogs which is a good thing. I have seen a few pennies from it in Google and will probably see that increase as time goes on. Additionally, Qassia is still in closed beta testing, so you can only get there through invite (right now).

Tutorial Tub

Another site for writing how to articles (though these aren't required to follow the how to format) is Tutorial Tub. This site is rather young, but has some good potential.

A tiny bit of how it all works. You will publish your tutorial in a general format with the ability to format it however you wish. It is then reviewed which can take some time. They are a little picky about adding links to lots of other sites (I wrote an article on making money writing and never had it approved).

Making Money with Tutorial Tub.You make money according to 50% of the Google Adsense page impressions. This isn't often a lot without a little bit of promotional work since this site doesn't have a ton of traffic.

How it all works out.It is nice to have a site that does how to articles and other tutorials without forcing you into a very rigid format. You still have freedom here. However, you do have to promote your pages in order to get a lot of traffic.

Learn to Work From Home

Working from Home

Price: $0.95

List Price: $16.95

Work From Home Handbook: Flex Your Time, Improve Your Life (USA TODAY/Nolo Series)

Price: $12.11

List Price: $19.99

Writing Reviews

There are lots of sites that will do revenue sharing and other sorts of money makers for your reviews. You can make money with these. I have only ever used Shared Reviews (who have a complicated revenue sharing method) and Review Stream which pays you for your review.

Other Options

Review Stream

Write reviews and make money for it. Review anything and make up to $2 a review. These are easy to write and can make for a nice little income.


Rate a wide range of items and make money with Google Adsense impressions. Fun and simple.


If you want to earn from your creative side you can write at Story Mash. They also have contests and can make for a fun way to earn.

Sites I don't Recommend

YouSayToo-I don't recommend YouSayToo for a few reasons. First of all, they don't have a lot of traffic or a very big network. Second of all, most of the writing is celebrity news and if it isn't then it doesn't get high in the system. However, the biggest reason is because they lie. They held a contest in which the grand prize was to be $1000. When the end of the month came they decided to lower the grand prize to $10. I won, but wasn't really happy with $10 instead of $1000. Then to get my money they wanted an address, full name, pass port number, and ID number. I couldn't provide that (not only did I not feel comfortable with those things, I don't even have a pass port) so they said that they would give me 10,000 extra Google Adsense page views. Instead I got a little over 2,000. An e-mail was sent to them and they replied back that they had been very reasonable and had held up their end of the bargain. is a site that was set up so writers can make money. I don't have anything wrong with the site as a whole (and they never lied to me). Their revenue methods are a little odd and your articles will stop making money over time. However, the issues that I have is that the things that make the most money are those that are of less value and have the most cussing. Writers with quality content often get missed for those who are sarcastic and have lots of cussing (one article even offered adult activities to be preformed in exchange for votes!). If this is for you, it is there and you can make money there.

Make Money Online

I make hundreds of dollars a month right now. While this blog is fairly new to the scene it is working on becoming a how to do what I do blog. You can check it out for more information about writing for money online.

How Do I Make At Least $1000 a Month, Online?

With so much information out there about making money online, it is often hard to tell the truth, here it is laid out in clear and easily understandable black and white.

Making Big Money with AdSense

Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money online. This article will help you understand how and also help you get there to making more with your Google Adsense.

A Few Things to Remember

Choosing a good site is often about what is best for you. What works for one person and is exciting for one person might not be for you.

No matter which site you work with, it will take a lot of articles and a lot of writing to make a lot of money. The Internet is based on content and the more quality content you have out there, the more you are likely to earn.

As for earning money, you have to figure out how much is enough for you. Is it enough that your article brings in ten cents a month? Is that to low? What about a dollar?

How much money you earn for each topic is different. For example, making money is a topic I write about a lot, especially making money through writing. However, this is a bad topic to write about and expect Google Adsense clicks (few people click on all the ads promising thousands a month any more). Technology on the other hand, often means more clicks.


Quality content on any of these sites is important, but even more important then the quality of the content is the amount of content. You need a lot of content to make money with writing online. The more, the better!

Building a Passive Income

These things tend to work out to be passive incomes. You make money each month from things that you have already done. Your articles bring in money while you sleep, while you do your weekend activities, and even while you are on vacation. The goal is to have a lot of different sites bringing in a nice passive income that you can grow over time and increase to great proportions.

Eggs and Baskets

They say you shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket. This is why I write for many sites (and blog!). This makes it possible for me to feel confident that I can build an income that will come in each month without a lot of worries. If I choose one website (such as Hubpages) and then woke up one morning and that site was gone, then I would be in trouble. Instead I would loose only a portion of my income and would have a lot of other things going on so as not to have to worry too much.

Habits of One Serious About Making Money Online

Wondering how to make it all work for you? Here are some good tips.

Working from Home-Happy and Productive

Figuring out how to be happy and productive in working from home is important. Here you can get some good tips.

Six Cool Sites To Write and Earn

Here are a few extras that I have not yet tried if you are interested...

This isn't all of the writing sites out there that pay for writing. Some others I have come across and decided not to join for one reason or another. There are several article sharing sites (they let your content be published by webmasters everywhere, for free) and other sorts as well. These are the ones that I have choosen to work for or have tried in the past. While it won't happen often, I will update this hub and add or change information as it comes to my knowledge.