The Path Of Gorean Enlightenment English Language Essay

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The following information you will find in this section is solely directed towards the slave. I want to say here and now that this information is not meant to any behaviors in a slave that are contrary to her Master's rule and training of His own slave. Nor do I wish to convey any false truths towards any slave. I recommend strongly that if you are a slave and reading this that you ask your Master's approval and consent before you change any routine that he has established for you. Remember that your Master is always the best and most accurate and reliable source of information when it comes to your behavior and training as a slave.

I will not make any apologies for the basic nature of some of the information in the following pages. My sole purpose is to provide a starting point for the slave. I have found in the past that it is very helpful for even the most mature slave to be reminded of the importance of the little things. I have found that a good plan of action, especially for those slave that are having trouble organizing and keeping track of the countless things a slave should remember, is an excellent and effective way to keep them on track without overwhelming them. I also stress highly that the slave understand that guidelines are just that… guidelines. They are not meant by any means to insult a slave's intelligence, which would be very counterproductive in her training but to help them achieve their goal as a well-trained slave.

For those who have chosen this life and pathway to slavery, I wish to say these few words. I know that you are feeling an overwhelming delight at the new feelings that are burning inside you now of intimacy and sexuality, and extremely powerful sensations of adoration and loyalty towards you Master now. At least until the reality of daily slave life of a 24/7 slave sets in. The demands of time and energy, in accepting a real time slave collar is like taking on a second job or career. If you have entered the lifestyle with the hopes that the collar you wear now around your neck proudly will somehow relieve you of your responsibility and challenge, I am here to inform you that you are in for a very harsh and rude awakening. It will become very clear very quickly that sex and scenes will be far less frequent than the more everyday duties and responsibilities of your life under your Master's roof. This will be your first major challenge to accept your duties with the same grace and dignity as you have shown when you receive the reward of your Master's intimate attention.

As a real time slave, you are expected to learn how to complete all your tasks efficiently, effectively, and with little or no disturbance to your Master's life as possible. For the most, you will have to motivate yourself to complete some of these goals or tasks. Your Master will provide you with a training program with a set of guidelines and expectations. A very good rule to learn up front is that no Master likes to micro manage a slave's every move. The tasks that you will face on a daily basis will require a degree of self-discipline from you. These tasks will also require you to provide your own motivation and structure.

I want to stress very strongly that this is and will be difficult for many who are naturally submissive, but if you cannot accomplish your entire daily list of tasks without your Master's supervision, as a slave you will be of little practical use to your Master. Remember a slave who cannot self-motive herself to do anything unless Master gives her a direct order to do something is not reaching her full potential as a slave and does not understand the very basic concept of what slavery really is…the true desire to serve.

In most slaves, the desire to serve a Master comes naturally, but unfortunately, the desire does not always go hand in hand with real time motivation, skills needed, or performance. The desire a slave has to serve is not usually a 24/7 feeling, nor is it a guarantee of expertise. As a new real time slave, you will face the inability to join desire with action and you will be confused and frustrated at first, but with Master's guiding hand, his wealth of knowledge and his patience, you will overcome this and be on your way to becoming a well-trained slave.

A major key to all of a slave's duties is organization. As a slave, not only do you need to know what your duties are, but also when is the best time for you to complete them. The first thing I recommend is that you should purchase a Day Planner. If you are not allowed to handle money as most slaves are, ask your Master's permission to purchase one and the reason why you wish to. Your Master may hesitate at the expense of the planner, depending on what His ideas are of what a slave needs. In that case, I urge you as a new slave to take the first step in self-motivation and make your own. You can make one from a loose-leaf binder, some pocket dividers and some lined paper. At the end of this book, I have included some handouts that you can copy and use in your organizer if you wish.

In your organizer you should have a complete list of all your duties and chores, how often they are to be done, a list of expenses with a place for receipts, a calendar, daily checklists and any other information you deem useful in order to carry out your responsibilities in your Master's home. You will find that some of your duties like sexual duties will not work well in your organizer, but most of your duties and chores will find a proper place in its pages.

When your Master discusses with you the finer points of your duties, should be noted, and quickly incorporated into your organization plan. The list of slave commandments you must follow makes an excellent first page for your organizer. A section for each area of service with a list of duties along with a time line requirement for completion of these duties is a good beginning. Also daily checklists and monthly calendars can be filled in from there. If you have tried, but cannot complete the task of making a personal organizer on your own, go and ask your Master for His help when it is convenient for Him to do so.

An essential tool in learning how you should maintain your Master's home and behave, as a proper slave is common sense, but remember research is a vital tool. When your Master gives you a task to complete, you can most likely count on Him not giving you step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task. A good rule to remember as a slave is that if Master wishes to tell you detailed information on how to do the task, He will. If not it, is up to you as a slave to motivate yourself to do the task and research if needed to complete the task. If you should become stuck on how to complete the task, you should ask Master for help, but make sure you have exhausted all other possibilities before going to your Master. I have provided some resources in each section of this manual.

One thing many slaves have whether they are brand new or seasoned slaves is the difficulty accepting the lack of positive feedback on the duties they perform. Very often, a slave feels that their duties are taken for granted. A slave must remember that their work is supposed to be taken for granted. A good slave does not perform her duties with the expectation of getting a reward or a pat on the back by Master. It is a very rare case that Master will say what a good job the slave did cleaning the oven. In all likelihood, Master will never notice the inside of the oven, and the goal is that He never should.

Finally, in closing, as a slave it is important that you accept all your duties, perform them to the best of your abilities and never ever give your Master any sign that you would rather be doing something else. As a slave, you must remember that Master's comfort and well-being results in good things for the slave, and His anger and His disappointment will often be quite punishing. Now that you have accepted His collar, being a new slave or a well-trained slave, you will find yourself with many more duties to carry out. These duties will be quite easy for you, just remember that they will be less stressful, less demanding then the ones that Master has before Him. His tasks are to care for you, provide you with a home, handing out the structure, discipline that you as His slave desire, and need in shaping your life as a well-trained slave.

