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Before we proceed with further analysing of topic we shall give one of many definitions of each subtopic subjects, meaning of language and reason in order to clarify our understanding of each of them. Language the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country. Reason the power of mind to think in a logical way, to understand and have opinions.

From the offset of humanity until today there was a medium of communication is known today as long. Even primordial people must have their own way of communication and expression. As an example of it we find cave freuques in which they exhibited common trends of life they lived. While they were painting and drawing those signs they were unconsciously writing history which we study today. Certainly, there was no even a group of people in course of history that did not have their own long which has used, apart from communication between the members of the group to write events of highest significance to them. From which later on developed science known to us as history.

People without history are like a person without memory where as such that does not exist. History does not only tell us about past but it also helps us to understand the present and to some extent foresee the future. It is well documented that, we as human beings are bound to commit same mistakes times again even thought same of the events have taken part during the course of our lives. Such events affect not only human life but the course of humanity itself. The most destructive among them are wars and destruction of nature. I personally think that it is our duty to study history of human kind and give our best to prevent our best a repetition of these terrible mistakes, so that it would never take action in the future. While reading book "Fortress", (Tvrđava) which talks about life of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the period of Ottoman Empire I realized that little has changed over the course of centuries as the same problems are still present. People come and go. Some of us are remembered even after we die but some of as only represent a number in the book off death. Unfortunately, these who left their trace on history it, their threads and actions, have very tragic effect not only on their contemporary but also on the generations which are to come. In our case these problems are mainly related to the in fights and disagreements between three nations (Bosniaks, Serb and Croats). Studying the history of region of Bosnia and Herzegovina we would easily remark that people used to exploit a little problems, mostly for their personal interests, while neglecting to big ones. They resemble people described in a local proverb which says that someone does not see forest because of one tree or as some philosophers says:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Santayana

"The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consists in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes yet everything is completely different." Aldous Huxley

A role of language in history is very important, because history is written and presented to people though language. Most of historical writings are not written by historians or experts in the field of science but is rather presented to us by the people who lived during those times, regardless of the form written or oral. Such recordings did not met the modern day criteria regarding the scholarly writing, lot of emotions and wishful thinking became parts of a historical writings and as a result of such actions we have numerous legends and ballads in history of every known nation. As example I could use legend of King Arthur.

Also history and language used can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Certain word may have more than one meaning even during the same time. Different usage may create, as we are witness too a lot of problems and even lead to a tragedy. Such explanation of the language is not only related to history but to every other thing of human life.

Example is word organic which has different meaning if we go from country to country. In some countries it has definition that organic is plant / food which is grown with no pesticide but in Germany there are standards which must be fulfilled to can be called organic as seed must not be genetically generated also as water and soil and areas(air) in which it is grown.

While presidents of countries are having conversation they are talking to each other with respect. With "Diglossia" [3] formal language by using per sie (you) which is not common in English language as it is in German and French. While history is written writers have to be very careful while writing names of countries which are written in big letters which shows respect. Writer has to know how language and reason can affect and produce misunderstanding. If we are in USA and in class in which they are mixed race and if children which belong to white race say that board is black, black raced part of class can be insulted because that board is green colour. Or when we say "Nigger" also can be misunderstand as insult but there is also a country and river which has same name. It actually depends how we use our language and that usage can be seen by our voice level facial and body expression.

Anon said that: One of the most powerful aspects of language is the way it is used to make simple classifications: "animals";"courage";"blue". One of the most dangerous aspects of language is the way it is used to make simplistic classifications: "Third World"; "fascist"; "terrorist";"communist". This quotation is used to prove that language is powerful weapon and that words said sometimes hurts more than physical injury.

Example how language and literature are powerful weapon are books Djelidba and Tvrđava.

Topic of these books are closely related to the than communism system in Yugoslavia. Skender Kulenović author of Djelidba wrote a comedy dram about problems of society direct with no metaphors. After first play this dram it's forbidden to be preformed because of inappropriate language used while presenting system and problems such as ethnicity. While Meša Selimović author of Tvrđava wrote about another period Ottoman period but actually he tried to presented communist society as he saw it. He used that period and language as cover which protects him and his work from government of that time and its punishments.

Linguistic determinism is the idea that our thoughts are completely limited by our language and is called as Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. I am bilingual. I am speaking Bosnian and Turkish Style shifts are not the same as use different languages so my answers are different. Previously I have mentioned how historian's experts have to be very careful while writing books, essays, field works about wars and important historical events. As I am citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina I know that theme about relevancy of history school books is very much questioned because of writers, author's belongingness to one of three [4] ethnic groups. I believe that no one wins the war, because both sides loose, they lose people, economy, culture, civilization. I consider that war is won when it is won without loses on both side. But this is not in case of Bosnia and Herzegovina where actually no one won or lost a war so in this case quote "Winner writes the history " is not acceptable. Because of this quote this topic is very popular and discussable. Being objective or subjective is when reason comes to stage but reason cannot rule by thoughts of authors because he is part of that history and he is subjective because he survived that and his emotions could not be controlled so author can not be completely subjective nor objective. He is using his reason in order to make balance between those two also there are research methods which helps him to make line by which we are enabled to be subjective as questionnaires, observations, interviews. Language is also an essential tool in the field of all science as mathematics, history, geography and social sciences. Usage of language places extremely important role in politics. Usage of language in class with colleagues is not same as while we are talking with professor or with parents it is style shift varying one speech in different contexts.

As I mentioned before examples which are connected to politics and history are very important.

In conclusion I think that language and reason have very important roles in history. Language is very important weapon for those persons which know how to use it.

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