The Self Analysis And Self Awareness English Language Essay

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Self analysis is nothing but calculation of ones opinions and activities. That is costing of ones emotions, personality and behavior. From this people can easily recognize their individual strength and weakness. Moreover self analysis is a process or it is a test to judge the abilities, talents and expertise.

Self awareness is one of the ways to yourself in which to discover our separable personalities, rate structures, politics, usual feelings and tendencies. Because for some stuff, manufacture facts and learns we are all dissimilar to react. And this is very useful to sometimes pass time in self reflection to increase a superior vision into ourselves.


Self awareness is a main thing for us, because when we know the healthier thoughtful of ourselves then we are the authorized to create a ups and downs and also to figure our parts of strengths. Moreover in our level of recognize areas we would like to make developments over and over again. That is so self awareness is the stage of aim setting.

Self awareness is a skill for education. Education here is nothing but knowing ourselves. If a person knows about us, then only the person modifies the stuffs they want to adjustment himself.

Each person has a aim to their life like to became leadership man, playful life, relaxation life and so on. And the person will try and makes works relevant to his aim. But this everything is possible only by the investigating his emotions, reactions, trusts and qualities. Thus it is the self awareness performance. That is, a person will know about their own personalities like skills, thoughts, beliefs, inspiration and sensations. This kind person will only able to say the word "i am self-aware ". That is, if i want to say i am self-aware then i had a strong observation about myself and i had studied myself. Determining the exact path that ranges the aim can be probable simply by self-analysis. Self-awareness is one thing chooses whether you are the correct one to become a head or not. I must recognize the powers and weaknesses to become familiar for every circumstance.

In the progression of these gatherings i am not forceful a person what to accept as true, how they should consider or what they should to do. I am mainly focused with persons tests in levitation their self awareness. When you grow into more self aware you automatically bring in to being to see phases of your behavior and the character that you did not warning earlier.

Some authors give quotes about self-awareness they are, "Levitation an Expressively Bright Youngster In the previous period or so, knowledge has exposed a marvellous quantity near the part feelings play in our survives. Investigators have originated that uniform supplementary than IQ, your expressive awareness and aptitudes to switch spirits will control your achievement and contentment in all gaits of life, as well as personal associations. --John Gottman."

"Existence influential is like existence a woman. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. Appreciations to Maria Marquis Thoreau There are a thousand equitation at the divisions of wicked to some one who is outstanding at the origin, and it may be that he who confers the main quantity of period and cash on the penurious is doing the most by his approach of life to yield that sadness which he tries in vain to sack. -Margaret Thatcher."

"We delay all these centuries to discovery somebody who comprehends us, I believed, somebody who receives us as we are somebody with a sorcerer's control to dissolve pebble to daylight, which can carry us cheerfulness in meanness of prosecutions, which can aspect our dragons in the evening, who can transmute us into the personality we select to be. Just days gone by I originate that enchanted somebody is the expression we see in the glass: It's us and our domestic covers. -Richard Bach."

1.3 Self-Analysis :

Self-analysis involves understanding one's own preconscious and insensible materials like ideas, Para praxes, memories, fleeting thoughts, and powerful emotions.

By self analysis a person can simply find the weakness and by rectifying their weakness that person can capable to see the places and positions they have to adjust. Best of all, all persons has incorrect opinions and personal faults committed by them, But by the self analysis the person can simply able to avoid the problems and reach the requirements with no chunks.

Self-analysis creates several profits that is it produces a extraordinary level of control that is to improve the person such as helpful talents, capacities and powers can leading easily and they can have a capacity to the true tracks. Self analysis process is very helpful and act as great end in idea making process which is suits for business surroundings. Career choice is almost whether they happy by gettings, assignment, place of work, organizational core, situation, challenges, superior for improvement, connection and the support from the age group. The chief dissimilarity between the self analysis and self awareness is that identifying a person's actions by approaches and talents.


By execution the self analysis a person can engage their weakness. By this proof of identity a person can recognize the actual wants to face the carrier. And they can simply growth the talents and capacities by their confident skills. Moreover about solution-making and perfect vision, self-awareness displays positive and negative methods.


Thus the method of learning individual character believed to be a self analysis and talent of implement the method is called self awareness. We have to raise the strength and weakness by educating the skills. Thus the self analysis and self awareness is greatly important for business improvement.



For self analysis there are many number of tests are available and now I am going to talk over about some analysis test report.