I wish you all the success on your path to Gorean enlightenment.

Master Samurai


Slave Commandment 1

All Free males are to be treated with the same respect as Master Samurai at all times. They are to be addressed as Master if acceptable.

Slave Commandment 2

When you serve Master or any other Master, you shall serve as if your well-being depends on you being does for it reflects on the level of training you have received from Master.

Slave Commandment 3

While Master or any other Master may not always be right, they are, by Gorean law, never WRONG. As a slave, you always have the last word in any disagreement you have with Master. Those words are "Yes, Master!"

Slave Commandment 4

Jealousy and Possessiveness will not be permitted in the Homestone. This has caused more slaves to lose their collars and ousted from the Homestone than disobedience.

Slave Commandment 5

When in the presence of Master and any other Masters, slaves do not use the first person pronoun. The first person pronoun "I", "me" or "mine" are not in a slave's vocabulary. The slave will use the following; "May this girl" or "Shall this girl".

Slave Commandment 6

Your perfection of service and submission to Master Samurai is your ultimate goal as a slave; the thought of mere excellence shall only be tolerated.

Slave Commandment 7

The collar that you wear around your neck carries the honor of your Master. Your attitude, appearance can make is as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain around your neck.

Slave Commandment 8

Do not be idle. Once you have completed your daily chores and Master has no other requiring service of you, use this time to clean, cook, bake, or practice serving techniques with your sisters or study more about Gor.

Slave Commandment 9

As a slave, you possess nothing, except what Master has given to you, this also including your slave name. Remember most of all that "What is given to you by Master can be taken away by Master".

Slave Commandment 10

The simplest yearning of Master is your uppermost commandment. Any slave that breaks any of these commandments punishment shall be swift and harsh.

Guidelines of Personal Duties for a Slave

Slave's Self-Awareness & her Personal Growth:

A slave's first and most important duty is to her own personal growth. When a slave does not have a healthy amount of self-respect and does not have a strong firm belief in the strength of her choices, the slave is no use to anyone, especially her Master. Slavery is not about a slave's low self-esteem or her low self-deprecation. Slavery is not about a slave's trying to avoid life's responsibilities at her Master's expense. Slavery is not becoming a less intelligent, engaging and inclusive person, but slavery is putting all those qualities to their best use. A slave must do her very best to preserve and expand her emotional health. The slave must also maintain a sense of clarity and purpose; uphold her willingness to carry on despite all obstructions and all slip-ups.

Now that you are a slave, you must start to be aware of your strengths and talents, and must be ready at all times to offer them to Master for His own purposes and doings. Whether it is the most mind blowing sexual experience to the tedious and humdrum task, as a slave you must be prepared and eager towards the growth of the relationship and the personal growth within it. A slave must always be willing to learn and expand her horizons for the betterment of the relationship. If a slave thinks that, she is a victim or a martyr, then the slave will never be a productive slave by thinking in those terms.

As a slave, you must not "keep tabs" on issues of mutual benefit, but you must accept responsibility for your own behavior alone. Remember that slave training is not was designed to make the perfect Master, but it was designed to make the perfect slave. Always keep this theory in the top of your mind. Master may and will at times ask His slave for her opinions, when the slave is asked, she should offer them willingly, quickly and with total honesty. In all cases, the slave shall remember that no matter how valuable she may think her opinions are, in the end only Master can and will determine the value of her opinions. It is only the duty of the slave to honor Master's choices. In addition, to express gratitude for any small part the she as His slave may have played in them.

Slave's Service:

In your journey to becoming a good slave, you will find it a challenging ambition; it will require practice and perseverance. Remember that everything you do as a slave is in the context of this relationship is to be of service to Master. If Master has a lenient or strict mood, if He is a demanding or relaxed Master, He expects that His slave will serve Him in any number of ways, and at His convenience.

It is your duty as His slave to be aware of His comfort, to familiarize yourself with all of His needs, His routines, His habits good and bad, and most of all His passions. Learn every way possible how you can best accommodate them. Any of the needs of Master not anticipated must be carried out at the instant of His command.

Never draw attention to service on to itself. Service is to be inconspicuous itself yet available always. The actions of the slave should never demand or seek thanks or acknowledgment from Master. Nor should they lead Master to believe that they are expected. Remember that the best way a slave serves weaves them into the everyday fabric of the experience of slavery without disrupting the complexities of its patterns. Service is meant utmost to be interlaced, not inflicted.

Slave's Obedience:

Obedience, total unhesitating obedience is Master's due. A slave is always obliged to approach Master when and if obedience creates a question or doubt, but only with proper attitude and at the appropriate time. A slave should never disobey Master, in public or in any situation where His Mastery may or will come in question by others. By being obedient, it encourages others to think of Master as His slave does, worthy, bless with the ability to rule effectively.

By obeying the rules given, by Master to her will prove to Master that His slave trusts Him and she is willing to live by His codes and values. Obeying His rules teaches His slave what is expected of her, and leaves no room for doubts or blame. Obedience proves to Master that His slave is trustworthy, deserves to wear His collar around her neck, and she is dependable.

Slave's Attitude and Respect:

A Master/slave relationship is a structured nature, which demands strongly upon the acceptance of a hierarchy. Within the larger picture, the respect a slave feels for her Master can be seen by the use of the prescribed way her addresses Him. A slave must address her Master by His title when speaking to Him or when speaking to others about Him, unless the situation will cause Him embarrassment or to others. Even at times like that, the slave should make every effort to recognize and show the differences between her Master and her.

A Master must always be treated with the utmost respect at all times - with a tone of voice from His slave that does not indicate any anger, frustration, or exasperation. A slave must always ask permission first to speak freely, and the slave must remember if permission is granted to her, the slave must be certain that she can express her thoughts clearly, calmly, and logically without any redundancy. A slave must also remember that this opportunity to speak freely can be taken away as easily as it was given. The slave must always preserve the attitude of graciousness and be grateful while speaking freely to her Master.

