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Communication is the fastest growing on the Internet. The reason is easy to use and can present graphical information using the World Wide Web is like a book in the library. The books have more books to read to complete. I can hear the sound and see the movie. They can also interact with the reader with information that is connected with the properties of the Hypertext Link.

access these data. Users will need to use a Web Browser, which now include Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer current with the application of other activities within the World Wide Web, with activities such as advertising. Entertainment such as watching movies, listening to music. List and watch. TV.


Students can learn on their own. Through a computer presentation. Students can interact. Interact with the computer.

Medium of instruction is widely popular because of the beautiful colors are also available. Behavior in the form of multimedia (Multimedia) is sharing more than one type, such as text, graphics, sound, animation. The key is available. Interaction between the student and the computer is not responding to students quickly. Therefore not surprising that why computer assisted instruction is quickly becoming popular in the study of a border.

1. 1 What is computer assisted teaching computer?

"The lessons presented by computer. Lesson prepared by bringing a systematic way. Presented respectively. The compliments and are interactive. Or a return to the review in order to stimulate interest. By computer-assisted instruction. To help teach the subject. This could be literal and graphical questions and answers check on grades. The students correctly. It can also be used in conjunction with other devices such as audio, video etc.

1.2 Why you use a computer-assisted instruction?

The next question would be why the computer-assisted instruction. This chapter will be discussed. And values.

Computer-assisted instruction. Computer-assisted instruction that is appropriate to be used for teaching, however.

2.The benefits of computer-assisted instruction.

Many researchers have concluded the study. In computer-assisted instruction. The research.

Found that computer-assisted instruction was as follows.

2.1 Allows students to learn by themselves. Regard to the differences between individuals.

2.2 They have a simple procedure to find a systematic way.

2.3 Has the luxury of reviewing the lesson.

2.4 Has no restrictions in terms of time. Students can learn from CAI while at home or at school.

2.5 Less time teaching. Because learning at Muscat individual students.You can learn with yourself. Measured and evaluated simultaneously, and also help students who have difficulty learning. The programs are part of the problem, or the knowledge to the students. To learn fast. Do not take the class.

2.6 A positive attitude to students. Students are responsible for their own practice. To learn and a positive attitude to learning.

2.7 Doing what other media do not like the decision or the decision of new content. To replicate the original content.

2.8 Reduce teachers. In learning and practicing skills. During this time, teachers will be because each person has different capabilities. Teachers can provide each student with the skills of a computer.

2.9 Allow teachers to develop new knowledge and is always coming up with new innovations in learning more.

2.10 The appropriate teaching and learning activities faster.

Computer assisted instruction, although useful in many ways, even though the introduction of CAI use in the classroom. Must take into account the problems that may occur. The computer-assisted instruction can not. To solve problems because the computer is just a device to assist in teaching with the use of computer assisted instruction to be effective, it requires personnel with specialized knowledge.

3. The value of computer-assisted instruction.

The use of computer-assisted instruction in teaching that. Computer-assisted instruction is a valuable teaching.

3.1 Provide feedback quickly. When students have a problem. Or do not understand the lesson or answer questions correctly to be reported. Effect immediately. Which stimulates. To the students needs. To study next.

3.2 Reduce problems between teachers and students. Students and between students. Because the study. Individual students who are able to penetrate it.

3.3 Learners well. Teaching to learn faster than normal. And help children who have trouble with the Plugins section to understand and also be optional for students. I like to study on their own.

3.4 Good teaching. The media type can not be done as a simulation. Imitation of reality. As well as the decision to offer new content or let students study the same.

3.5Saving time and money. Especially in improving the learning content faster.

3.6 A modern computer will allow the media to do more.

3.7 Use other media such as sound, animation, etc. together.

3.8 Communication. And transfer of data in information systems as well.

Features of such a computer-assisted instruction. Different from the other materials that can interact and result column. Some of the students immediately. Attention to the exciting Merrily We therefore wanted to study the effects of computer-assisted instruction. It is concluded that The use of computer-assisted instruction is an extension to the learning effectively. And more effective than traditional instruction.

Teacher can benefit communicate with students

1.Communicate with students.

