The Three Different Standardized Class Categories English Language Essay

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The topic is quite interesting when I was received it. The interest has formed because the given topic is more relevant to my future plans. People of the world have been put into three different standardized categories. One is High-class people, then Middle class people and the final one is lower people. Analyzing about the tree categories of the classes has been a confusing structure in human life. Well by looking into ancient day's people never had these three categories in their life time. They thought that every people are equal in every category. But what I thought was the categorization formed when the invention of commerce. In the invention of commerce people identified that if the exchange only goods without any value it might be a loss for either party. For example A is growing a cow and B is having paddy field. Once person A needed rice he gives his cow to person B and take his relevant amount of rice for him. But this cannot be a good business because foe small amount of rice person A has given his cow; therefore the loss will be occur by person A. in this stage only people have invented a key to do business under a such valuation. The valuation done after the invention if money. So the key factor is money.

Money is the main reason for the categorization of human being. People who have more money they will be in High class, people who are in manageable position they will be in middle level and the people who doesn't have money will be in lower level. But only money will never decide human beings to put them under these categories, it occur the basic needs of human being as well. Well the main reason why I have chosen Ethiopia is an e-mail which I have received from my colleague. There people who have affected by war or internal problems they didn't have any sort of basic needs this made me to think that I must give my hand for them to life them out from their poverty. But it may take much more time to do those kinds of help to them.

While I was planning to help them I have come across with wastages that every human being does in this world. In poorer countries, a majority of uneaten food is lost before it has a chance to be consumed. Depending on the crop, an estimated 15 to 35 percent of food may be lost in the field. Another 10 to15 percent is discarded during processing, transport and storage, the brief states. In richer countries, production is more efficient but waste is greater, the report says. "People toss the food they buy and all the resources used to grow ship and produce the food along with it." As this wasted food rots in landfills it generates methane, a gas that causes climate change and is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. As per the UN's Food and Agriculture Agency report, the world has 825 million undernourished people. However, it also says that the world as a whole is getting wealthier and producing more than enough food. Unavailability of food, poor resources and insufficient access are the main reasons for growing world hunger. The via e-mail which I have received was a comparison of Ethiopians who are suffering for lack of food and Dubai people who waste plenty of food items and thrown into to garbage. I made me feel sorry about the people suffering for food. This topic is an interesting topic where I could give my opinion to the MNC organization where they could help these kinds of poor people by giving food and as well as to put a route gain their basic needs. To do this I have chosen Mc Donald's as a multinational company where it could help poor people by franchising its business all over the world. Mc Donald's is one of richest organization in the world. And it has been doing social work but that also for only some part of the world. And Mc Donald's is a food serving organization where it earns huge incomes from over 118 countries; therefore the company has enough cash inflow where it could franchise its business in countries like Ethiopia, Somalia and etc; the organization could communicate with relevant franchised countries governments and can get into social works as well. But to do that Mc Donald's must not interrupt relevant countries' cultures, attitudes, behaviors and etc.

Without the help of relevant government any MNC cannot do such social work to the people who have affected by poverty. So one side of the world people are wasting their basic need and other side people are suffering by lacking of basic needs; therefore companies like Mc Donald's should create awareness regarding theses scenario. Since we are human being we should love each other. These days it is really hard to find actual love between every human being. Lack of love makes people to get more aggressive, jealous and ect; and this make people to get into fights and conclusion will be huge war, lack of basic needs. We can help the poor in so many ways. Even the smallest effort counts and that can be achieved with the following steps: volunteer, donate and fundraise. Volunteering is the easiest way to give your time to another person in need. Donating money can be done comfortably on any budget, because every penny counts. Fundraising can be challenging, but the reward in the end makes all the hard work worth it. Whether you are helping the poor in your community or the poor around the world, you are doing a good deed and helping those less fortunate. Help others without breaking the bank. Volunteering your time to help the poor does not cost any money. There are several organizations that receive funding to help the poor, and you can put your time to use through one of these outlets. You can help serve meals at a soup kitchen, start a community garden growing vegetables and fruit that the poor can use, be a big brother or sister at a YMCA or Boys & Girls Clubs, tutor kids in homeless shelters who have missed school and build houses for the poor with Habitat for Humanity. Help others without breaking the bank. Volunteering your time to help the poor does not cost any money. There are several organizations that receive funding to help the poor, and you can put your time to use through one of these outlets. You can help serve meals at a soup kitchen, start a community garden growing vegetables and fruit that the poor can use, be a big brother or sister at a YMCA or Boys & Girls Clubs, tutor kids in homeless shelters who have missed school and build houses for the poor with Habitat for Humanity. People who are earning more money should provide a little percentage for the people who do not have to fulfill the basic needs. This will create love with each other and by doing this at least we can reduce the poverties which are circulating between every human being.