A good slave must also remember that her demeanor is just as important as the words she chooses to speak. As a slave, you should never take up a determined or defiant stance in front of your Master, but take an open and accepting stance. Unless you are instructed by your Master to stand a certain way in front of Him while speaking, you should always stand before Him, your eyes downcast, palms open and in a formal posture.

A slave's space is of the utmost importance and the preservation of it obtained by subduing unrefined behaviors. As a slave, you can be playful, spontaneous or fun loving, but you cannot maintain your focus on your servitude if you are agitated, noisy or disorderly. You must learn to demonstrate self-restraint and moderation. Understand that it is impossible to be attentive if you are engaged in activities that do not include your Master. This is a visible evidence of your Master's training.

Another good thing to remember is that nudity in Master's presence is not to be taken as a sexual act but as a symbolic one. Being nude in front of your Master should represent to you the removal of all barriers that would keep Him from His slave. Being nude shows Him a desire to hide nothing from Him or have any secrets from Him. By allowing His slave to be nude, the slave can fend off the imposed mantle of the outside world and to immerse the slave in the world He has offered to her.

Slave's Acceptance of Discipline:

Punishment can be and is a stimulating gift. With punishment comes the return for the slave of clarity and form. The ability to reason based completely by her heart and not on social precepts, which quite often hold back a slave. Punishment leaves a slave with a profound understanding of structure. The slave also has a reflective wisdom and a challenge for the future. Punishment at its best will produce gratitude for the slave.

One of the hardest things for a slave to understand is the difference between what a punishment is and what a discipline is without confusing them. It is up to the slave to accept that punishment is part of the slave's life and delivered without erotic elements. Punishments delivered as often as necessary to accomplish a positive change in an unacceptable behavior. A slave should never ask for punishment, Master decides what behaviors need correction and how best to correct them.

What is appropriate for a slave to ask of her Master is for His guidance in hope of correcting a behavior that she has before it reaches the punishment stage. In addition, the slave must confess totally to her Master, all disobedience in absolute honesty. Remember anything not confess to Master is a lie. A slave must also remember to ask her Master for an explanation if she is unclear on something, and the slave should understand that failure to ask would not absolve the slave from any consequences.

Slave's Sexuality:

A slave must remember that she does not determine any aspect of her sexuality. As with all other facets of her life now, her sexual drive, her sexual creativity and sexual enjoyment are useful only in service of her Master. A slave must remember that in her Master's eyes, sexual service is no more or less important than any other task that she is given. Failure to perform properly or performance that lacks enthusiasm is a true sign of disrespect and is punishable as any other act of disobedience.

A slave is required to fulfill her Master's sexual needs on demand. The slave must also remember that her own sexual release is a reward for good behavior. The slave's personal pleasure is not a determining factor in sexual situations with her Master. A slave must strive to please her Master without seeking her own pleasure. A slave can be sent away at times without having sexual release should only be disappointing if the slave has failed Master is some way. In addition, that the disappointment can only be viewed on her own performance.

With all things said, the slave must remember that she is allowed the freedom to live the life she desires, and should express gratitude to her Master for the gift He has bestowed upon her through the dedication to His service, by following His rules, obedience to His will and complete compliance to His desires.

50 Excellent Tips for a Slave to Know

Work diligently on your prescribed chores. Do not cut corners.

Do not expect thanks or pat yourself on the back for fulfilling your obligations.

Never complain about your Master to anyone else.

Learn to pick up after your Master as you do yourself.

Ask Him for advice. Then take it. If you do not feel He is better at making most decisions, then why is He your Master?

Ask Him for reassurance when you need it.

Unless there is an emergency, do not interrupt your Master when He is speaking.

Offer your opinions courteously, and only if you are allowed to offer them remembering what a privilege it is to be allowed to speak at all.

Acknowledge your mistakes and thank Master for caring enough to point them out to you.

When you approach Master, wait patiently in a submissive pose for Him to acknowledge you.

Once Master has made a decision, do not beg or whine, but carry out His wishes.

When your Master speaks, focus all attention on Him. Do not look around, look at your fingernails, watch TV, etc.

Never manipulate your Master into awkward positions: Instead of asking, "Do I look good?" ask, "Does this look please you, Master, or would you prefer_________? Narrow down His preferences without seeking flattery.

If you feel you need it, ask your Master for extra training in specific areas. A good Master will be pleased that you are outing forth the effect.

Never ask your Master to punish you. A slave has no place determining what actions are punishable and by asking, you are diminishing the effect it is meant to have on you.

Learn when you have said enough. Then shut up.

Do not smother your Master. Allow Him the space and freedom His authority deservers.

If Master compliments you, on something, you have done - do it the same way next time. If Master comments favorably on your make-up or dress, use the same technique next time.

Serve without drawing attention to yourself.

Do not nag. If there are things, Master needs to know about, tell Him once. If Master is a busy man who tends to forget, purchase a small whiteboard for the refrigerator and make a list.

In public, you are still responsible for His needs. If Master needs a refill on His drink, get it for Him, etc. Never sit if your Master is standing unless told to.

Unless Master tells you otherwise, walk a couple of paces behind Him and to His side. Do not set the pace. If Master walks quickly, learn to keep up.

Offer to open doors for Him.

Always, always, always defer to Master in public, even if you are in complete disagreement. Save your concerns for later, when you are alone with Him.

Ask for permission to engage in free time activities. Train yourself to finish the tasks He has given you before approaching Master for free time.

Accept and rely on Master's advice about your personal growth, your physical health, and your appearance. Master's comments reflect His desires, not your failures. Remember you exist to please Master - no one else.

Never intrude on Master's privacy. If spaces are off limits to you, do not disturb them, and more, do not ask prying questions about them. You may be on a "need to know" basis in your Master's life.

