The Study Of Applied Linguistic In Phonetic English Language Essay

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Phonetic, the study of sound, is the most difficult lesson to involve in activities. The most important material in Phonetic class is a video or program that helps students to articulate the sound accurately. Those materials must not be first taught by teacher because it will lead to teacher center practice. So, we need to divide student into group and give each group necessary materials to imitate the sound. The group is competitive in nature which means that the best group will get the best score or reward provided. Teacher assigns the group to imitate the sound that provided in the material and need to assist in instruction and understanding of rules in competition. This will lead students to involve in the practice and then lead to achieving attention in class. The activity also gives student chance to self-practice in sound articulating which is a basic knowledge related to Phonetic. Teacher can give correction to student and make sure they practice it correctly. After the practice, teacher can start teach student the concept and analyze what they had practiced. Thus, all examples that can clarify the concept are all understood by the student as they had already practiced them. Finally, student will learn phonetic without boredom and understand it better than spending time in a long boring lockstep class.

By using the same concept in practicing Phonetic, Phonology has accompanied itself with some practice element such as minimal pair and minimal set. The practice should be competitive based or reward based because this lesson can lead to boredom if the learner did not interest in it. Improving the minimal pair and minimal set into some exercise then divide student into small group. Then give each group different instruction such as "f_g" or "b_t" to form different minimal pair and minimal set. Furthermore, encourage student to form any word that is possible to read in the minimal set even those words have no meaning at all such as "vog". This will make teacher easier to explain the lesson later by starting from analyze those example then use it to define phoneme, phones and allophones. However, for the syllable part, concept must be taught first then activities come later because it is impossible to do any practice without knowing how to analyze the syllable. But we must keep in mind that students must involve in the practice themselves or else most of they will bring boredom to the whole session as the Linguistic lesson is technical in nature. The lesson must be taught like an instruction for the activity then after finish the activity teacher can define the lesson much clearer and this will enable student to understand it better. In short, the teaching of Phonology should be involved some team practice and competitive element to introduce basic knowledge before go into concept.

The last lesson to pair with activities is the Morphology. As morphology is related to vocabulary, it is easier to blend it into various activities to teach student and make student understand it well. A simple activity is letting student get the base form of a word from other form such as "breaking > break" or "beautiful > beauty". This will serve as the example for student when teacher explain the morpheme. Also if the student level is high enough to analyze sentence for the part of speech, teacher should try to let that happen then take the advantage to tell student the function word and content word. After the two activities and explanations on the concept, teacher can use either a competitive group activity if student did not fully understand or an exercise if students seem to understand clearly. The group activity will help student to further learn from their peer and the exercise can help in verify their understanding. The activity or exercise will be based on analyze morpheme from sentence or paragraph. For the rules of word formation part, teacher can teach the student the concept along with example and use matching exercise or fill in the gap exercise to make clarify the lesson. Nevertheless, the exercise should not be so challenge and too long or it will make the simple lesson become too complex to learn. Challenge exercise should come later or it will demotivate students in their study. All in all, the morphology can be taught in a pleasant atmosphere and interacting practice which make student understand the concept better than focusing on concept then challenge the understanding short after class.

In conclusion, Phonetic, Phonology and Morphology should be taught by blending them with some activities that can cut down stresses on the class so technical. It should be fun and practicable and then it will be interesting and acceptable for students. Clarify understanding should come before challenge or demotivation will be the critical problems on the study on such lessons. I think the implementation of the lesson can be combined with other teaching methodology and will get better outcomes in teaching. It is not the subject that needs to be changed, but the ability to adapt and flexible to student situation is needed to modify according to class and preference of student. Old technique should be abandoned and new techniques should be adopted as the Applied Linguistic itself is also improved in all time.