Organization like Mc Donald's even can come up with different plans like providing free meal for a particular period of time for free; therefore the company cans even good will and it can also reduce hunger of people who are suffering for food. Not only that as we stated earlier the company could also get benefit from United States of America, government since Ethiopia has good relationship by US government; therefore the company could even consult Ethiopian president by the help of U.S government regarding the poverty of the people and also could help them out. So Mc Donald's is base on USA therefore it can easily help Ethiopians who are affected by poverty to step away from it. To achieve a task before collecting the information about relevant, we should manage to allocate free times to process the given task and not only in studies abut also in life. The moments which we contribute in our life time, the way we spend our whole life. In my personal I feel this is a amazing idea. At the time my responsibility made my ideas transformed into alternative work actions. I feel not to loose my inner confidence and my faith of ability that how I will donate them to this world or at work place. I've accomplished my self; and hope even few of us even spend peaceful and good correlation with time and moments which we spend.

Where to start and alter this connection? Most of us start by trying to "get things under control." Usually many of us feel the very same emotional and time pressure that forces ourselves to get things done. We intend to schedule and make deadline. We bound ourselves by means of messages ear-piercing, "DO ME, DO ME," each and every one in stab in the direction and in command of our requirements and activities. However control does not work. Control only changes our joyful commitment into tedious obligations. It's the major myth of usual era of administration system.

Time and management plays an important tool for use of reflection and making decisions, only a way how we learn how we really intend to spend our precious time, which is true important for us, and how we make our experience of time to make good choices. Insight which enables us is changing our relationship with time to time. Our culture teaches us that time is an enemy. There is never enough time to get everything done. We are pressured by time. We begin to hate the very idea of time and yet we have a peaceful ideal that we keep hoping for. Time terrorizes us and yet we cannot escape.

Our feelings reflect a powerful emotional relationship with time. If the images we use are at all accurate, the relationship is often an abusive one. The challenge is how to transform our relationship to time and dismantle the abusive patterns we've created. No amount of reading or theorizing will change our deep-seated attitudes and behaviors. But practice will. Time management should be a tool for reflection and making choices. Only if we learn from our experience of time do we begin to make good choices. We should stop using our lists to punish ourselves with everything we're NOT doing. This is the key insight that enables us to begin changing our relationship with time: that we should create tools for creative reflection and let go of our systems of control.

What would such tools look like? In a workshop I've taught, I present a three-part cycle: how we really spend our time, what is truly important to us, and how we can make our commitments more effective. Therefore Time Management is an important part in human beings life. By doing time management every works will be done in time basis therefore; the given topic can be achievable.