On the other hand, make every effort to keep nothing private from Master. There should be nothing about your life, your finances, your emotional states, your medical condition, or your past that Master does not have access to if He wants it. You are HIS property. Everything about you belongs entirely to Master.

Find ways to retain "slave space." Journal, fantasize, or do whatever it takes to retain a submissive and docile attitude. Try speaking to your Master in third person. It is hard to be arrogant when speaking of yourself as a slave.

Offer Master reassurance if He needs it. Just like you, Master is human and may need occasional support.

Remember that you have no more authority because Master is ill or incapacitated. You are slave regardless of your Master's emotional state or His health.

Never say "NO" to your Master. At most, use a phrase like, "This slave would prefer not to, but will gladly defer to her Master's will."

Master gets the metaphoric "remote" as well as the real one.

Your Master's meal should be served before your own. Do not begin eating until your Master has begun.

Turn your Master's bed down at night. Ask permission to sleep in His bed, unless He has stated otherwise.

If you are in Master's bed, do not leave it without permission or His prior command.

Always be clean.

Never believe you are through with training. You are not that good.

If you do not understand, ask.

Remember that your submission is no more a "gift" to Him than His domination is a "gift" to you. You are two parts of a whole.

In public, make certain your pride and loyalty in your Master cannot be questioned.

Be prepared for anything.

Take responsibility for disciplining yourself in the areas you can. Do not make your Master's job harder.

Learn to move gracefully and attractively. Do not be afraid to ask your Master for His advice in the area of form.

Do not try to manipulate with tears. If a fair and reasonable punishment or reprimand makes you cry, it is often healthy and cleansing.

Expect your Master to make occasional mistakes, just as if you do. Never, ever berate Master for them.

Always be willing to learn new things: erotic dance, massage, etc. Use them to serve your Master's needs.

Create an environment that your Master wants to be in. His home should be calm and clean. His slaves should be pleasant and agreeable.

Watch your language. Learn how to express yourself without swearing. It is unattractive.

If your Master feels like the King of His world, keep doing whatever you are doing.

A Slave's Guidelines for Proper Care of Master

As you progress on your journey as a slave, you may be called upon to provide more "personal "services for your Master. This depends on your Master's nature; these tasks can range as basic as caring for His clothing to something as personal as clipping and manicuring His toenails. These duties should be accomplished with devotion, dignity, and extreme care. Your Master should never feel that you consider these things to be an imposition or that you are loathing tackling any of these duties. Of the following, your Master will tell you how you can best be of service to Him. He may decide your services in some areas are too personal - this information is simply meant to provide you with guidelines.


It is very likely you will be expected to see to the laundering and cleaning of your Master's clothing. Before proceeding, ask Him if He has any special instructions, and follow them to the letter.

If you do not already have them, you should acquire some basic mending skills, like sewing buttons, repairing hems, etc. When laundering your Master's clothes, items should be checked to see that they do not need mending.

Learn to do ironing immediately after clothing has been removed from the dryer, and before it is hung or folded. Iron properly. Make sure that the creases are where they need to be. Using starch sparingly is a great help.

Undergarments should be folded even briefs folded over once and socks should be paired before placing them in the drawers.

Closets should be organized into sections. Dress shirts in one area, suits in another, etc.

Your Master's shoes should be paired and polished, readily available to Him. Sneakers should be deodorized and kept clean.

Many Masters require their slaves to become familiar with dressing/undressing them.

When laying out your Master's clothes, make certain you do not wrinkle them in the process.

Have everything available when Master is ready to dress, including socks, underwear, shoes, belts, watches, neckties, or cufflinks.

If Master wishes to dress Himself, remain in attendance but out of His way.

If you are required to dress Master, learn to do so quickly and efficiently. When Master is on His way to work is not the time to move slowly.

When undressing your Master, start at the top and work your way down. It is more appropriate to finish in a kneeling position if Master is naked.

Master's clothes should be hung up or folded immediately if He plans to put them back on, or they should be deposited into the proper laundry hamper.

Personal Hygiene:

Bathing or showering your Master:

Water temperature should be to His liking.

Oils, bath salts, etc. should be added to your Master's bath only if He desires them

Remain on your knees outside the tub for a bath; you will have to enter if your Master desires a shower.

Use a washcloth and a good soap, and scrub the skin - you are there to work, not to entice Him into a romantic interlude.

Clean your Master thoroughly. Ask Him politely to turn, lift, or stand as necessary. Lift the things that need to be lifted. While you are there for a specific purpose, this is one of those times you can take advantage of by paying special attention to His genitals as a gesture of respect, love and adoration, Obviously, the genitals should be treated with less vigor than other parts of the body.

When shampooing your Master's hair, take the time to massage His scalp. This is very relaxing, and can reduce His levels of stress.

Your Master should be towel-dried thoroughly; begin with His hair and work downward. Do not leave damp spots under His arms, under His genitals or in cracks and crevices.

Apply a skin moisturizer that is not heavy or overly scented. If your Master is not in a hurry, ask Him to lay down for this application. This is an excellent time to provide a massage.

Additional personal hygiene that you may be expected to provide for your Master maybe easier for Him to do like applying deodorant. If so, it is likely you are being given an opportunity to learn humility, not simply because your Master wishes to accomplish tasks in twice the time. Also, do not be surprised if you are expected to clean, your Master's ears, trim His nose hair, or even apply medicinal crèmes. Again, it is very likely you are meant to learn a lesson in humility. Allow yourself to learn that lesson with dignity and grace.

A full manicure and pedicure may be a weekly part of your practice of "Master care." Find out what tools are necessary and learn how to give them.

Pedicure Tips:

Fill a plastic pan with warm water and some soap and place it where your Master can soak His feet for a few minutes before you begin.

Scrub Master's toenails and feet with a nailbrush. Do this carefully - it will tickle.

Dry Master's feet, then clip His toenails, and clean underneath them with a file tip or cuticle stick carefully.