The career path test is like a quiz type, which have two things they are, the actions which makes happiness and gives joyfulness and the one more thing is about what kind of performance i have for my aim. This career path test shows result as yellow for interest and green for style and as I to accepted with this result. As in the result I am very much interested in supervision and administration management. Yes that is the reason am doing administration course now. And also about my relaxations is like home duties and roaming is very much true. I am spending more time on managing and at all times deliberate the whole thing before starting it. So that the result of career planner quiz said as gathering report and evaluating are also suitable.

At all times I consider of complexity in doing any jobs. I continuously habit to mention that hard work is not the big one, working and completion is the good thing. Various people were done their job with pressure as well as some difficulties, at the same time some of the people can do the same work as very simply. I need to be one of them always. The result of this test was also mentioned that I am making the stylish methods for undertaking difficult work. My marks are always equitable since nobody I select not carefully and lacking several causes. Before creating conclusion I practice to reading the facts for tolerant and eliminating. Then only I will take to decide if the talents and profits are high or else not. Next in the social equality point of view, I not ever stole the others probabilities and I have habit offer the probabilities for others while I am in group. This idea is very much understood by me. So I approve by way of the facts about my stylishness such as practical result maker and independent.

Thus in the career test I can understand my importance and polishes and I can agree with these results about my behaviour. So I accepted this self analysis test about me is true.


Study the behaviour list of myself and my friends to plan the attractiveness awareness by earnings of similarity and change among them. It is named the Johari window. The Johari window's outcomes acknowledged by me almost 100%. In this window the assessment outcomes gathered into four types. The first one is arena which resources the types recognized to together personality and others? It provides me the effect "bold, energetic and friendly". It was believed by me I know I am be friendly others. The next result is front that is I know about my characters but it was not easily identified by others. It states I be there happy and nervous. I believed I am happiest person; I can create several time happy and also make nervous position on circulate with people without attention the country, language. I am self-assured about what I am doing. In advance jump whatever I usage to examine qualities and drawbacks. Later choose to do, I don't need to puzzle for myself. I am every time responsive that's why I can make joyful all. This is the object I sense my strength.

Third item in the Johari assessment is blind spot. It is almost the characteristic which is known to others but not to self. Through this my friend can uncover me and I can know him that in what way greatly he recognizes me. I can understand my blind spots as well as knowledgeable and mature. About my culture surroundings i am mature. Thus this result says 100% to my mature. I am slightly anxious and sometime stress-free. All-out of the time I am stress-free, anxious originates though great of sureness in responsibility difficult stuffs. But I at all times display the stress-free face to all. In discussion, I touched anxious occasionally and this affects to destroy my enactment. The Johari window's results accepted by me about 100%..

At last grouping is almost new who is new to both personality and others. I want to distillate these characters and examine those characters nearly me. The unidentified characters like my boldness, brainpower, quietness, brave, giving, modest, able, accepting and others are based research. I want to examine me to become self aware.


In order to change my activities and a number of growth tips based on my personal results for suggestions, the psychometric test is use full. There are two parts in the psychometric test that is shapes and views. That is the aim of the report is to give your ideas for your professional and personal development. Based on our personal reports of shapes we will find a few suggestions in this report in order to change our behaviour by trying certain activities.

As a result of psychometric shapes test says as, I am a happy to snatch the leadership in team and make every effort to clearly regulate the individual roles and responsibilities. I am normally succeeding in effective coordinating the work every day jobs and that everyone concentrates on the upcoming tasks and objectives. And my work manner like highly target motivated and for my mind thinks i keep in the mind the relationship between cost and benefits. I like to question usual approaches and prefer to creatively and flexibly tackle problems and tasks. I am open to new things, and occasionally contribute innovative ideas and suggestions yourself. Yes i agree with this result in organizational behaviour. And this test shows that i need to aware of significance of useful contacts and relationships, and need to develop contacts quickly on the informal level and sometimes incorporate this relationship for your own purpose. And i need to recognize the core of a problem and take hold of the fundamental effects of actions. In these report i not accept with the last sentence that is i need to recognize the core of problem and take necessary effects. I know my decision is correct for current situation. Thus i agree with the aware need for me.

And the test shows to try something like make list of all teams and groups in which you work together with others it helps how we describes our own role in these groups. yes so that going to try these types and even i am happy with this results i am limited with organizational development and this results reports i want to aware of here, yes it is true. Thus the progress tip given to me is great idea that can easily workout and result giving tip.

