The Method Of Communications Via Email English Language Essay


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Is a very good way of communicating because you can email many of people at once. It's a faster way of communicating than before where you had to send letters that needed to be posted to the right destination where as now with a press of a button you send emails to hundreds of people at once.


Emails can be used in collaborative work. You can easily send emails to more than one person in your group. You can easily sort out your inbox from thousands of email by creating different folders for each person or subject to make it easier to refer back to when needed. When you receive an important email from one of your colleagues you can put a red flag by it indicating the importance of the letter so you can easily find for future reference. It's also one of the most secure methods to use in a group because it's harder than other methods to get infected with a virus if your email provider has a strong and up to date antivirus. The email will save us a lot of time with in the group compared to sending letters to each other, sending letters will take 1 minimum sending it first class, it's not exactly guaranteed. The letters will also cost our group a lot. One of the best advantages for our group using emails is that we can attach our group's documents to the email and send it to each other. This is important because rather than giving the sheets in by hand we can attach it to the email to make our job easier. We can view the attachment then reply back with our comments. You can also reply back with a press of a button.


Emails have disadvantage as well as advantages. When we send emails to each other we have to wait till the other team member check the email and then replies back which can take some time. One of the emails we send around our group can have virus attached to it on the way. So our groups important emails can be hacked into which is a very big disadvantage for us. When we are using the attachment service we have to take the file size into account, depending on your email provider you have been set a size restriction which we might have problems due to our attachment size being big sometimes. We also need to be aware of what type of file our email provider allows us to attach so that might cause us problems now and now again. In our group we need to check if our email provider provides us with a secure and up to date virus scanner although this does not bring down our worries about viruses because viruses is one of the biggest problems we might face. We also might face another problem, junk mail. When we are forwarding our emails within our group, one of our emails might go into the junk mail. With out us knowing we might think that it all contains junk and it needs to be erased, so we might lose emails through this way.

Would this be good for our group?

This would be one of the best systems we can use in our group due to many advantages, it also has disadvantages but the advantage has exceeded the disadvantages. This would help our group in many ways like when we need to show each others what we have done till a today we just attach it to the email, they can see it right away rather than us sending the email, after send the work by post. This method will save us a lot of time in our group. Our works that we send around our group might go into one of our junk mail which our work might depend on but that won't be a missive problem that will put us off in using this great system.

Chat rooms

A chat room is an online discussion system through your keyboard. Everyone who is logged into the chat room can see what everyone else is typing, although if you want two people can decide to have a private chat.


A chat room is one of the best sources of communication we can use in our group because we can easily talk in our group without any trouble, we can all see what each of us are writing without us repeating the same thing over and over again. It is also free which makes it even better for a group like us. One of the best things about chat rooms that its instant meaning that when you send a message the entire group will get it straight away without any delays, which will make our job easier.


One of the most important disadvantages about chat rooms is that we in our group can't attach attachments to send to each other, to show what we have got to in our work. This is very unfortunate because attachments are one of the things that we need to use in order for our group to stay on track and know where we all are on the task set. We will have no choice but to post our work to each other in the group which will take 1-2 days minimum which will cause a big delay in our work. Unless we set a password to the chat room anyone around the world can access the chat room which should not happen because the things we discuss is to important to go out of our group, if the chat room hasn't got a password protection it will be very unfortunate. One of the biggest disadvantage about chat rooms is that it's one of the easiest way to be infected by viruses which we don't want happening. Other people might be able to crack the chat rooms password and access what we are talking about in the room, they can appear online invisible and know what we are saying in the group without us knowing because they are appearing invisible.

Would this be good for our group?

Chat rooms would be one of the worst methods of communication we can use in our group as the disadvantages are more than the advantages. One of the main reasons we aren't choosing chat rooms is that we can't send attachments to each other, which attachments is one of the things that we need to use a lot in our group. Also another thing that we took into consideration was the privacy that we needed that chat rooms could not provide, most chat rooms doesn't let you set password to the room. Also viruses was something we were scared off, we in our group didn't want to get infected by any kind of viruses.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is when your exchanging text messages in real time between two or more people logged into a particular instant messaging service. You can also use the voice call option if you want to make a direct computer to computer call.


One of the most important advantages for instant messaging is that it's more interactive than e-mail because messages are sent immediately. The instant messaging system alerts us whenever somebody in our group is online. With some instant messaging providers they provide you with attachments meaning that they allow you send attachments to one another, which is very useful for us in the group because we will need to show each other in the group where we have got to in the task set. One of the very good things about instant messaging is that you talk live and also can have long discussion then if there is a problem you can resolve it right there within the entire group. One of the best things for us in the group using instant messaging is that it's free which means that we can talk as long as we want without worrying about the bill. Video messaging is also another feature that instant messaging allows us to use, meaning that we can all talk and see each other in the group at the same time in the same program without us needing to use two different programs to communicate in our group with talk and cam. We can send nudges to each other if one of us replies back late notifying them that we are waiting for a response which is very good for us in the group. We can have other meetings in the group no matter where the other person is, if someone in our group goes on holiday they still can join our meeting by just getting onto the internet then it will be the same as all of us being in the same room.