File clipped nails. Do not saw - file in only one direction.

Use pumice stone on callouses.

Apply exfoliating crème to feet and massage.

Rinse and dry Master's feet again, and apply moisturizing cream.

A Slave's Guidelines to Health and Hygiene


Having determined that a slave's body belongs to her Master, it follows that the care of the body should fit the Master's needs. Every slave should have a hygienic routine and should take pains to keep herself as fit as necessary to compentenly fulfill her role. In most matters, your Master has the final say as what you wear, how you keep your body and how you maintain your health.

A Few Words about Bodies

As we all know by now, bodies come in all various shapes and sizes. What is socially described as "fit" or "attractive" rarely coincides with the average woman's looks. It is perfectly reasonable to have preferences in body shape, size, and fitness, but a relationship based on Americanized standards of beauty is shallow and short-lived at best. Beware the Master who indicates he wishes to "change" your figure or looks. A good Master and a decent human being will be far more concerned with who you are inside than how you look on the outside. At most, Master will do what He can to "enhance" the qualities your already possess.

Humiliation based on attributes over which one has no control is dangerous. While it is perfectly acceptable for your Master to determine how you dress or wear your make-up, you should never be made to feel that you are less worthy because of your weight, your looks, physical disabilities or mental capabilities.

Weight issues are most prevalent in our society right now. Women are held to a standard that is often unrealistic and unhealthy. These standards should not apply to a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. Before you agree to a contract of any kind, make sure you are aware of your Master's feelings in this area, and do nothing that will make you an emotional or physical wreck.

Body Modification

Tattooing, piercing, branding, or scarring is often seen on collared slaves. Any of these things MUST be discussed up front with your Master before you sign a contract agreeing them without realizing you have done so. When it comes to any kind of modification - be it weight control or corrective surgery - never put yourself in a position in which permanent can be made if you do not approve. No Master worth the title would demand a change you will have to live with the rest of your life, and all Masters should discuss procedures such as these months or years in advance of actually having them done. Anything less is the stuff of fantasies and should be left in that realm.

Should you agree to any kind of modification, a professional should perform it. If it is ritualistic or part of a ceremony, witnesses might be present, but just like a doctor does not treat his own family, a Master should not brand His own slave. Clarify this before signing a contract.

Slave Responsibility

It is the slave's duty to respond to her Master's reasonable requests regarding her health and hygiene; to make the most of the attributes she can control, and keep her body in the state that most pleases her Master.

A Slave's Guidelines for Personal Hygiene

Only the most simple-minded among us would neglect to bathe or shower, brush their teeth, apply deodorant, etc. Those who are that simple-minded will probably not be reading these pages. Remember, then that you are in a training program, one that attempts to start you at the beginning and create from that beginning a quality slave, molded by her Master's design and desire. With that objective in mind, a slave could not possibly be insulted by her Master's imperatives regarding cleanliness. If you are insulted, please re-evaluate your responses and try to remember this: you are being offered every opportunity to succeed in your training program - a point for which you should be grateful.

It is the desire of every Master to want His slave or slaves to always be in a state of cleanliness - ready at any moment to offer their bodies for whatever use Master desires. No Master believes this to be a real possibility, however. The best you can hope for is to keep that unrealistic desire in mind and reach for it as an objective as often as possible.

Some general rules to follow are these:

If you know in advance that you will be presenting to your Master for service or sex, you should be clean and ready. Any time that it is not possible, inform your Master beforehand so He can determine what is possible, or how to rearrange your schedule to fit in your basic hygiene concerns.

If you know in advance your Master is taking you out somewhere, you should be clean and ready. If your Master is spontaneous, ask Him if you will be given time to fully prepare. If not, ask Him how long you have and use the time to do the best you can. If "presentable" is all you can manage with the time you are allowed, you cannot be punished for any kind of disobedience.

If your Master has invited guests to His home, you should be clean and ready if you have been given advance warning.

Your Master will not expect you to rise from bed each morning clean, shaven, with good breath, etc. If ridiculous ideas like these are presented to you as part of your training program, you have the wrong Master - one who has not learned to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

On the other hand, your Master may find a particular fault with your hygiene and insist that you solve the problem immediately. This can be embarrassing, but is well within His rights as your Owner.

Standards of cleanliness will vary from one Master to another. Your Master may be a stickler for absolute adherence to every portion of a daily hygiene ritual or He may be lenient and only make demands at certain times. Assume He is a stickler, and you cannot go wrong.

Hair Removal:

At first glance, it would seem that the entire submissive D/s community practices at least some form of hair removal. That is not always the case. The amount of hair you keep or remove from your body is up to your Master. If you have a medical or skin condition that prohibits hair removal, tell your Master before entering a training program with Him. If this or any other medical condition is unacceptable to Him, again, you have the wrong Master and you should part company.

Hair removal is not necessarily a sexual tool. Like the removal of your clothes, the removal of your body hair may be more a symbolic gesture than a sexual one.

As a slave, you should take the time to read the articles at the back of this manual on the proper methods of hair removal. One thing seems consistent is this: When shaving, whether using a standard blade or a disposable blade, use a fresh one on the sensitive genital area.

There are many fine disposable razors on the market today, so a non-disposable razor is not essential nor is it necessarily "better."

You may have to explore several different methods to find the one that works best for you.

The "red bumps" that appear on the genital area after shaving are a result of the skin's sensitivity, a dull blade, ingrown hair or too much contact on the area immediately after shaving. Try to keep the area moisturized, and shave at a time when your skin will have a chance to "calm down" before rubbing against fabric or skin. Daily shaving usually toughens the skin, and within a few weeks, the "red bump" syndrome disappears.

Topics you May Want to Avoid but Cannot:


Your Master should be informed when your period begins. Some Masters have special rules or preferences pertaining to this time of the month. For example, many men find this time sexually stimulating; others avoid contact. These variances in preference are up to your Master, despite any feelings you may have about them.

