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This is the assignment of business communication which teaches by - Ms Cindy who is my principle in Olympia College. And the assignment requires me to answer two questions which are:

Explain the communication process. How does one ensure that the intended audience has received the right message?

For this question I need to understand and define what is the communication process, then, I have to explain how to get the process done successful.

As the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product*, explain the methods, the mediums and the vehicles that you would use to communicate with your target audience to persuade them to buy your product. Produce one (1) advertisement for your product.

For this question I have to set my place into a product manager and produce an advertisement to a new product which will launch in to the market soon.

What is communication?

We may probably all agree that we know what communication is due to we can recognize it when we experience communication. On the other hand, words are used in many different ways by different people. Some people directly think about a chat between friends, a minister delivering a talk, a officer making a persuasive speech and even the exchange of glances between couples.

Others instantly link communication with mass media, such as newspapers, radio and TV. In addition, communication brings to mind computers, cell phones and satellites.

What is more, communication is very common in our real life, it also used to describe traffic signals, Morse code, uniforms, the sign languages of the deaf, flags and telephone calls, graffiti on the wall of a public restroom and even silence.

Cry of a child, hug from family member and a facial expression are also referred to as 'communication'. It is equally difficult to illustrate why we use communication. People communicate to institute relationships with others, to show their feelings and opinions, to share experiences, to work together efficiently, to be entertained, and to persuade others to think as they do.

What makes me very clear is that communication is used to describe many things. For this reason, it is difficult to ensure that the intended audience has received the right message when we are sending information.


The figure shows the communication process.

Communication is the process of exchange of information between a sender/source and a receiver through a channel (medium) which results in shared feedback. It can be verbal or non-verbal. The figure explains the basic principles apply whether human, animal, other forms of life.


Conceive the message'

'Don't open your mouth only to put your foot in it!' When you have something to say, consider the best means of putting your message across, and bear in mind that timing is important. Consider your recipient carefully and aim your message to suit their specific needs.

Encode the message

This stage involves putting the information into an appropriate form suitable to both the sender, the recipient and the aim. Think before reaching for your phone or putting fingers to keyboard. Decide first what specific outcomes you want from the communication. This will help you choose whether words will suffice, whether a printed record is necessary and whether graphic are appropriate. It will also help you choose appropriate language and tone.

Select the appropriate channel

This stage is where the message is actually sent and the information is transferred. The technological revolution has brought about a wide range of telecommunication methods. You must consider all aspects; speed, cost, quick receipt, printed record, confidentiality, etc, and make an intelligent decision before sending your message. Time and money can be wasted if the wrong medium is chosen.


Decode the message

Because so many messages arrive in offices today, it is important to ensure that they are routed promptly and are given the attention they deserve. To achieve success at this stage it is also important to take the trouble to ensure that the recipient will understand the language and vocabulary used.

Interpret the message

Very often it is necessary to 'read between the lines.' Ti is always important to consider carefully the tone used in your communication so that the correct message is received. For example, you do not want to risk antagonizing a good customer by using a harsh tone. Distortion of the message may occur if the sender has not carefully encoded the communication, in which case the recipient will interpret the message differently from how it was intended.


The communication process cannot be successful without appropriate feedback. In oral communication this is often immediate, in meetings the audience may nod or smile to show understanding and agreement. But with written messages courtesy and discipline are important to acknowledge receipt of messages until a full and appropriate response can be give.

So those are the key stages in the communication process. Throughout our career, we will find that perfectly effective message can fail for a variety of reason. We attempts to transmit and receive messages can be disrupted, distorted, even blocked by communication barriers. Therefore, if we want to ensure the intended audience has received the right message. We need to avoid the following barriers such as:

Distractions. Business messages can be interrupted or distorted by a wide variety of distraction. Physical distractions range from bad connections and poor acoustics to illegible printing and uncomfortable meeting rooms. Emotional distractions on the part of either sender or receiver can affect the way we prepare and deliver messages and the way our audience interprets those messages.

Information overload. The sheer number of message that people receive on the job can be distracting. Too many messages can result in information overload, which not only makes it difficult to discriminate between useful and useless information but also amplifies workplace stress.

Perceptual differences. Our minds organize incoming sensations into a mental map that represents our individual perception of reality. As a sender, you choose the details that seem important to you. As a receiver, we try to fit new details into our existing pattern' however, if a detail does not quite fit, we are inclined to distort the information rather than rearrange our pattern-a process known as selective perception. The more experiences we share with another person, the more likely we are to share perception and thus share meaning,

Language differences. The very language we use to communicate can turn into a barrier if two people define a given word or phrase differently. When a boss asks for something "as soon as possible," does that mean within 10 seconds, 10 minutes. 10 days?

Restrictive environments. Companies that restrict the flow of information, either intentionally or unintentionally, limit their competitive potential. With their many levels between top and bottom, tall hierarchies often result in significant loss of message quality in both directions.

Deceptive tactics. Given the difficulty of communication in the best of circumstances, deceptive communication is regrettably easy. Unscrupulous communicators can present opinions as facts, omit crucial information, exaggerate benefits, or downplay risk.


Understanding communication process is very important and critical to us. We need to study how to make sure the message that we send has been received and understood. As the result of the feedback. We get the whole process done. We should know about the barriers to the communication and avoid them. Thank you.

