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What is Cinema. Cinema also called motion picture is the art of moving image. It is visual medium that tells story and exposes reality. Cinema created in the dusk of the 19th century. Nowadays, Cinema is the world's most collaborative, complex, and expensive artistic expression. Besides that, every cinema outside must got a stall for sell popcorn, when we go for a movie, we can buy popcorn at the stalls and enjoy in the cinema. Most of the people no matter teenagers, kids or old people in our country like to go watch movie when they are free time.

2.0 Survey of Cinema

.Cinema is a building that can gives some good and bad influences to a lot of peoples, especially teenagers, it also got advantages and disadvantages. In this new generation, watching movie in cinema is a very common thing for the youths .They must go watching movie when weekend or school holidays. For answering my assignment, I have done a questionnaire on moviegoers "views on the influence of cinema on youth today". In this questionnaire I have already prepared 21 statements for the moviegoers to answer. All the statement prepared by me is related to the views on the influence of cinema on youth today. In the statement, I prepared two sections, in section1 I only giving two choices, there are YES and NO. In section 2,I am giving 5 choices for each statement, which are strongly agree, agree, neutral, strongly disagree and disagree .I type the entire question into Microsoft Word and print out with 30 set, then there are 30 moviegoers has answer my questionnaire. I also giving three choices for my audience to choose their occupation, there are student, businessman and others. In the statement, there are 3 range of age among my audience, which are 15 to 17 years, 18 to 25 years and 26 to 40 years. There are 16 audiences are in the range of the 15 to 17 year, then got 8 audiences are in the range of the 18 to 25 years and just 6 audiences in the range of the 26 to 40 years. Most of the 30 audiences are still studying and 7 out of the 30 audience of them are working status. For this statement, I used two week to find out the information and complete this questionnaire and allot for my audiences with carefully. Some of the statement in the questionnaire I think that is important for the youth, such as the statement from section 1 "Will the movie in cinema spoil the youth nowadays".16 out of the audiences are choose Yes and 13 out of the audiences are choose NO.Most of the audiences are feel that cinema are not spoil the youth nowadays because when the youth see movie they can learn the new thing from cinema. For example, the youth can learn other language from the cinema such as English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Normally, most of the movie in cinema is moral movie, the immoral are seldom so cinema will not spoil the youth nowadays. The second statement is form section 2, I think also important for the youth are "Youth nowadays like to spend more time on movie". In this statement, most of the 30 audiences are choose neutral there are 14 out of the 30 audiences, just only 2 out of the 30 audiences are choose strongly agree,5 out of 30 audiences choose agree,7 out of 30 audiences choose strongly disagree and only 2 out of 30 audience choose disagree. Most of the 30 audiences consider this statement is neutral. The youth like to date their friend go for a movie because they feel boring at house and nothing to do at home. The price of the ticket is also reasonable, just only RM 14 for one person, in addition, every Wednesday was just only RM 9 for one person no matter the aged of kids on TGV cinema. Next statement is about "Can learn more words when we watch movie". More than half of 30 audiences neutral for this statement. The four major languages in the movie are English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Cantonese. For example, some word are they haven hear before, when watching movie in cinema, they can learn the new word from the movie no matter the different language. It can help the youth to learn and improve their language. Besides that, the following statement is "Most youth will like the environment in the cinema". More than half of audiences consider neutral for this statement. Some of the youth would like the environment in the cinema because there provide the good sound system, it can make the movie become more lifelike. In the cinema, there also provide a comfortable seat for the customer to enjoy their movie, so there are the reasons why the youth like to watch movie in cinema than house.

3.0 Conclusion

In my conclusion, my opinion, when watching movie in cinema, there have some advantages and also have some disadvantages but the advantages of watching movie in cinema more than disadvantages. For example, when watching movie in cinema, can help the youth to improve their language. For me, I not agree every weekend also go cinema for a movie although the ticket only RM 14, it was a reasonable price. Besides that, parents should spend some time to go cinema for a movie with their children when they are free or off day, it can increase the relationship between parents and the son. Parents also must control their children do not addicted and spend more time on the cinema, it can affect their studies. Watching movie also can improve the relationship with couple, friends and family. For example, most of the couple likes to go cinema for a movie when they are dating. In addition, cinema is a place can give the teenagers to spare time and also a place can giving us to relax after working and studying but also not to addicted on the cinema.

