Violence causes violence

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Violence causes violence…

Many people claim that gender is directly associated with violence. Men are said to be the more violent. It is generally accepted fact that men are more physically powerful than women, but does this have any relation to ones violent behavior? Not necessarily, there are many other factors that might contribute to ones violent behavior, Such as ones upbringing and environment. Violent behavior of men and women is not biologically predetermined; on the contrary, it is the product of life's challenges and one's life experiences.

People usually view man as the more violent for many reasons. Let take a quick glimpse into history. Since Prehistoric times, when people were hunter-gatherers, the man's role was to hunt and wage wars, while the woman was to stay at home (cave) and take care of the children. As society developed the males role stayed the same but took a somewhat more civilized shape. Throughout history, the role of man and women was set, so as a result male was perceived as the more powerful and more violent. Myers indicates that women are more peaceful and less violent than men, because they

have the attribute of compromising which they see as a strength whereas men see ut as a sign of weakness.(Myers, pg 202)

In an article titled “The Nature of Violence” Dee Dee Myers mentions a study conducted on chimpanzees which has shown that males are more violent than females. Male chimpanzees attacked other clans just like humans, while the female chimpanzees took care of the children. This provides more proof to show that men and women took the role according to society norms rather than biological structure.

Another factor that causes violent behavior is ones childhood and upbringing. In our society, parents believe that men should be brought up to be tough for them to face life and all the challenges it offers, but parents are unaware that this will backfire when children grow up. Studies have shown that men tend to commit more crimes than women. Such violence among men tends to be caused by the way they are raised when they are young rather than gender . Generally, girls are brought up to cook, and to take care of the house, and so they project this task into their lives, causing them to be less violent. But if they we're brought up differently, then their behavior would definitely be different.

As well as childhood, the environment that one lives in greatly affects one's violent behavior. Children who grow up in deprived environments, such as ghettos or in refugee camps, are more likely to be more violent than other individuals. People who lead a more ordinary life are therefore a lot less violent, this applies to both males and females.

Another major factor that affects ones violence is any abuse that that person might have been subjected to especially at very young age. Men who are abused physically or sexually tend to become a lot more violent, while women become more quiet as such an experience might have left them traumatized.

Thirdly, and one of the most contributors to violent behavior amongst genders is the media. Media here is not just the TV, it's the games we play, the magazines we read, etc... This is a very broad factor and so it has to be discussed in detail starting with the TV. Everyone watches TV! What we don't keep in mind when we're watching TV is that it causes us to become more violent, subconsciously! Videogames which are mostly played by males, contain much violence, so the more games that they play, the more violent they become. Take a look at the games that we play, adventure, action, strategy, etc... All these games we play contain one form of violence or another, whether its beating up or shooting your opponents, or waging wars against other countries or empires. There have been many attempts to ban such games. One of the games that stands out here is GTA (Grand Theft Auto), where you play the character of a person who has to steal and destroy cars, shoot down mafias, and destroy cities while running from the police. Females on the other hand usually play games that are a lot less violent. It would be very weird if we asked a girl if she ever owned a Barbie, and the girl said no.

The question remains unanswered… But there is much reason for us to believe that violent behavior amongst males and females is not biological. Numerous studies that have been conducted show that all human beings are almost a hundred percent identical, but it has become evident that the our genes do not control our behavior. What if in ancient times men and women exchanged roles, would we still be asking if violence is biologically predetermined?




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