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Mass media to transmit his thoughts and ideas, or to exchange information in an effective way. The principal target of communication of the majority of the business is to improve the yield. The communication is very important for our personal and professional success. This process implies the sender and the recipient of the message. For the efficient and effective communication principally three things are important:

You must do his message be understood.

You must understand the wished message sent to you.

Certain control on the flow of the communication must be applied.


Types of Communication Based on Communication Channels

On the base of the channels used for the communication, the process of communication they can qualify as the verbal communication and not verbal communication. The verbal communication includes the written and oral communication, whereas not verbal communication includes the corporal language, facial expression and visual diagrams or images used for the communication.

Verbal Communication

The verbal communication splits into the written and oral communication. The oral communication refers to the words pronounced in the process of communication. The oral communication can be a face or a conversation by phone or in the chat of voice across Internet. Conversations or spoken dialogues are even influenced by the modulation of voice, tone, volume, and the speed and the clarity of the speech. Another type of verbal communication is the written communication. The written communication can be across postal mail or e-mail. The efficacy of the written communication depends on the style of the writing, vocabulary, grammar, clarity and precision of the language. 

Nonverbal Communication 

Not verbal communication includes the language of the general body of the person who is speaking, that will include the corporal position, the gestures and corporal movements in general. The expressions also redeem an important role whereas the communication from the expressions in the face of a person they say very much about his frame of mind / her. On the other hand gestures as a hug of hands, a smile or a hug of independent form can transmit emotions. Not verbal communication also can be in the shape of pictorial representations, signs, or even photography, drawings and paintings.


Types of Communication Based on Style and Purpose

Based on style of communication, there cannot be two big categories of communication, which are formal and informal of communication that its own set of typical features have.

Formal Communication 

Formal communications all includes cases where dialogue should occur in a set of an official format. As a rule, it can include all kinds of business dialogue or corporate dialogue. Style of dialogue in this form is rather formal and official. Official conferences, meetings both written instructions and corporate letters are used for dialogue. Formal communications also can occur between two strangers when they meet for the first time. Therefore communication it is simple, official and always exact both strict and rigid tone to it.

Informal Communication 

The informal communication includes to the cases of free free communication between persons who share a chance relation between yes. Informal of communication it needs from two persons to have a similar wavelength and therefore it takes place between friends and relatives. The informal communication does not have rigid norms and guidelines. The informal conversations not necessarily have limits of time, place or even topics so that the matter since we all know that the friendly conversations with our dear beings it can continue simply and continue.


Why Communication is Important

The oral communication has always been ours principal method to communicate with one other. It is believed that 75 % of the days of a person spends to communicate somehow. The majority of his time of communication can be spent of speaking and listening, whereas one minority of which the time is dedicated to the reading and the writing. These actions of communication reflect skills that encourage the personal, academic and professional success.

Bad New

Bad news can mean different things for different people. There were Numerous definitions Bad news including, " any information, which Negative and seriously influences persons his or its future, In situations when is or feelings are not present hope, threat The person mental or physical well-being, risk of drawing of damage it is created The way of life or when the message is given which transfers separate less Choice in the life ".

How to Communicate a bad news

Sometimes the directors have to bring bad news to his team from the level of the company - for example, say that they are big budgetary clippings in the works that will affect the projects of the team. In this case, always with the line of the party and not editorialize. State of the facts, but not to criticize the decision or the people who did it. You need to show his leadership, especially during the bad times. And it is not a question of covering the news or the painting of the situation in a positive light. The factory of rumours can be a savage, and before you realize, the panic will put in the employees.


Be honest

In this case the Coo of the company try to explain, and asked for Board of Directors to announce to the employees that entire company working Good. Customer support team and IT department would be relocated In a new country. The company is doing well, but in order to keep its Competitive edges has decided to reduce their operation cost. To give bad news is difficult for the donor as the recipient and the temptation will be that of trying to smooth the blow. Even the doctors, who are qualified to give some of the worst news, it is difficult. In fact, 40 % of them allowed in a poll to use an euphemistic language or give the excessively positive news of a draft in order to be liberated from having to fight with the reaction of the patient. Is it this what the patient, or the employee, wants? It is a completely honest essential being and to give the message of a clear and concise way. The employee must know exactly where they are and what (if it proceeds) the options are available. It is vital, therefore, that is completely prepared before it begins the meeting - to make sure that is clear in the period of notice of the company is offering, for example, and which are the conditions of the redundancy. " Why " is it also very important. The person who is going to want to know why they have been chosen on the others, what the process and the criteria were. Insure of having a managerial solid case for this person to be chosen and to avoid to enter any discussion of the personal questions. Plan what he is going to say carefully. Even to write it. In the periods of stress that are much more inclined to forget our lines 

Get the timing right

Good times or bad, several consideration prevail in Developing and conducting a bad news communication campaign. Organizations show their real values when they communicate bad news Years of saying how important employees are and how much the Organization cares for them can prove to be empty words based on how The organization behaves when delivering bad news. A key area that is easy to happen for a high place is the moment of the call or meeting. Last year the Conservative Party announced clippings of employments before Christmas, a truly terrible moment so that the redundant people and a potential disaster of public relations. In the professional category of voice that we know about a company that recently announced clippings of employments proposed during the school vacation, when many persons were away on holiday. Some members of the personnel he had to wait days before they could find more information of his hierarchic Superiors and, when it returned the managers of work that there was a big fire of struggle against the task in his hands that might have been avoided easily.