One of the disadvantages of instant messaging is that it doesn't look professional. There are also no elaborate page layout options in instant messaging as there are with e-mail. Instant messaging is simple you type a brief message and press Enter. Then the other person can read what you have written. You might also get infected by virus via file transfer which will be devastated. Some times there might be problems in the connection the messages might intercept with other connections which we don't want happening. Other in our group might not be on online when we are and that will cause trouble for the rest of the group. Everyone in our group is required to sign up in order for us to communicate which will be a problem for us, because that will take time some time in order for us all to sign up. We all need a proper computer with a good connection internet or otherwise if the internet connection isn't strong enough we might have problems with interceptions.

Would this be good for our group?

Instant messaging will be a good choice of communicating, we can use in our group as it has good properties that we will benefit from. Of the reasons choosing instant messaging would be a benefit that we can talk live and resolve any problems we have right there without any troubles waiting for response back. Instant messaging systems offer a safer environment compared to other methods including better than chat rooms.

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP)

Voice over the internet protocol (VOIP) is a transmission technology to delivery voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. It's like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, but VOIP turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.


One of the main advantages of VOIP for our group is that its low cost. In our group we can make PC-to-PC phone calls through VOIP for free. If we even wish to make a PC-to-phone connection, we can do it without any problem. One of the good features that VOIP allows us do is Call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, which we might want to use In the group if one of us don't pick the call, they can leave a voice mail for us then we can get back in touch. It also allows us to do call forwarding, which means that when someone in the group calls another person in the computer through computer the VOIP service can redirect that call to our personnel mobile phones which will make us not miss a single call. Also some VOIP service provide call waiting, which means it doeen't make the caller hang up it makes them wait on the line till you answer which will help us in our group.


One of the main disadvantages of some VOIP providers is the problems they have with sound quality and reliability. Sometimes when the data is sent across the Internet usually arrives at its destination in a scrambled order. So in our group we might not understand each other very well due to this reason. Using this method will cost our group quite some money, which will decrease our budget. We cant attach our files to it to send to our group members. Free calls are only available to VOIP members. The VOIP method might not work if your internet connection is slow. You can't reliy on VOIP for emergency puropses.

Would this be good for our group?

VOIP would be one of the worest systems to use in our group due to some reasons.

It will cost our group which we dont want to spend on communicating togather. We also cannot send each other attachments which we realy need to send each other to check each others progress in the group. What ever we say won't get recorded so we can refer back to for future referece, which we would liked to have.


A web conference is a live exchange of information among several persons and machines remote from one another but linked by a telecommunications system that are geographically separated.


One of the best things about this is that's it easy to use and set up which will not any time away from us. The best things it's that with this method we dont need to travel a long way to go to a meeting, we can just do it from our business destantion, which will save us fuel bills rather than go by car which will need fuel to run. We can conference from anywhere around the world which would benefit us, when one of us in the group go on hoilday that doesnt make them not to join our meeting, if they have a internet connection they can join our conference just like were all sitting down on a time. Some web conferencing providers let you attach your files to send to each other with out the needing of using other methods to send the files.


One of the obvious disadvantage is that the time zones around the world will differ if your confereceing in different parts of the world. The technology of conferecing can fail at any time or it can also crash which would be a problem for us in the group. The line might also go offline, not letting use continue or meeting. Users might not be online or have problems connecting to our meeting. In our group we will also need to buy the equiments in order to communicate. It also requires us in our group to install programs in order for it to work. Not all web conferencing providers let you attach your files to send to each other so we would have no choice apart from using other methods to send our files.

Would this be good for our group?

I don't think personnel that I would use web conferencing in our group to communicate with each other. Because it can fail or crash at any time which we don't want happening. It might cost us some fees which we don't to pay. If the internet connection is not fast the video line will cut and erupt. Which we don't want anything like that happening to us in the group. Some of our colleagues might have problem installing or finding how to use the software.


An Internet forum is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the way of posted messages. They are different from chat rooms by the messages not shown in real-time, to see new messages you must reload the forum page. Also, sometimes a posted message must need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible depending on the access level of a user or the forum set-up.


The very good thing about it that would benefit our group a lot is that it's free. We can easily start up a topic and discuss it within the people in the group, we can also have other people looking at it if we wanted to. We can also attach files that we want into the forum to allow our group members to open and look at it. If we want we can allow other members of the public to open an account, we can prohibit other members outside our group

A moderator can edit and reply other peoples posts to control the forums


Anyone can spam on the forums if not controlled by a moderator

Disagreemens may occur and cause cyber gihts

Information listed on the forum might not be fully correct

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