Your Master should also be informed if you suffer from PMS, and to what level.

When your monthly period ends, inform your Master. He may or may not require a douche.

Vaginal Cleanliness or Douching:

The vagina is self-cleaning. Any informed Master or slave knows this. Douching is not necessary to maintain good health, nor does it endanger health if done properly and in moderation. Your Master may require a douche on occasion - after a period or if needed before oral sex, for example.

When douching use only warm water or a vinegar and water solution.

Purchase a bag with a dual purpose of being a enema bag.

Do not plan to douche every day. That kind of frequency needs a physician's "OK," which you probably wont get.

One full bag of water is generally more than enough.

Anal Cleanliness or Enemas:

As a slave, you should take the time to read the articles at the back of this manual on the proper methods of enemas. As with douching, enemas are not necessary in a non-clinical sense. They are sometimes useful before anal sex, and are often a tool by which a Master can humiliate His slave. Done correctly, enemas are harmless; done improperly or too frequently, enemas are unhealthy and even dangerous. Your doctor should be the person from whom you seek advice in this area. If you are not able to ask your doctor a question such as how or how often you can safely use an enema, you have the wrong doctor or you are in the wrong lifestyle.

Use warm water enemas only. Do not include additives without first consulting a physician about their safety.

Make sure your Master is as informed as possible about enema safety.

A Slave's Guideline for Dress and Make-up

In many cases, a slave's usual form of dress is total or partial nudity, especially while in service mode. A Master usually expects His slave to wear a service collar at all times, but He may have other requirements as well. For example, you may be required to wear heels while serving dinner or during sexual service. Your Master may dress you in a maid's outfit or an apron while cooking and cleaning. He may approve or disapprove the clothing you wear in the workplace, if you work outside His home.

The most important point to remember about clothing is this: As a slave, clothing is privilege, not a right. In many cases, a slave's wardrobe is severely limited, and includes only the most basic and necessary items. 24/7 slaves may not even have a closet - their entire wardrobe can be stored on a wall rack inside the back door.

It is essential to learn and internalize the idea of privilege. In doing so, you will make fewer mistakes. For the "clothes horse," this part of slavery may be difficult to handle. It is unlikely you will be going shopping the way you have as a free woman. Your Master will not neglect your basic needs; nor will He send you out to work wearing rags; certainly not if He wants you to continue contributing to His household. Again, as with each aspect of your life as a slave, He will make the final decision as to what is appropriate for His slave to wear.

During the initial stages of training, you will likely be far too busy to worry much about more than the basics of dress. As you become more familiar with your duties, you will have more time to focus on details. Here are some guidelines to follow initially:

When you are allowed clothing, dress conservatively and use make-up in moderation

Avoid "slutty" dress unless specifically ordered to look that way.

Avoid revealing too much cleavage, stomach, or leg unless ordered otherwise.

Wear clothes that are comfortable; do not squeeze into clothes in hopes that it will make you look smaller. It does not work!

Use jewelry to accent, not to overwhelm.

Choose eye make-up that is not outrageous in color, and do not overdo it.

Unless you are ordered otherwise, apply make-up as you would for everyday wear.

In general, a slave is conservative in behavior and dress, and unless your Master has specific desires, you should strive to be as attractive as possible without appearing to need undue attention from strangers or from your Master.

Women to attract men historically use clothing and make-up. The point of both is to flatter oneself, to make the most of one's best features, and to garner more attention than other women. While there may or may not be something inherently wrong with this, it is no longer an option for you without your Master's express permission. You have, by accepting the position of slave, and by Master placing His collar around your neck, given up your "right" to use clothing and make-up to draw attention to yourself.

It may be that your Master will expect you to return to the philosophy of attracting attention when you are out together. He may very well want to show you off. Never make that assumption on your own. It is just as likely your Master will want you to serve in the background, with humility and a sense of place.

If your Master has not given you any detailed instructions regarding how to dress and use make-up, and if you feel you need guidance in this area, you should find an appropriate time to ask.

When replacing wardrobe or make-up items, observe the following rules:

Choose good quality, stylish clothing that is not "trendy" and will not need to be replaced frequently.

Choose mix and match blouses, skirts, and pants so that several well-chosen pieces can create many looks.

Choose good quality, lost lasting make-up; a set of colors to use for daily wear, and colors appropriate for evening or going out. Do not confuse pretty packaging with quality products.

Ask your Master specifically what your monthly allowance for these things will be, unless He has instructed you to come to Him with all request. Do not exceed His recommendations.

Find service shoes, which are relatively easy to break in and comfortable for long-term wear.

General Advice:

If your Master likes your legs covered, learn to wear stockings and garters or thigh-hi's unless your Master preference is pantyhose.

If you are allowed underwear, try to select matching bras and panties.

When you are away from your Master, do not wear clothes or make-up that suggests you are available or trying to attract the attention of other men.

Begin to pay more attention to your Master's wardrobe than your own. Of the two of you, your Master should be the center of attention.

Do not dress like a teenager if you are in your forties except in situations dictated by your Master. No matter how it feels, the result is usually far less attractive than you think.

A Slave's Guideline for Diet and Exercise

This section has been a long time in coming, mostly in part because of individual tastes and needs are so diversified that any general comments have little to do with slavery. All of us know that a healthy diet and some physical exercise are good for us. Some of us are fanatics; some of us wish we were, and very few of us are satisfied.

It is acceptable for your Master to create a diet and exercise program for you to follow, within limits. If you have special physical or dietary needs, they should be spelled out to your Master before signing a contract or before accepting His collar. Be especially mindful of medical conditions that determine your diet or exercise routine.

It is NOT acceptable for your Master or any Master to override your doctor's advice, ever. Nor is it acceptable for your Master or any Master to override your ethical concerns. For example, if you are a vegetarian, it is NOT OK for your Master to determine that you will now eat red meat. Do not take this too far, however. You may be required to prepare meat for your Master, and you will have to learn to do so. It is not up to you to determine anyone else's physical or ethical concerns.

