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Ways To Land Your Dream Job

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Finding your first job out of college is an exciting and sometimes intimidating process. On the one hand, your future depends on it! As you grow your needs and wants grow too, which put pressure on you to find that perfect job. On the other hand, today’s world is much different from that of your parents’ generation. It’s difficult to find a good job in this competitive age.

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However, that certainly doesn’t mean there are fewer jobs available. There are trillions of job opportunities out there and you know that there are some in which no one’s CV fits better than yours! But the only problem is that you don’t know how to find that perfect job for yourself. Finding it can be downright impossible at times. Let’s see how we can find that dream job.

Know what you’re looking for.

If you haven’t yet identified your job target, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to do so! Only majoring or educating yourself in a particular subject does not decide what job you are going to do in the future. A major in social sciences can end up doing totally different jobs, say for example work in an NGO, or teach at a school! Similarly a business manager can deal with totally opposite operations too. So it is vital to know what are you looking for? What is it that you actually want to do?


Finding your ideal job takes effort. It’s not enough to simply post your resume, job application, and cover letter to one company and wait for the employer to call you up. If you want to find the best job, you need to engage all your resources. Research the types of companies you want to work for and find out as much about them as possible. With internet at our disposal, research is not a big deal; however, don’t limit yourself to searching on the net. Look in the local newspapers too and highlight the seemingly good companies and try them out too.

Look up for a job on daily basis.

There might be days when you’ll find nothing in the newspaper, but don’t stop checking out the newspaper. You never know the day you miss to check it out, you loose on a great job. Also, if you are the first to apply, chances are the company might end up hiring you because sometimes companies are in dire need of employees and want to hire someone immediately.

Use your contacts!

It’s okay to use your contacts to find a job. What’s wrong is that you use them unfairly! If your uncle works at a company, you can ask him to find if there is any vacancy and if the work is interesting. Finding work through contacts is relatively good because friends, relatives and acquaintances will probably always recommend something good! So why not go for it!

Always be aware of job openings.

You can register at different websites to get emails and newsletters that will inform you first which jobs are open and what are the vacancies. There are numerous websites that you can subscribe to for free and they will send you an alert every time there is a vacancy.

You won’t always hit the jackpot!

Don’t expect a call from everywhere you apply. That’s just wrong and doesn’t happen usually! Also, if you get a call from a well reputed company chances are that they appoint you at a small position, don’t get disheartened! Work hard and you will get promoted very soon. Always remember that an entry is very important and is the first step towards your ultimate goal.

Choose carefully!

While it’s tempting to accept the first offer you receive, consider it carefully. You don’t want to be stuck in a job you hate. If possible, stay in your first job for at least a couple of years to demonstrate your dependability and to gain useful skills. Whether you move up in the company or change is up to you and your options; however, the first job is very important in your entire career.

When you get the job.

Once you have the job, first congratulate yourself! Then, do the best work you can. When done well, your first job can be the foundation upon which you build a successful and enjoyable career.

Once you get the job, its as difficult to sustain it. Finding the job is only half of the equation of the sum! For most positions there is a lot of competition. You have to stand out! So, here’s how to do that!

Be efficient!

Always be efficient at work, for that consume coffee, sleep early at night or do whatever that makes you feel awake! It’s easy to sleep during lectures but if you boss catches you sleeping in your cabin, then you are dead! Try to be helpful towards coworkers and don’t indulge in office politics. I know girls cant help hearing and being a part of office gossip, but that might get you in trouble so don’t do it! If someone starts a conversation that sounds like gossip, don’t say anything! Just listen, nod and forget it!

Communication skills.

Improve your communication skills because every job requires that! Good communication skills are a great plus point and you can afford to lack that. Work on them and make sure you are polite yet convincing with coworkers at the workplace.

Dress well.

Always dress professionally at work. No one wants to see your sense of fashion over there, your professional skills are more important! They will be noticed so work on them. It’s important to dress according to the environment of your workplace, if people at your office dress casually, you can dress casually too. However, don’t dress casually if everyone’s formal! Its not a good idea to look unique!

Believe in your strengths.

Rather than crying over your weaknesses, try to believe in your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Also, don’t make your weaknesses prominent instead hide them from the employer especially. Try to adopt a behavior by which you can show your strengths to the world.


Confidence is the key element in achieving anything, be it a job or anything. So, have confidence in yourself! Every company wants to hire an employee who is confident. Working as a professional is very different than studying. During college and school you can hide behind your friends or classmates and not face the teacher to answer, but at work you can’t hide from the boss! The only way to solve this problem is being confident and facing challenges!

Still reading? What for? Go and search for the perfect job, with these tips no one can stop you from getting it! Good luck!


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