Weaknesses Of Existing Recruitment And Selection Practices English Language Essay

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Al Nakhal School, a leading group of private schools in the Sultanate of Oman which offer primary, preparatory and secondary level education. The schools recruitment procedure for teaching faculties is observed as a single method only which is an advertisement is given in Times of Oman newspaper while Oman has number of other dailies. The drawback of this method is that as there are number of dailies available, all of them will not read all the newspapers, but restrict to one's own preferred media leading to not being seen by likely good candidates who read other dailies other than Times of Oman. When an institution ventures out for hiring/recruiting staff they should try to dig out all the areas where possible outstanding candidates could be available. Here in the case of Al Nakhal School, since they preferred to one newspaper some of the best candidates could be missed out. The strategies laid down by Nakhal School for recruitment seems to be not effective and non-committal.

Al Nakhal School lack committed team to recruit their staff. They are not trained personnel in selections. They rather try to arrive at conclusions based on the references obtained from the candidates directly. When candidates are asked to bring in references, they always go for their own close and favorite contact which might not always be true and trustworthy. The interviewing team should be capable enough in identifying the candidates ability and strength, previous achievements and their ideas which could be implemented in the school. As regards to the interview questions, Al Nakhal Schools do not practice any system. They panel prepares questions independently. If the panel meet and discuss likely questions all the areas could well be covered and candidates capacity and ability could be judged before arriving at a conclusion thereby the right selection is made possible. Candidates who offer their candidacy in a selection panel would be eager to know the results to verify their plus and minus during the interview. Al Nakhal Schools are not very keen in informing the feedback to their unsuccessful candidates in detail. They give brief feed back to the unsuccessful candidates and also not ask for their interview experience. Had they ask for interview experience the panel will get the idea where is the ups and downs in approaching and selecting questions. After all, the School is looking for the right choice and improving the selection skill. The more they prepare the more they gain!

The HR manager of Al Nakhal Schools is not happy in their existing recruitment and selection practice which is also highlighted by the Principal of the school. In short there is no bench marking for selection of the faculties of Al Nakhal School which is a major drawback in the current competitive market.

A new recruitment and selection procedure for Al Nakhal School

Potential job candidates consider many factors when choosing an employer. The name, repute and value of the employer in the market, the perks and benefit they offer to their employees etc. etc. Unlike the past, the present generation is happy and contented with the growing needs of social life. Once the candidates find happy and comfortable packages their productivity to the organization and will be increased. Secondly smart candidates will also look for the space in the organization for their own further learning opportunities. Therefore, if an organization is really looking for the right candidates they should keep in mind all the above facts and must be prepared for the same.


There are two types of recruitment method which can be used for recruiting employees for this school. Firstly using the internal recruitment and secondly using external recruitment. Internal recruitment is filling of jobs from within the existing employees rather than selecting someone from outside in other words it is known as recruiting someone internally within the organization. External recruitment is where the organization fills the job vacancies from candidates outside the organization.

Using internet: For recruiting the right candidates, there are various choices ahead. In the current electronic era, there is wide scope for using web. Even for attracting candidates internationally, using web will have more edge than going for other methods/media. Advertisements are considered a useful and accepted norm for inviting candidates and choosing the right ones even world-wide. This attracts wide range of candidates from various countries with candidates having wider range of experience and the employers can choose the right candidates from many. In today’s world candidates are looking for financial and job security. The detailed information through internet will help the candidate to go through the profile of the organization and its activities in depth and this attract the right candidate with proper qualifications and experience from elsewhere.

Organization’s Website: Most of the organizations will have their own website which explains all the details of the organizations profiles, organization structure, the number of employees, and their mission and vision statements. This enables the candidates to get a clear picture of the organization and its activities. The candidates are always interested to know the accountability and credibility of the organization where they can offer their candidature thereby looking for avenues for their own growth in terms of personal, financial and job protection. Unlike news paper advertisement which carries news on daily basis, on the contrary, own website will permanently have the details of the respective organizations this enables the candidates to refer the items anytime anywhere. It also helps the candidates to easily apply for a suitable vacant position in the organization by filling an application form on the website.

Media such as publishing houses: These include Newspapers, Magazines etc. When there are established paper media’s are available, it is advisable to advertise in all the news papers as this can reach out to all the people who are restricted only to their own preferred new papers/magazines. It gives the organization the ability to reach out to a large number of people who might be potential candidates and are searching for a job. At times repeated advertisements are required which is costly to the organization whereas website and internet advertisement are relatively cheaper. Also newspapers can only cover a limited area whereas internet/website advertisement extent to the outside world.

