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On the 21st century, fast food had replaces the place of traditional restaurant. Fast food also have become a place to rest, discussion about home work, and meet with their friend towards students among in Malaysia. This is fast food is easy for students and there a lot of franchise around the Malaysia. The production of fast food is also a main attraction towards the students. They also launching the new product follow the festive in Malaysia. Students will choose fast food to having their meal not only the production there also the price is cheaper than traditional restaurant such as Chinese and Indian restaurant in Malaysia. From what we can see a set of fast food around RM11 compare to traditional restaurant a person having a meal can cost RM 15 and above.

According the report from ministry of Health of Malaysia, the situation of obesity is getting serious in Malaysia, the percentage of obesity in Malaysia is higher than other country among the Asia such as Indonesia , China and etc. From what the minister of health said the main task of their department is to reduce the situation of obese in Malaysia to make sure the children is living in a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of way to cause obese but there is 90% of obesity people is because heavy having fast food. Because fast food consumption has been associated with higher total energy intake and higher intake of fat , saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugar, and carbonated soft drink.

However there is still have so many restaurant fast food in Malaysia, as what we know heart attack is the most dangerous disease and it is the number one killer in Malaysia. What is heart attack? Heart attack is the innovation of obesity, more of the heart attack patient are obese and half of them are heavy in fast food. The report from ministry of health of Malaysia and World Health Organization (WHO) have provide that the chance to get a disease or cancer is higher than other who had heavy in fast food. There is no longer that the older state have the higher chance to get disease but there is moving to the young. From the report of WHO show that the percentage of getting disease such as heart attack, diabetes and etc have growing compare to the previous year in Malaysia.

These is many issue show that fast food is the mainly of causes cancer. These is so important to us to done a study on fast food and how the students perception towards fast food when they know that fast food is so dangerous and harmful to them.


There is a lot of report about fast food, what is so special to study fast food? Why it so important to be understands or examines? Because in 21 century fast food have bring a lot of good and bad to the people and more of them are bad. So it is so important to know it that fast food can cause cancer or disease, what is the bad of fast food , how fast food can affect the perception towards fast food? All of this is so important to be study and understand.

From the research of National Research Initiative of the U.S Department have show that Fast food are the mainly issue to cause obese to the students. As what (Powell,2009) said Fast food costs and adolescent body mass index. What he say so, because fast food content fat and sugar, most of the students heavy in fast food and cause obesity. Rising obesity epidemic, survey data on food consumption pattern and household expenditures show a marked upward trend in total energy intake derived from away-from-home sources, in particular fast food outlets (Stewartet,2004: Guthrie,2002;Nielsen,2002) Adolescents consume the largest proportion of calories away from home at quick service restaurants-fast food (Guthrie,2002) Fast food consumption has been associated with higher total energy intake and higher of fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugar, and carbonated soft drink and lower intake of micronutrients and fruit and vegetables( Lin,1999; Binkley,2000; French 2000,2001; Paeratakul,2003;Bowman,2004) In the study they also found significant associations between fast food consumption and increase BMI(Binkey,2000).From the study we can found out fast food content a lot of fat and it will cause obese.

In the previous research what we have study , we know that fast food is the main issue to cause obese. But there is still not enough to full fill the public knowledge. They have planning to do more research in the future about the fast food. In the future they plain to do more research about the sickness or disease will cause in heavy in fast food.

As we know that there have a lot of research or study about fast food. Why we still doing research about fast food, what is so special about our research. in our research public or students can found out that fast food will not only cause obese but they also can cause disease such as heart attack, stork , high blood pressure. Beside that we have done a survey with the students about their perception towards the fast food when they know that fast food can cause disease and obese. It so important to let public to know about the research. World Health Organization can base on our research to know about the fast food, and give the best way to protect the students and children, such as giving the talk , campaign, and limit the number of fast food in every country.

1.3 Research Objectives

This research aim to achieve:

To examine the student's perception toward fast food in Malaysia.

To understand how the variable will effect student perception.

To study whether students are rely more on fast food or homemade food.

To propose reduce the public health problem and more concentrate on their health.