The main reason a diet or exercise program should be established for you is to insure you are taking care of your Master's personal property to the best of your abilities. Diet and exercise should never be suggested or enforced to change the way you look, nor should its use encourage you to believe that your Master is trying to correct something inherently "wrong" with you. Any dramatic change in your diet or your exercise routines should be cleared through a physician BEFORE being instituted.

This does not mean that your Master needs to clear each of His decisions through a doctor. As long as your health is not endangered and your nutritional and exercise needs are met, you are at your Master's command. Your meals may be taken from a bowl on the floor; you may be instructed to perform your normal exercise routine in the nude; you may be sent away from your dinner for inappropriate behavior assuming you have no medical condition prohibiting missing an occasional meal.

Past your health needs and ethical concerns, the only thing you need consider is your obligation to your Master. You are His property and your choices may be limited or amended.

A Slave's Guideline to Mental Health

Before beginning, it should be clear that anyone who has or believes she has serious mental health issues should consult with a licensed physician or therapist. This section is a guide to meeting basic needs. If you need psychological counsel, please seek it from a more appropriate source.

Emotional Difficulty

The life of a slave, while often exciting, vibrant and unusual is just as often repetitive, dull and ordinary. The latter attributes are especially true when the trill of the newness wears off and reality of slavery service is encountered on a day-to-day basis. There are only so many fresh and engaging ways to do the dishes.

For many slaves, a period of blissfulness lasts a long time, but there will come a day when you are more depressed than usual, more dissatisfied than usual, more uncomfortable with your position than usual. People who claim they never have these feelings are, in all likelihood, lying to you or lying to themselves.

Feelings like these manifest in a number of different ways. Perhaps you lash out at your Master; maybe you have a crying jag that is entirely unlike you; maybe you have an angry urge to just say "NO", rather than go about the business of being a good servant.

There are three things to remember when you experience mild attacks of emotional difficulty that cannot be traced to particular situations:

First, remember that what you are doing goes against your very nature - not your personal submissive nature, but against human nature. Humans are a dominant species. Male or female, the instinct for self-preservation is within us all. Sometimes our most difficult emotions, triggered by a survival need. They are the outcropping of issues that threaten us emotionally, and therefore, they are valid.

Second, remember that a valid emotion is one that should not cause enormous guilt or self-doubt. Submissives and slaves whose level of emotional security does not always fit the "ideal" pattern can experience unnecessary grief as a result. "What's wrong with me?" "If I am truly a slave, should not I be happy with slavery all the time?" Of course, nothing is wrong with you, and no, you would not be happy with slavery all the time. It should come as no surprise that your Master is probably not happy with His role all the time either. You have chosen a lifestyle that is very hard and usually hidden. Not only do you have to concede all your authority to another person, you walk amongst a population you cannot turn to for support. It is the rare slave, who can call her Mom or most of her friends and say, "I am having a problem with one of Master's orders. How would you handle it?"

Third, when you are emotionally distressed, whether or not you understand the cause, your Master can and should be consulted. Understand that if you have a habit of complaining or whining, your request for emotional assistance may be viewed with some suspicion. Nevertheless, a good Master will be able to see or sense your unease, and He should be the first source for emotional support. The assumption made here is that your Master is capable of providing emotional support - something you should know before becoming His slave. Your Master's support may come in the form of reassurance, the allowance of a "break" from your duties until you are settled, or, if your Master knows you well enough to know it is what works for you, a strict reminder.

Friends and Support

It would be unreasonable and unthinkable for any Master, any good Master that is, to deny His slaves access to community support, family or friends. Access might be limited, and your Master is well in His rights to know who you are talking to, when, and in most cases, why. Expect that you will have to make some hard choices here and there, but beware the Master who demands you to break ties with your friends and or family.

Try to remain active in the community as a couple. Meet people at local munches or private parties, and if you connect, extend your friendship with those people to include time away from the "group." Encourage relationships with people who are in the scene or are scene-friendly, without expecting those friendships to take a "play" tone.

It is not likely that you will be allowed to participate in "girls' night out" activities but that does not mean you cannot keep in touch and spend time with friends without compromising your duties to your Master. You should ask His advice in the area of friendships. Emphasize your need if you have it, to keep a connection with the world outside His four walls.

Many Masters are reluctant to provide their slaves with too much freedom, and it may be that you need to "earn" the opportunity to take focus away from the relationship and place it somewhere else for a time. Your Master may not admit to you, but even He can feel threatened. Do not expect these kinds of freedoms during the first phases of your training. Once they are extended to you, never take advantage of your Master's generosity. When you feel they are necessary to maintain a healthy sense of self, approach your Master with a request, not a demand.

Family connections are not meant to be broken, but to be nurtured. Before the contract signing or accepting of His collar, make sure you understand one another when it comes to family needs and duties. The nature and proximity of your family will determine the course of your relationship with Master. You and your Master will have to decide how to handle children living at home, visits from both sides of the family, and obligations to family members. There may come a time when an elderly parent needs the care only living with you can provide. You may need to support your children longer than you have intended. Children living at home should not be privy to the details of your lifestyle, and many couples find themselves working a 24/7 relationship around multiple parent/child relationships. How you handle your individual situation is up to you and your Master, but at NO TIME should a family member be dismissed for the relationship between you and your Master.

Stress Relief

Juggling so many obligations can produce a great deal of stress. Aside from outside support, each of us needs to find an occasional inner calm. If you have daily free time, use part of it to engage in hobbies that are relaxing to you, yoga, or meditative exercises, or even watching a escapist television program that makes you laugh. As stated earlier, free time may be at a minimum during initial training. There is a reason for that, and unless you feel you are risking your emotional health, you should simply grit your teeth and get through it.

If, after a sufficient amount of time in which you feel you have done your best to train properly, your Master has not included free time in your schedule, ask for some. Try to schedule that time during a period of the day or week in which your Master will not need attendance.