Meet face-to-face

Once it is clear what the message is and the best moment (and place) to deliver it, the following step is the method of delivery. The best form is to do it in person. This can seem obvious, but once it worked for a company where a group of personnel did to himself the notification of his dismissal by mail - of the second class. The devil is in the details, as they say. And the people realize these details. The second question after class caused a big fuss. For the employees, a letter demonstrates an absence of courage and consideration, but the second position of the class was neither more nor less than an insult Once there, face to face, it is necessary to have value, but also it allows him to muffle the blow and the reaction. In the meeting one speaks slowly and with clarity. Running it will be indicated that you want to obtain at once. And whereas this can be a consequence of his own discomfort in a difficult task, so that the listener can seem that it does not matter for him. In the same way, speaking between teeth or the use of too many 'UMS' and ' he is wrong ' it will make you seem slightly trustworthy. Remember that in very loaded this one the situation of the person who receives the news will not be to process the information so rapidly or so rationally as of custom. They go slowly it will allow them time to take the message on board. Remember that in very loaded this one the situation of the person who receives the news will not be to process the information so rapidly or so rationally as of custom. They go slowly it will allow them time to take the message on board.

Listen actively

Try to support the visual contact and of support his corporal relaxed and open language, it does not matter how difficultly proves. You do not want to look at the defensive one. And to be prepared for different reactions. Some persons get angry, others cry, others say very little to themselves. It is important to listen what they have to say and allow them to extract of his system. And the fact is that it "activates" of listening that is so important. Try not to interrupt or of use expressions as " I know how he feels " or " If I it was you who were me... " The best thing that I can say is that you feel and to offer the whole support that you can, in the circumstances. There is nothing that it could do so that the recipient of the bad news feels better in this moment, but his worry and disposition to listen is appreciated.


Watch your tone

According to the investigation, the risk of being demanded by bad practice had little that to see with the number of errors of a made doctor. One found that the element that they were corresponding more to the doctors the risk of being demanded was how the patients were treated during the consultations, and, in particular, the tone of the voice of the doctor used when he spoke with them. The doctors who spent a few minutes more in the consultations with the patients, who did an effort to explain clearly the process, that were active and listeners, that he speaks in a tone in question were much less inclined to be demanded by bad practice although it does just so many errors as other doctors. Those who were demanded are described often like contemptuously, or with the domineering one or obliging tone. In general, it was the tone of voice that arose as the decisive key party in determining if a doctor was more or less possibilities of being demanded. It is fundamental, therefore, to think about how it sounds when one is giving him the news. We all understand how the tone of the voice a lot of power has at personal level, but in a business context, often we forget. In a situation in which the content of the message and the tone of voice are in conflict, the listener in general they believe that the tone of the voice on the content. If you say " I feel it ", but his voice says to him that you are not, your listener will know. Many managers to spend for high place this part of the equation. Like with the majority of the managerial communication, that spend very much more time thinking what he is going to say, that how they are going to say. Nevertheless, since study of case illustrates Glad well, and our experience in the professional category of voice supports: how is it spread, and does the grade of empathy appear, can do the difference between the success and the defeat. 

Provide support

And it are not only how they behave during the meeting that will do the difference. The level of support that is given to an employee later, how they are treated in the weeks that they intervene (supposing that his dismissal comes with a term of notice), it is also important. It would be easy to stop that the discomfort of the situation to assume the control, to ignore the employee, but in this moment that so desperately they need to be supported. To be complaisant if they need free time to realize interviews, to offer support in the shape of references or contacts, they even help them with his CV And finally, to remember those who remain behind. The persons who still have his jobs often feel guilty or it might be that there is a persistent sensation of insecurity in the place of work. To find ways of reconstructing the team with positive messages and of support. The key for the growth diminishes when the recession will be an awkward workforce that is ready for a new challenge. The companies that have success in the recovery will be that to support the morality and the motivation in the descent, and the only way of doing it is with cash, an open communication.



The acquisition of the skills of a good communication is not difficult. To use them when really it matters is the difficult part. To help, there are several things that you can bear in mind There are needed two sets of skills, which I have called expression and oral comprehension, to give and to receive information. Another set of skills is then necessary to manage the global process. Often, nevertheless, there is no better will between the persons of what at first sight. When the whole world understands all the information, and when there is a good sufficient relation between the people, the resolution arises often with facility. The two most common obstacles for the effective communication, I believe, they are the absence of skills, and the norms that prohibit certain information's. Using the skills inside the existing norms they can solve many questions. The difficult questions, nevertheless, it cannot resolve oneself inside the norms. It is when you use his aptitude of communication to renegotiate the rules that the real progress in the relations and in the resolution of problems if possible.