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Explain the differences in the way that literature is reviewed in textbooks, journal articles, websites, newspapers and dissertations. Illustrate your answer with examples. Suggest how this may affect your reading and information gathering strategies. Use Harvard referencing. (900 words) (25 marks)


"A Literature review is a critical analysis of the business and management research on your topic that positions your research in its theoretical context, shows that you understand the current state of the research topic and supports any conceptual framework (Theories, Models, Concepts and Hypotheses) that you plan to investigate."

Maylor H and Blackman k (2005), "researching business and management", Vol.1                           P.P.117

A literature review gives you a make a rough draft or act as stepping stone. The purpose of the literature review is doing a good research and studies for a topic. Literature review is too consulted in order to understand and investigate your research problem. Literature review is a part of essay it's not the base on primary research. Literature review is really helpful to every research and analysis and summarized to main topic.

Different ways in which Literature is reviewed in Textbook, Journals, News paper, Website and Dissertation:

Textbooks:  In Books literature review may be bias. As it is to be less current situation, it takes longer for a book to be published than for a journal article. Text books are good to find something a basic idea and teaching purpose but all the time it's not really useful because in textbook sources are not for research.


In the Textbook, Principles of Marketing (Philip Kotler, 2002) the author described the Nature and characteristics of a service. In this textbook there is no specific literature review chapter and also not give the proper information. Most of the textbook give the information about the particular topic and give the proper sources and author research. In this book author define services and the service mix and not give them any literature review.

Journal articles: Look at journals reviewed, in particular those that try to round up the subject area on an annual basis and published at regular intervals. In journals literature reviewed cover all current developments and current issues. Journals are content more research of publisher so it's good to refer to everyone. Most of the journals covered 20 to 30 pages and give appropriates detail to find something so it's really good to collecting data. Journals give up-to-date format for research and because all reputable journals are refereed. Journals most of the editors publish only the most relevant and reliable research.


In journals, "A typology for business to business markets" (Lay G, Schroeter M and Biegs, 2009) there is a separate chapter in literature review. In journals Literature review analyse order to identify the characteristics and specific trends of the main topic. Journals published on large number of research and relevant data.

Newspapers: Newspaper usually published every day and consequently the information provide maybe change every day so this information not good for literature review. Literature reviews in newspapers are normally for a not particular and most of the time it's not trustworthy. In newspapers information are not properly and very limited uses for your literature review.


In the Newspapers, Financial Times (30-7-2010): "Lloyds to lead way with £1bn in profits" on this topic give particular detail not give specific research and validity of data. In newspapers there are no specific chapter literature reviews. In newspaper more over information are biased. In this article just give the particular detail and no brief idea. (Accessed on 31st august 2010).

Website (Internet): Literature review in internet it's really helpful the current fastest-growing source of information. In internet is common source so anyone post his information and articles detail so maybe not perfect and not always reliable. Literature review in internet the information you find maybe intended for a general audience is usually less detailed and quality of information also not reliable. The Literature reviews in internet the information are very brief or conclusive.


In website Bloomberg (31 Jul. 10): "Economy in U.S. will probably keep cooling as lack of jobs limits spending" in this topic there are no literature reviews. In website most of the information is not reliable every time. In this website author give the particular topic information, they no give any analyse and summarized of the detail.

Dissertations: In Dissertations Literature review allocated entire chapter. Literature reviews are really useful sources of information. Dissertations format use as educational purpose. In dissertation use most of the sources are newspaper and journals. Literature review in dissertation can be difficult to obtain since they are not published. Dissertations are generally only available from the library shelf or through interlibrary loan. The student who carried out the research may not be an experienced researcher and therefore you might have to treat their findings with more caution than published research. 


In Dissertations, "An Investigation of the Television Home Shopping in the Rapidly Emerging Retail Market of India" (Prachi Jaiswal, 2009) there is a separate chapter for literature review. In dissertation, literature review represent the visual summary of the existing topic all detail covered and also very well organized also. Dissertation literature review based on theories and concept of the researches conducted by students. The review is about 34 to 69 pages and provides brief information by Harvard referencing.

Impact on Reading and Information Gathering Strategies:

Literature reviews are really important part of all the dissertation, journals, textbook and website. Literatures reviews give the reader to proper detail of analyse and summarized the topic. Literature review is reviewed in different sources helps us to decide the important point and selection sources. It's really help to post graduation student to how to do his dissertation and decide the major and important text pertaining to the topic and the best essay selection of the source.


