The rapidly growing field of information technology

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Information technology has grown rapidly and become very indispensable now in all fields. The geographical coverage, reach of the World Wide Web has made many features, functionalities to be achieved through web. Be its banking, medical, finance, government in all domains information technology has spread its roots and become an indispensable part of the field. This is mainly because of the tremendous advantages provided by the World Wide Web like transparency, processing speed of a transaction, comfortness of getting things done sitting at home. Education& Teaching is one among the domains covered by the information technology. Notebooks are replaced by laptops and blackboards are replaced by whiteboards (software). So we also discuss about teaching languages using multimedia.

Multimedia can be said as a combination of software and hardware as it has softwares and hardwares specific to implement the multimedia technology. It involves processing of the voice and video to present to the viewer. Both pictorial and sound representations in attractive forms are achieved using the multimedia technology. Thus let us analyze the various advantages we gain by teaching Arabic language through multimedia

Advantages of teaching Arabic language using multimedia

The well known advantage of teaching online is that it provides the comfortness of being at home. It offers greater flexibility and com fort level. Apart from the comfort level we also get our classes done irrespective of the weather conditions sitting at home.

E-learning is very cost effective as it saves the cost of commuting from our home to the class rooms.

E-learning also helps us to learn while working as we can have the classes at any of our convenient time.

The main factor which leads to success of any training is that after the successful training the student should gain the knowledge of the language. Sitting merely in the class rooms does not guarantee that the student learns the language. In this modern age where students have lot of factors to divert and attract their interest like video games mere class room teaching might bore the students. However teaching through multimedia provides lot of interesting features for students like attractive presentations both video and audio and interactive dialogue sessions using Arabic language.

Arabic language has lot difficulties in pronunciation multimedia offers capability to provide interactive sessions which help in overcoming this. For instance we can have a session of dialogue where two persons speak among themselves one speaking right pronunciation and the other one using wrong pronunciation for some difficult words which is corrected by the other. A mock session like this can be arranged with the student also so that they can get themselves practiced in overcoming the difficulties with respect to pronunciation.

In the system of teaching through multimedia we can have tests for the students online once completing each chapter. After completing a particular topic we can pose a list of multiple choice questions, which the student can attend immediately and get to know the results , percentage scored. If he does not gain the passing score then we can recommend the student to learn the chapter again and student also realizes the same and try to pass the test by going through the topic again.

All the students will not get a chance to go to middle east as a study trip to learn the language. However multimedia helps the student to take virtual travel to any country by choice , to practice the language, to go sightseeing, to study the real life of the people there and to understand the traditions, culture of a state. By enabling this type of activities student develop more real time knowledge in the language understanding their slangs and the way they speak, getting the language in real essence.

While studying Arabic the student quite often feels the language barrier. They psychologically have lot of shy to speak worrying whether they speak wrong. To remove this barrier multimedia provides programs equipped by sound recording facility. So students get an opportunity to record his/her speech listen to it write down and further correct the mistakes. They can practice again and again record their speech and correct the mistakes if any.

Studying English, the students quite often face a problem of the language barrier. They hesitate to speak, afraid to make mistakes. Even in favorable psychological atmosphere they feel discomfort. The multimedia programs equipped by sound recording tasks build less stressful conditions. Each student individually has an opportunity to write down his/her speech, to listen to it and compare to the authentic speech. Such kind of work removes the psychological difficulties of speaking, develops practical skills, phonetic skills and media skill without a trauma of the psyche of the students.

Online teaching is cost effective as it saves the power consumption, rental charges of the classroom.

Disadvantages of teaching languages through multimedia

Even though online teaching offers lot of advantages there are few disadvantages due to online teaching. The real interaction between students is missed in the online teaching method. Students lack learning through interaction with the other students.

Teachers are the real mentors who guide the students. With website teaching students lack the psychological support and motivation they gain from the teacher.

Even though teaching through web site provides lot of comfort level on the other hand they provide lot of distractions too. In class room teaching students are fully committed to the class and they listen to the class as they are obedient to the lecturer/ teacher. Whereas at home due to distractions like television, friends the students may not dedicate their full concentration towards learning. Unless the students are fully committed they cannot learn fully.

Teaching Arabic language through website using multimedia is very attractive concept. However the syllables of the language, the pronunciation and the character set may impart lot of queries in the students mind. Some of the doubts might be common whereas some may require personal explanation which is achieved only in class room teaching when the teacher is present in person. The students can all the doubts about the language they have in mind. However website also answers doubts using FAQ (frequently answered questions) certain doubts which are specific and not common will not be covered in FAQ.