Recruiting Agents: There are Government owned and private recruitment agencies. Depending on these agents will also help companies or organizations to find out the right candidates. They help to reduce the wastage of the organizations resources as well as helps save time. In this case the organization does not have to go through the classified advertisements in the newspaper or any other media as these recruiting agents do this work. A recruitment agency can be chosen by the organization on the basis of the specialization or a particular field. These agents are having qualified personnel who are trained to recruit candidates for their clients. The recruiting agents according to the requirement of their clients invites applications and filter the candidates in question before the final section of the respective organization who entrust the job to the agents. Practices of selection through recruitment agents are also rightful option as replacement of candidates, in case of a wrong selection, is possible provided both the agents and organizations agree upon such a contract. The organizations have the liberty to explain and convince the agents the right candidates they look for so that agents can take up the job for the organization. This otherwise reduce the job of the organization as there are lot of reliable recruiting agents around the globe.

Campus recruitment: In this method the organization or the recruiter visits educational institutions such as a college or a university and gets a list of prospective candidates. This method has an advantage of meeting all the candidates at a single time in one place which saves time. It also helps the organization to choose the best candidate from a large number of applicants. We see that campus recruitment is very attractive but at the same time it has a limitation that it is only suitable for recruiting employees at an entry level. The other drawback of this method is that it involves a lot of time to interview each and every candidate which is time consuming and not at all profitable for the organization. But the most positive thing about this method is that by interviewing such a large number of candidates the organizations can get very smart and knowledgeable graduates.

Human Resources (HR) department: A well organized and established organization will have Human Resources (HR) Department. This department personnel will be well qualified and acquired enough experience to recruit the kind of candidates they are looking for their own needs. The HR department will adopt new strategies and methods to go for recruitment and finding the qualified candidates for their various departments. The conventional methods used before giving way to the new HR management systems. The HR department can also give training to the candidates recruited before they place them into the required departments of the organization.


It is a process of appointing the best candidate from the various options available. There are different methods in the selection process.


It is a process where the employer participates to gain more information about the candidate. Questions are based on the past experience, skills and knowledge of the applicant. It is always necessary to be honest while answering the questions.


Tests are very beneficial for the employer as they get to know the skills of the applicant. For example if some IT skills are needed for the post in the organization such as accessing the server of the organization or the database, how will the organization know if the candidate has knowledge on what they are expecting. There are several other test that are frequently used like aptitude tests, psychological tests, intelligence tests, personality tests etc.

Curriculum Vitae and Applications:

A CV provides the interviewer a clear picture of the applicant which includes the educational qualifications, experience and the achievements. It is typically used as a screening device regarding the job seeker.

Develop a recruitment advertisement (to be released in Times of Oman) to hire teachers for the school.

Al Nakhal School

Sultanate of Oman

We are seeking an innovative and qualified Secondary School Teacher to join the English faculty at our school. You should be hardworking and enthusiastic as a teaching professional with excellent subject knowledge and a sound understanding of the Gulf Territory secondary school curriculum.

The position will involve teaching students from grades 7 to 12 and also assisting in the encouragement of extra-curricular activities. The applicant should be a motivated individual with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning and excel in the subject area of English.

Our remuneration package includes attractive salary and other perks. Interested candidates may please submit your resume and cover letter to:

The Principal

Al Nakhal School,

Post Box 111, PC 222

Sultanate of Oman

Prepare a formal list of questions for interviewing candidates for the teacher positions.

How do you develop good relationship with students?

How would you describe your teaching style?

Describe how you would develop a lesson plan?

How would you communicate to a parent about his/her child's progress?

What approach would you take if you disagree with the Principal's way of handling a situation?

If a student informs you that he/she has been abused by other students, what action would you take?

What are your main strengths?

What are your main weaknesses?

What administrative/other tasks are required outside of teaching hours?

What is the average class size where you used to teach?

Why have you selected teaching as a profession?

What are the career goals, short term and long term?

What distinguishes you from other candidates?

Describe your fears of being a teacher?

What is your most successful accomplishment?

Tell me whom you would like to emulate. Why?

What makes you an effective teacher?


It is necessary for an interview to ask some of the questions as listed above since it helps to get know more about the candidate. These question help know more about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. It is very important for the interviewer to make an interview plan before interviewing a candidate.