Post-graduate students are required to critically analyse, compare, apply and synthesize. Explain what is meant by these terms. Illustrate your answer with examples. Use Harvard referencing. (900 words) (25 marks)

Post graduate student doing his dissertation the research playing an important. Before doing a dissertation research student understand the writing of such thesis. The post graduation student is required to know the different word of doing his research analysis, compare, apply, synthesize.


"Analysis-to break a topic down into its component parts. This should help to identify the causes and effects of the issue. It is important, when analysing, to follow a lone of argument. "

Business studies (I Marcouse etal, 1999)

Analysis is a process of better understanding to break down the main topic. Analysis is an important stage of the research process. Analysis is an order and organized the data so that useful information can be summarized from it.


In SWOT analyse (Bowen, 2010), site about how internal factors shape the company business. For example strength analyse explain about location of business, a new innovative product. Secondly, weakness analyse explain about lack of marketing expertise, poor quality goods and damaged reputation of the company. On the other site, opportunities and threats are external factors.


"To examine the character or qualities of, as of two or more persons or things, for the purpose of discovering their resemblances or differences; to bring into comparison; to regard with discriminating attention. "

Compare is the one of the main things to examine the two persons or things and give ur opinion that which one is better to other and compare to different sources.

Example :

We can compare UK telecom sector two companies Vodafone and 3 both are very good in uk but compare to both each other customer satisfaction and services criteria Vodafone is better than 3. Compare to Vodafone and 3 we can check both swot analysis and give the proper reason which one is better to other. We see that Vodafone is give the better network in uk compare to 3 network are not properly. Comparing both the different criteria like profit, share value, customer base, services and any other thing to identify that who's the better then other.

Apply :

"Apply means analysis and the comparison a new argument can be raised which factors in the good points of all the point of view yet is easily accepted in general"

"Apply means collecting some data on particular topic and then apply on the process"


Company think to launch a new product so it will start to do some research and then apply in to the currents markets so that called apply.

If the scientist doing some research and then finally he succeed so they applying to theories to real live situation.

Synthesis :

"Synthesis means many studies focus on an interesting area but don't make the connection back to reality. In other word, they don't say anything useful based on the work carried out. This process of connection back to reality and making something useful from your work is called synthesis"

Maylor H and Blackman k(2005). "Researching business and management p.p.439

"Synthesis entails the act of creating something that did not exist before by integrating information that had been learned at lower levels of the hierarchy"

Synthesis is comparable to analysis. In normal language when we put together a whole series of skills this called synthesis skills.


Synthesis uses to the student will at least fifteen of the twenty designated resources to complete a research project in the most efficient manner possible.

Synthesis is the teachers will use the approved course of action to make effective choices in situations that call for them.

(i) Produce a Personal SWOT drawing upon the questions and questionnaires …… used in the first section of your PDP (5 Marks)

My SWOT Analysis




Always doing a properly and well organises work and solved the task.

I can easily communicate with any person

Is always doing a efficient work and give the good judge to my work.

Strong and positive attitude in every matter.

If opposite person is happy I'll be happy although I am not, that's my strong attitude

Weaknesses are never changed and in that Ego is my weakness.

If I know I can't do something, although I commit for that, that's my ego.

Sometimes I be rude to someone without any fault, I know I am wrong but "I will be never wrong", that's my ego.

Harsh nature is my weakness.

I am always be worried about to change my weakness but as weakness am never changed




My study give me the great    opportunities to build my    career

My work experience gives me a    great opportunity to justify all    the kind of work.

Am always cooperative so it can    be really good opportunities to    match any person and doing my    work.

Am worried about my co worker that if he performed well then maybe got promotion.

Am not very flexible so it's very   hard to achieved goal and   different situation.

I threats to handle a pressure    because I can't manage to much    pressure

Produce FOUR smart objectives that are derived from your PDP (Personal Development Plan) (5 Marks)

I have to start a new business after finish my MBA studies

In My new business I have to improved customer service by taking surveys of 15days and then applied in to my business.

By doing some market research and my past work experience really helpful to starting my new business and improve market.

I will be take over any other companies in 2014