4.0 Support Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English

Chai Song Chuk

481,Kuala Kuang,




Prime Ministry,

Local Education Authority,

62, Jalan Chemor Sentosa,

Off Jalan Gopeng Botani,

55340 Kuala Lumpur,

Perak Darul Ridzuan. 25th DEC 2011

Dear Sir/Madam

Education Ministry to Support Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English

My name is Chai Song Chuk,I am a student who was taking the course of Diploma in Business Management at Olympia College Ipoh. I am here writing this letter to support in the teaching the subjects of science and mathematics in English. As a Malaysian, we must learn the mother tongue, Bahasa Malaysia but also cannot forget to learn English. English is an important language in this society. When we start to learn English, the four major skills can help to improve our English, there are speaking, listening, reading and writing.

2. Nobody can deny that English was the global language in this society. Most of the people used to communicate in English, no matter kids, teenagers or adolescent and it was easily to communicate with the people from different regions, cultures and nations. All the country starts to use English to teaching science and mathematics from year one to secondary school such as Malaysia, China, Taiwan and more. Besides that, the student can learn the speaking skill from the teachers. It will be improve the English and the speaking skill of the student. So, the student would easily to use it in different ways. For example, the student using the English to communicate with their friends in the schools no matter their friend from other country. When the student learns English from childhood and teaching science and mathematics by English, it can allow the students to play on global platform.

3. In May 2003, the ministry education of Malaysia releases the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English language in Malaysia. There are many benefits when teaching of science and mathematics in English. In Malaysia, the standard of English has decline. When teaching science and mathematics in English, it was a chance to learn the knowledge of science and mathematics at the same time also can learn and improve their English language. It can also stimulate students to learn more than language.Nowsdays, we must have a good English skill no matter use to communicate or others, because it can affect us to find a job and get a high salaries no matter in any countries such as United States,England,Singapore and more. Of course, not have a good English skill does not mean that we cannot find a job just the salaries are not too high such as the job like waiter, taxi driver and more. When we not have a good English skill and working in other country, it was also difficult to communicate to with the people from that country. So, teaching science and mathematics in English can affect the career of anyone.

4. Besides that, the science subject, it was an interesting subject, in the subject, we can contact with nature, know more about the nature in English. The students can learn about more knowledge of nature in the science subject like the English name of the insect species, animal species and more than that. We also can learn about physics, chemistry and biology. For example, in the science class, we can do an small experiment of physics, chemistry and biology, science also a useful subject for the students. In the mathematics subject, it was a helpful subject. We can use the mathematics mode to calculate. For example; we also can use the formula from the subject mathematics to solve the trouble of mathematical. Science and mathematics is a very useful subject for the students, this two subject will become a good helper in future for the students.

5. English is not the mother tongue in Malaysia,Bahasa Malaysia only is our mother tongue, but English the international language, it can use and speak in any countries. It was easy to communicate with people from other countries no matter u working or studying in other countries. The next advantages when teaching of science and mathematics in English is can make our country stay competitive in the international arena. For example, if the level of the English is high in our country, then our country can remain competitive with other countries. The following benefit is the students are from the village will sooner or later will learn and improve their English language through the teaching of the science and mathematics in English. For example, the students from the village are poor and cannot get the higher education, this was the chance to improve their English language and get a good result on the examination.

6. In my conclusion, there are many advantages when teaching of science and mathematics in English. I am strongly suggested that start from standard one must teaching of science and mathematics in English. English is a national language and it is very useful for everyone. This statement only can get much benefit instead of disadvantages. Although Bahasa Malaysia is our country language but also cannot ignore

5.0 Appendix