The Progression Of Electronic Communication Technology English Language Essay

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The technology world has come along way since computers took up whole rooms and required a electronics degree to operate, and you had to wind phones to work. If you wanted to talk to some one in the old days you had to go to their house or spend hours looking for them. These days people in china are literally at the tips of your fingers. A thing most people in my generation think little of but something that was once completely impossible. The basis for my report is the basis for which this technology was created, Communication.

Once the only things that could communicate electronically were giant computers that didn't even have the capability to process words. They put out a "simple" code compromised of 1 and 0's that had to be interpreted by workers who spent years learning how to read this number language and even more years deciphering what that computer printed out. Only the wealthiest governments owned them.

Once you are on the internet there are many different ways to communicate. You can send a electronic message or email to someone getting them a letter instantly instead of weeks by ground mail. You can download an instant messenger application and talk to other people who are online. You can get a web cam and provided that the person you are talking to also has a web cam you can talk "face" to "face". These methods have become the norm for communication replacing real face to face communication. You can now easily talk to friends and relatives in different states, countries, time zones. It doesn't matter. Business deals can be done without having to travel saving time and money. It is also a wonderful way for our troops over seas to stay connected with their families.

Phones. The days of staying inside the house for days waiting by the phone for a important phone call are long over. With the invention of cell phones it is now possible to talk to anyone anywhere. Cell phones use a micro chip to communicate with satellites and send and receive phone calls, text messages, pictures, videos, ring tones, and full songs. With smart phones (meaning a phone that is also a computer) you can even use your phone as a credit card. Using a application to put out a code to the receiving cash register which allows it to subtract the amount directly from your bank account into the stores.

Phones are no longer just for communicating. They have evolved to be a support crutch for our lives. Any thing you can think of there's an app. for it. You almost don't even need a computer any more you can just by a really smart phone and have everything you could ever need in your pocket available for use any where.

Other. As I mentioned earlier there are too many ways to communicate electronically these days. These devices are things that are commonly used in everyday life. You would be hard pressed to find someone who did not have at least one of these things.

Washing machines. Has your washing machine ever just stopped working one day with no pre-warning leaving you with a pile of laundry and no clue what was wrong with it and terrified that you might have to replace the whole thing? Well your days of worry are over now you can simply call the help line press a button and then hold the phone up the speaker located next to it and the washing machine will emit a series of sounds that are interpreted by a computer, and will tell you exactly what is wrong with your washing machine. Then if the problem requires a professional to fix the company will send one of their repair technicians out with exactly the right part saving everybody time and saving you money.

Bluetooth. Bluetooth come equipped in everything from phone to computers and enables file sharing. You can easily share pictures, videos, music, papers even programs by turning two Bluetooth capable devices on with in close range of each other. This device uses satellites to quickly transmit the signals so file transfer time is generally under a minute. This is extremely handy for adding pictures and music to your phone from a computer or vice versa.

I-pods. Ipods used to be just for listening to music. Now you can use them to check and send email, text message, surf the internet and play games online. As with other technology in our growingly wireless world I-pods use satellites to carry out these functions quickly and with ease.

The kindel. Even books are computerized now. On their way out the door are days spent curled up with a book, or bookshelves filled with books. Now you can buy a Kindel about the size of an average hard cover book and as thin as half a inch, they are easy to carry around with you and with over 14 different shades of grey and brightness they are easy to read and almost look like a real book page. You go on the internet with them directly to the Kindel web page and download instantly to your Kindel any book you want. Many Kindels can hold over 400 books allowing you to read several books at once or to carry around books for reference with out the weight and inconvience carrying the real books would require.


There are several different methods to communicating electronically the three main ones we will cover here are:



Sound monitoring

Talking. Online phone calls and regular phone calls are completed by using your voice and as so is probably the simplest.

Typing. Text messages, emails, instant messages, and pretty much all the ways of communicating threw a keyboard require typing. That is why it is so important for people to learn this skill. In the old days only really smart and wealthy people needed to know how to type because they were the only ones who were going to ever have the chance to utilize the skill. Today most 5 year old can type.

Sound monitoring. The washing machine is a great example of sound monitoring but it is not the only one many devices use sound monitoring to communicate operations.


There are many different levels of electronic communication. I will talk a little about the three main ones.

Simple. Simple electronic communications include, emails, phone calls and text messages. These are very common forms of communication and therefore great attention has been given to them to make them as simple as possible to use. These days it is not uncommon to find a five year old who can do these things.

Intermediate. Intermediate communications would include Video chat, and Bluetooth.

Video chat makes the intermediate column because it requires buying and properly setting up a camera to coordinate with your computer and accurately interpret and send out video to another party and the receiving party must also complete all these steps,

Expert. These communications would include sound monitoring, apps on your phone including but not limited to credit card capabilities, reading credit cards, and barcodes.

These require more than the ordinary computer communication skills. Sound monitoring requires specific programming and a specific program to interpret the income message if either is even slightly off it will not work properly. Using your phone as a credit card and to accept credit cards is way beyond normal day to day functions it requires many different levels of communication between person , computer, satellites and the receiving end. Using an app on your phone to display a scan able replica of your member card at stores saves you time looking for it and space in your wallet. How ever it requires precise output and input to work correctly and mistakes that are made are hard to fix and there is not definite evidence that it wont cause complications on your phone.


As is hope my report has showed the world has come a long way from simple face to face communication. You can now be in the middle of the woods camping and still be completely connected to the outside world. Working, exchanging information and paperwork. Even making purchases for your business or home. It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and quite literally changed the world. Only time will tell weather we have discovered the next great way of communicating or weather we are depriving ourselves and future generations of essential people skills.