The time management refers arranging ourselves (physically and mentally) according to the time. Usually people who work under time management will do their work on time and also efficiently. I have allocated my time during free time where I get in working place as well as after work till next day early morning. The working hours will be 8 hours per a day and we have to work only five days Monday to Friday. During these 8 hours time I'll be getting free times at least four hours time each day, but it depends work. Once I get free times I used to do researches through internet which is relevant to the given topic. When marketing manager free on that time I used to go to his cabin and collect marketing plans where I should state to the relevant tutorial. While I am collecting the relevant information I used to make notes and apply to the relevant subtopics. After work from every evening to next day early morning I have allocated time to the assignment. The time allocation is quite interesting when it being under the process. Why I am saying this is, it is a challenge you get to do the assignments and this is the particular time you will more barriers, disturbance from several ways. For example once you start to the assignment only you may get friends into your home or you may feel lazy or you may asked to do some other work by family members and most importantly the climate. I have faced these kinds of barriers to do the assignment.

To overcome this kind of barriers we should have the faith in God and we should have to have self confidence. And apart from these we must motivated by others and also we must motivated by ourselves. For me two best friends of mine motivated when I was got fed up while I was doing the assignments. They have motivated me by feeding me up by saying "you can do it" it made me to gain more energy and self-confidence to do the assignment. You must have a commitment and target where you should have in your mind saying "during this time of period I will complete this section". Always we must think positively that we can cover the relevant areas which are related to the main topic.

Do not try to waste time. Whenever I get free time I never hesitate to do my work. If we say that we have enough time then we will adapt ourselves to laziness then there after we must count our fail. This is a bad habit to do once we get an assignment. The day you receive the project the competition starts. The competition what I have stated here is the competition between us and the time. Because if we count the speed of the time; it is faster than earlier. Once you receive the project work the submission date comes without knowingly. Therefore we must not delay ourselves to do the given tasks. So these are the motivation theories that I have followed during the time of the tutorial. In the book of Holy Bible there is a say given by God "fear not, fore I am with thee"… this say motivates me all the time whenever I get challenges. So this is the basic motivation for me to the whole assignments.

Once I received the topic I have directly deiced to take Mc Donald's as I have mention earlier. Because I thought Mc Donald's is the most suitable to help poor people by providing food, job and education. These three factors are more than enough to fulfill human beings' basic needs. So I have structured to give the details about Mc Donald's and Ethiopia first in the introduction part. Then again I have includes some marketing units where and how the organization could franchise its business and do the business in Ethiopia. While I am doing this I have also done researches about Mc Donald's where they conducting social programs. According to that also I have structure my assignment.

Since I have an idea to help poor people in such ways like providing food, allocation funds and ect; to do this presently I am not capable to help them, but only thing what I could to pray for them. This project gave me an opportunity to put out my own desired ideas through a multinational company. It has been a great pleasure to me to do this assignment. And as I stated earlier I was very happy while saw the topic. The outcome for the report that I am expecting here in this report is best future must be blessed to Ethiopian. I believe the topic can be successful if it is gone through correct people, correct procedures and correct channel. And also there must be a blessing of God and luck must be occurred to make it successful. This may also depends on the management of multinational company, the relevant countries governments, life style, willingness, culture and affordability of people.

Life longer learning is a beam for the people who are really interested in. this may help the tom improve their day to day life. There is no any limitation for any sort of education. What I feel is our life I this world also an education. Other education what we study is to enhance the knowledge as well as to enhance our own productivity. This helps us to live in this world without any barrier, but even if we come up with any barriers we can overcome that with what we learning and what we have learnt. So life longer learning is an ethic to life our life healthier. . There are several things to remember as you work on changing your relationship with time: First that it's a never-ending cycle of learning, and that cycle includes all three of the parts described above. Second, that these are tools for reflection, not control. Third, nothing changes until you get started. When you finish this article, make an appointment with yourself to do the Time Log, or any other exercise or tool that caught your interest. Finally, be willing to pay the price of change. Realize that you cannot do everything and that real life is about choices. Be willing to experience the short-term stress of learning and you will avoid the long-term stress of living a life that is untrue. It took exactly a month to complete the assignment due to lots of researches and barriers. Once is comes to barriers I was felt so aggressive, worried and doubtful whether I can complete it on time or not. But as I stated earlier heavenly God helped me to motivate myself to do this project.