Communication with students. If in the course . It is the process of teaching and learning.Characterized as a process of communication.Incorporates all the elements and the teacher to act as a messenger.The student audience, which relies on the media.Intermediation and the performance of the students.Teaching is measured. The quality and quantity.Changes in the behavior of the students.If you compare the components of the system.The basic elements of communication and learning.Teach it will look like the diagram.The diagram shows a comparison of system components to communicate with.The basic elements of teaching.Instructor. Medium (medium) Message (message) Learner.Learner


2. Monitoring

Teachers can monitor the students' homes. By students to send e-mail to their . This method is easy to send and comfort.


The evaluation of e-Learning is continuous evaluation and use a variety of methods, that is to be evaluated periodically during the study. Teachers get to know their status. Understanding of the students. While giving feedback to the students to know the state of their own (Formative evaluation) and to assess the achievement of the students at the end of the study to measure (Summative evaluation) evaluation methods have a variety of statistics. go to class How to participate in the forums (Web board) for a review of experience and report progress Post in Blog (Progressive report) etc.

4.Projects online

Performance of the students. Will be show in the internet. Students can find or view Performances in the internet.

5.Exchanging tips and course material with other teachers.

Many teachers share ideas, management model developed by the Internet. Many teacher share news information about theirs school.

In summary, it can be seen that Teaching is organized. Information and help the environment by the media. To learning. The main aim of communication for teaching is growing. That extensive experience to students.


1.Learning too

1. 1Supplementary materials (Supplementary).

The introduction of e-learning materials is used in a manner that is also reflected in the content. And e-learning. Students can also study in the same manner as any other. Of Teaching (Sheet) of the video (Videotape), etc. The use of e-learning in this way is that the teacher only needs to provide an alternative way for students to access the content to make the experience more special ones. students only.

1.2 Fill media (Complementary).

The introduction of e-learning for use in the methods of teaching in a manner other than as described in the classroom. Content designed to teach the students to study for e-learning in the country, if any require institutions to invest in the e-learning can be used in the normal course. (Not for long), then it should at least set objectives. Fill in the media (Complementary) rather than just a media supplement. (Supplementary) as the instructor will have the students study of e-learning content, for any purpose, such as the one to fit the characteristics of learners in the country. Who still need guidance from teachers. The majority of the students are instilled with a lack of natural curiosity.

1.3 Mainstream media (Comprehensive Replacement).

Applying e-learning refers to the characteristics described in the classroom instead. The students will have to study all the current online e-learning. In most countries, it has been developed. For the purpose of being used as the primary medium for the teachers to teach distance. With the idea that Multimedia presentation of the e-learning can help to convey the content closer to the teach the teacher.

2. Repository or well-stocked library.

Internet is used to store large amounts of data. We are investigating. And transfer data back and forth. Between them. It is useful for Internet and Society news. The internet is now very similar to a large electronic library. We want to send to the home or office. Within a few minutes. From sources around the world. By providing services in various forms.

World Wide Web (World Wide Web: WWW) is a multimedia search engine and information. On the Internet, all sorts. Data and information which may be in the form of text, images, or sounds that are the advantages of this type of service. You can link to the Web page. Or any other website easily. The use of Hypertext (Hypertext) is a client / server. (Client / Server) which enables users to search for information. Of the property, which is called a web server. By the program. To use web browser (Web Browser) which results are displayed as hypertext. At present, integrated pictures, sound, animation. And can be linked to documents, or other directly, for example. You can find information and links to stories such as tourism, education, hotels, various electronic mail, etc., etc.

3. Communicate computer networks.

           Transport and communications technology applied to develop and improve business performance with four main objectives as follows.

3.1 A better business communication.

3.2 The operation more efficient.

3.3 Distribution information for the better.

3.4 A business process management easier.

4. Elements of communication.

4.1 Sender information (Sender) that transmits information.

4.2 Addressee (Receiver) to receive information.

4.3 (Data) information that the sender wants to send information to the recipient. May take the form of text, sound, animation.

4.4 Media information (Medium) acts as an intermediary in the transfer of information, such as fiber optic cable air.

4.5 Protocol (Protocol) or how to set up rules for the communicate information in a way that the communication between the sender and recipient information.

5.Instantaneous accessibility of online information

You can get information about finding and talking to many friends over the Internet quickly.

where you are on this matter. Internet can help you communicate quickly like that. You are together.


There is a great deal of research available to WWW developers, not only about the way people learn and the strategies that promote the kind of learning we value, but also on the lessons learned by earlier technology developers. If we use this knowledge to inform our practice, the students of today can look forward to new learning experiences which will not only provide them with an education, but a capacity for life-long learning as well.

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