1.4 Significance and Justifications for the study

According to Health Department Malaysia, they showed that the percentage of obesity is increasing year by year. Statistics show that the prevalence of obesity among Malaysian adults increased by a staggering 250% over a 10 year period from 1996 while the number of overweight has increased by 70%. The national Health and Morbidity Survey in 2006 showed that two out of every five adults or 43%, were either overweight or obese and an alarming situation where the number of obese adults had more than tripled over a decade, from 4% in 1996 to 14% in 2006. Besides that, about 38% of youngsters aged between 12 and 18 were classified as overweight. Based on the report, one of the factor that affect students to have obesity is that eating too much of fast food. Fast food included a lot of unhealthy ingredients such as preservative, MSG, additive and etc. These are the main factor that will affect human health especially to cause obesity. We take in energy from food and drinks, which is to carry out a variety of body functions and physical activity. If we take in more energy than we use, we are said to be in a positive energy balance, and we gain weight. Excess energy is stored mostly as body fat laid down at various sites around the body. This excess energy can come from carbohydrates, fats, or proteins contained in the food we eat. Yes, it can also come from ethanol in the alcoholic drinks. Positive energy balance can also caused by a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity. In the case of Malaysians, the problem of overweight and obesity is largely due to overeating and eating too much energy-dense foods, combined with lack of physical activity. So, we need to achieve energy balance by adopting an appropriate dietary pattern and an active lifestyle. We will then be able to maintain our body weight in the healthy range.

Based on our research, we can understand further about fast food can cause obesity especially towards youth citizen. During this research, we collected a lot of supportive information such as journals, articles, data, and newspaper. We gather students from different states around Malaysia to help us to complete the research. Thus, our research on the factors to affect student perception towards fast food will be more accurately. As we know, eating too much of fast foods can caused us a lot of diseases such as heart attack, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and so on. From the research, we found that people especially youth citizens understand the causes yet they still prefer to eat fast foods. Besides that, based on our research, we found that more students prefer to eat at fast foods restaurant compare to the normal restaurant because of the environment, pricing, effective service. Other than that, we also found that fast restaurants usually provide new meals on the festivals, example MCD prosperity meal on Chinese New Year.

This research can benefit the society through recommendation to government, NGOs, businesses, community etc. Nowadays, a lot of students prefer to eat fast food than home cooking foods because fast foods company provide many interesting advertisements to attract more customer, especially towards students, they tend to try more new things so that they prefer fast food. We collect all data from our research and send the information to the specific organization. So, the specific organization should take action such as to give a talk to students about this issue. As for kindergarten children, due to their mind are still immature, so the specific organization should provide children a proper and easy understand talk. Through this, people will aware of fast food because fast food affects their health. Besides, World Health Organization knows more about fast foods causes based on our research, and they should take action by limit the number of fast food restaurants in Malaysia.

1.5 Research Scope

The scope of this report is to focus on the effect of fast food that affect perception of Malaysian youth. For the research is based on four main course which is service, price, ingredients and lifestyle. This four variable is to understand how fast food affect the perception of 50 students from university and the geographical area was carried out in whole Malaysia. We randomly selected 50 respondents which they are age around 18-23 years old who at least take once fast food before this.

1.6 Definition of the Key Terms

Independent Variable




It means the customer’s perception of real performance and objective of real performance are not same. It is relating to customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

Parasuraman (1994)


It means the consumer’s perception or interpretation of it as well as the reaction toward it. It has a relationship with consumer.

Kleine and Kernan (1991)


Service cannot be communicated because it is intangible and have to be produced and consumed simultaneously.

Clark (1996)


Price is a differentiating mechanism that may be real or perceived. It can be very sensitive and elasticity.

Zeithaml (1988)


Lifestyle is the way that can relate to disclosure, attention to and understanding about the information clearly. It is not only related to the scopes of life of a consumer but also relates on products, services or action.

Brunso (1995)

1.7 Organizational of Research

The chapter 1 in this study is to introduce the purpose of the research which is to determine how students perception toward fast food. The research objective is aim to achieve students reduce the health problem such as obese in Malaysia. Besides this, we also focus on how the price, service, ingredients and lifestyle of fast food that can affect perception of Malaysian youth.

Chapter 2 is to writing the literature review and we has provide an overall idea that the independent variable is directly affected variable which is the student perception toward fast food. This chapter is to present the review of various factors that affect customer loyalty toward commercial bank. There also some new finding that can be find inside their review. Besides that, it is mainly reviewing about past researchers’ contribution, opinion and hypothesis on that particular study topic .

Chapter 3 is the research method which describe the research framework emerged based on literature review. Research method provides a description of the method that used in the research. It also explains the different types of data collected, sampling method, and etc that required for the research.

Chapter 4 is the research finding and discussion. This chapter will present the analysis of the result by different approaches such as IBM SPSS 2.0 (software) use to pre-test the independent variables and dependent variables whether related to each other. Besides, hypothesis testing and discussion of research finding will be explained in this chapter as well.

Chapter 5 is the conclusion which summarizes the finding and study. This chapter also will be covered limitation of the research and recommendations or suggestions for future study that will conduct.