The second part of the psychometric test is about view. This result summarizes the results of questionnaire views which i have completed. It indicates my personal values, professional interests and motives. Is described under which circumstances and in which professional context i can use and develop my maximum potential.

The result from the views shows that, when selecting a workplace, i should pay attention to environment of helpfulness. i want to offer my help freely and real generously and expect in return that i will also be offered the same level of support when i need it. In comparison to other professional aspects it is absolutely importance to me that i can become enthusiastic about my work and that i have the feeling that my work has a real meaning to it. And one more thing i need to feel particularly good when i often driven to perform at my intellectual peak.

In comparison to my other aspects it is noticeable that it is very important for us, that company in which i was work conveys a feeling of safety and security to me. In comparison to others my attitude in this connection is absolutely typical. Thus i accepted these views results about me and try to pay attention for the above.


The next test result is human metrics has given me result as Extravert(33%),  Sensing(12%),  Feeling(112%),  Judging(22%). Previously I deliberate my adjustment in numerous positions and I agree to take the opinion because I can mix together with publics. This believed I am important. I approved with this. At all times I yield repair of wants and allocating works to colleagues. I use to give extra importance to assignments than existence. This is 50% true. Because I use to discovery humble method to explain the large assignment not the problematic and extreme request. And also i have moderate preference of extraversion over introversion as 33% and then i have slight preference of sensing over intuition as 12% and also i have slight preference of feeling over thinking as 12% and to i have slight preference of judging over perceiving as 22%

I at all times use to prepare Thinking with a new, full of life sense of in what way the effects grind. Thus I am sensing is very accurate and I maintain this one in future years. So I am innovative, that I always think of future. Several intervals earlier I do some movement, which actually benefits me that I am well prepared. Then adjudging effect displays that I justice created on the public's performance and brashness, which is useful in making accurate results. Thus the result from the Human metrics test shows a way to provide for my part in doing finest development.


Thus the four types of test are very useful to identify our behaviour and performance in organizations. The Johari windows said the behaviour I have and folks behaviour are grouped four based on who knows it. The human metrics said the results by percentage and psychometric said by two parts as shapes and views. One of it shoes that strength and weakness other one having the possessions to be receipts caution of when selecting graft abode. Career planning question said my interest and way. Thus the self-analysis tests results having in the area of 80% true. Hence I am acknowledged the assessment results.



This part is about analysis on recognizing self-idea that is strength, weakness, opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis. Thus analysing these parts is very useful to carrier development in life. So that the SWOT research is to be identified and come together as follows.


The optimistic behaviour I must is supposed to be power of source is that Problem Solving, Teamwork, Decision Making. I am very much superior to have other main strengths even as being with my team is decision-making, free and ground-breaking idea. My friends are for all time prizing me for those things. Before me deciding anything I statistically study the qualities and demerits of doing such thing and decide if it is acceptable. In team, I ever representation only my points and I give chance to others for expose them also. This is the capability of management. I can manage any kind of people and any kind of situation. And also My strength is my adjustment. I am very much adaptable with the people lacking bearing in mind the country and language. I can combine with the different kind of people. The people, who yet know me, identify me as friend locater. My means of controlling colleagues and making friends are my big strengths I feel.

This is the object stimulate my groups to flagship my brainpowers parity. I am continuously comfortable the fluctuations and experiments. Then I give the creative and new idea to substitute normal things and making the simple way for doing complicated thing because I prefer the stylish information.


1. Nervous



These are my weakness. Nervous even as communication in some get-together is my very poor weakness. Still I can combine with any kind of people; I have the same actions in proper and specialized meetings. One more great weakness I touched is quiet I not able to investigate this trouble.

Now I am tries to take a solution to this kind of problems. Enslavement make me another one weakness and I feel it be able to make difficulty in my way but till it is not so. Inflexible to others stress so that I am trying to avoid this kind of weakness from me.


Enchanting benefit from the current analysis on market strategy. For me the greater opportunity for hearing from other people who are in parallel role or same path to me. One greater thing is that attractive my open skill by means of finding the skills I have and shape the open skills in the correct way.

And also to take on others in providing feedback about their experience of me.


The work needs excessive demand, a person being unseen by too much pressure. That is the purpose I request easily accessible work. That is the great number of daily stress, which collaborates against self-reflection


Thus from the SWOT analysis, i know I know about my strengths, weakness, opportunities and treats. Based on my strengths and weakness i am going to improve my active skills and simultaneously beat my problems. And from opportunities and threats i going get feedbacks from experienced persons and at the same time to impose my attractive skill in correct way of manner