If you are required to attend to Master every evening, ask for free time that does not conflict with your scheduled duties. The best times to provide for yourself are times your Master is away working or traveling.

Remember that you are no good to anyone else if you have not been good to yourself.

A Slave's Guideline for Etiquette -Modesty

The notion of "modesty" in a world where physical desire, public scenes and sexuality are commonplace may seem impossible to reconcile, but modesty is little more than overabundance held in check, a very attractive quality in a slave. The definition of modesty, taken from the Webster's Dictionary of 1848 describes almost perfectly the ideals of modesty for which a slave should strive:

"Those lowly temper which accompanies a moderate estimate of one's own worth and importance. This temper, when natural, springs in some measure of timidity, and in young and inexperienced persons, is allied with bashfulness and diffidence. In persons who have seen the world, and lost their natural timidity, modesty springs no less from principle than from feeling, and is manifested by retiring, unobtrusive manners, assuming less to itself than others are willing to yield, and conceding to others all due honor and respect, or even more than they expect or require."

In essence, a slave thinks herself no more or less worthy than anyone else; does not force herself into the center of attention, and offers others more than she takes for herself. The quality of modesty should be displayed at home and away, in vanilla and lifestyle-friendly places. It should not be "put on" and "taken off" for the sake of convenience. The slave who keeps the qualities of modesty in mind cannot help but be well behaved.

Do not confuse modesty with "dumbing down." Modesty is an attractive quality in the most intelligent individuals, and does not indicate a lack of competency on any subject or in any situation. A slave's modest demeanor commands more admiration than an adamant and forceful expression of will.

Modesty can be practiced, and should be, especially in slaves whose natural tendency is to be socially flamboyant or outspoken. When in the company of one's Master, the idea is not to be a spectacle, not to overshadow him, not to draw undue attention to oneself. When alone with Master, modest behavior indicates a focus on service and an attitude of respect.

A Word about Respect:

With a modest and unassuming attitude, offer respect where it is due.

"Respect" does not mean "submission." Granting others the place they have chosen for themselves does not make you indebted to them, nor does it indicate your full agreement with their ways.

Do not use respect as a "gift." Simply offer it.

Do not use respect as a "weapon." Those who do not deserve your respect will lose it, but it should not be dangled like a carrot. The idea that everyone must work to "earn" your respect is disrespectful in itself. Everyone deserves respect unless; they prove themselves unworthy of it.

Practicing Modesty:

Expect less of others and more of yourself. Since no one can determine another's path, the focus of energy should be oneself. A slave's standards of herself should be always higher than her standards for others.

Do not gossip. At its worst, gossip is viscous and cowardly. It is often meant to build oneself up at another's expense. At best, it provides no more than a vicarious thrill over another person's hardship or personal "scandal." There is nothing good to be said about gossiping.

If you find yourself involved in a conversation that includes gossip, find a way out. Excuse yourself or change the subject.

If that does not work, you may have to express your discomfort for the tone of the conversation. Do so politely.

Lower the eyes. When engaged in conversation, combine your opinions and statements with a quick glance downward. This often comes naturally to a slave, and in lifestyle-friendly places, the slave should become familiar with lowering her eyes.

By lowering your eyes while offering an opinion concedes that while your ideas may differ, you respect the ideas of others. This is especially important with your Master. It is visible sign that you wish to express yourself, but that you do so with respect for your Master, and you do so without arrogance.

Accept compliments with grace. A smug, "darn right I am good, and do not I know it?" attitude is especially unattractive in a slave.

Accept your Master's criticism with grace. You do not have to take criticism from anyone else, but when it is dispensed by your Master, the phrase, "Thank you for Your advice, Master," should come easily and unaffectedly from your lips.

Do not criticize or rush to judgment.

You are a slave and in no position to make judgments about the relationships of others, their behavior or their demeanor.

You may disagree, and that can be expressed, but it should be done without expressing self-satisfaction.

Do not be coy. People can usually see through it and are rarely impressed by it.

Exhibit patience in speech and in non-verbal communication, Be retiring rather than overbearing.

Keep yourself "in check." Brazen, raucous behavior is often self-indulgent. Self-indulgence does not lend itself to service-oriented thought or work.

A Slave's Guideline for Etiquette

Manners & Deportment

Good training is exemplified in the way a slave carries and conducts herself. Nothing in her gait or posture or clothing should scandalize or offend anyone, but everything about her should manifest her dignity as a slave. She should strive to cultivate the gravity, the humility, affability, and meekness that will edify others and serve as a good example to them. At no time should a slave's deportment reflect badly on her Master.

If her soul is composed, if the slave is happy with who she is and content to accept the position of servant, her body will be composed also. One mirrors the other. It is rare to find a collected and tranquil spirit in a restless body. Without regard to what the world will say, a slave should occupy and collect herself in humble tasks and subservience of spirit.

The slave should always remember that she has chosen this station in life. She has accepted her Master as her ruler, guide, and direct superior. It is now her duty to conform to the principles of slave thought, behavior and form.

General Rules for Good Form and Behavior:

Do not exhibit an abundance of pride in your own accomplishments.

Do not boast.

Always offer your services if you can be of help, especially to your Master's friends and acquaintances.

Insure your Master, in manner and form, that you understand your place and that your desire is only to please him.

A slave should do her best to go unnoticed. Do not draw attention to yourself or to what you are doing.

A slave's facial expressions should not reveal too much, about what she is thinking. Do not use facial expressions to indicate anger, disrespect, or distaste, or to reflect your unfavorable opinions or judgments of others.

Your mother said it, and it is true: If you cannot think of anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.

Be polite in the face of rude behavior.

Hold your temper and your tongue.

Do not neglect your Master through conversations and activities that exclude Him, unless you have been granted permission to engage in them.

Set a good example for other slaves and for other people in general.

In your Master's home and among his friends:

Your Master's is the v