Question 2:

Introduction: how can communicate affect marketing.

Communication can be described as the glue that holds together a channel of distribution. The role of communication within marketing channels is an important issue from both a managerial and theoretical perspective.

The lack of relevant theoretical and empirical research on channel communication makes it difficult to suggest effective and efficient communication strategies for channel managers. Current heuristics and rules of thumb - such as "more communication,""improved communication," and "open communication."

So that is how important communicate impact marketing.

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Advantages of using magazine to advertise:

As the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product Sonny Ericasson Playstation Phone- Xperia Play. I decide to use two medium such as magazine (mobile world) and flyer to do my communication with my audience.

Firstly, magazines have media kits and rate cards that provide potential advertisers with pertinent information about their readership. Information such as the readership's income, education level, buyer behavior, gender, interests, marital status and geographic location are outlined. This information gives potential advertisers a clear overview of the types of individuals who subscribe to and read specific magazines. Magazine publishers make this information available to potential advertisers so they can determine whether the magazine's readership mirrors their target market Magazine publishers use surveys to gather information about their readership.

Secondly, magazine advertisements offer potential advertisers more control and flexibility when it comes to creating layouts to advertise products and services. It comprises the ability to reach particular audiences, viewer's interest, long life duration, layout, image quality, and the division of sales promotion devices.

Magazine has a high rank of audience's accessibility. The environment of a magazine lends ability and creditability to the advertising many magazines claim that advertising in their periodical gives a product reputation. In addition, it in chance would make an impact on business audience, just as and advantages in roll would make an impact on teenagers.

Thirdly, magazine has the longest life span in all the media and it has high reach prospective because they passed along to family friends, colleagues and customers. Furthermore, people tend to read magazine at a slow rate, naturally over couple of days, so they offer an opportunity to use detailed copy. The magazine format also allows inspiration advertising Varity through multiple pages, interest and other features.

For my new product, a hand phone, I use magazine for my advertising and choose "mobile world" due to it is and English magazine from Malaysia. Mobile world magazine covers leading Asian mobile technology. It is a monthly publication. I will keep my product in the magazine for a month to let all consumer family with it. Then, I will use my advertising to flyer in the 1st week of that month.

Advantages of using flyer for advertising

Any business owner that is experiencing financial difficulties from the recession, or anything else for that matter, should definitely consider adverting with flyer. Therefore, I list 6 benefits if this method of advertising is doing well:

Low priced. No matter how large of an advertising budget we have to work with, this form of advertising allows us to promote our products and services within our means. Advertising flyers is the cheapest form of advertisement. We can design and print our flyer in office to save hundreds of expenses on unnecessary costs.

Instant results. There is no waiting for our advertisement to be published when advertising flyers person-to-person. Our sales will increase the same day as we launch our advertising campaign. This is the most important reason why every business owner should be thinking about using flyer of advertising.

Consumer feedback. Talking to people with face to face on the streets allows us to ask serious questions about our business without having to hire an overpriced survey service. We can find out what people really think of our products and services, allowing us to correct any serious issues we may have immediately. Besides, this also gives us the opportunity to inform people of all the positive changes and improvements we have made.

Viral injectors. Advertising flyers on streets is proven to generate word of mouth buzz and referrals. In fact, a struggling business can be back on the road map to success within weeks of launching the first promotion. There is even the possibility of our promotion being picked up by our local newspaper.

Simply. Other forms of advertising require quite long time of planning and preparation. This strategy eliminates the timely process of searching for professional graphic designers and copywriters. Simply put, we can launch our advertising campaign the same day.

High effective. Since we are talking to people in personal. Response rates can be quite high in comparison to other forms of advertising. In addition, we are more likely to convince consumers in to purchasing whatever it is we have to sell with this strategy. The results are always phenomenal considering the price and time it takes to advertise flyer.

As the picture show my adverting in magazine and flyer. My product is a phone which has great function and motivation with PSP (play station portable) which is just available in Spain this month; it will be launch in Malaysia by April. This product is special for those gamer who like to play the PSP, and when a PSP will be function like a phone, it will be accepted by most gamers. In addition, this is not only for gamers; it is also for other people who want to try our product.

Reasons that I create this flyer (magazine page):

First, I chose the red color words for my product because of it will be attracting consumer's eyes. I chose this picture with the phone it looks and there is a part of figure from the phone's application. Because it gives consumer to know that our new product support all 3D games and I will function smoothly.

Then, I put a yellow explosion with words - A PSP + A PHONE WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Due to that I need every of my consumer knows about that our new product is not only a phone. It works with great function for gaming also.

Furthermore, I will give free gift to the first 50 consumer who purchase or our new product for a promotion; it will attract more consumers to come to us. For the introduction, I put parts of information in the box which under the product name, I use the red color to mention the launching day to let consumer know and 6 points of my product's information. The contact below the advertisement is for those consumers who still don't know very clear about our product, they can call us or come to our shop for more information.


After this assignment I have learn a lot about communication. The process of communication makes me clear about why people cannot get the right message. I know about how communicate will affect the marketing and business. Finally, effectively communication will help business/ organization doing well in their operation with a great result. Thank you.