The Memory Stunts To Impress English Language Essay

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Apart from increasing your memorising capabilities, the memory enhancing methods also enable you to perform certain feats to attract an audience and gain much admiration. You can perform certain stunts to endear an audience to yourself and impress them as well.

1. The Magazine Test:

This appears to be the most amazing of memory feats, but is quite basic and simple.

Give the audience some copies of a current magazine.

Ask them to call out any page number

You can tell them the highlights of that page.

This will amaze the audience, and you will be hailed as a wonder. What you are doing here is basically applying the Peg method. In some instances you would need to use the Peg and Link method together. To memorize the pages of any picture magazine, all you have to do is to associate the peg word that represents the page number to the highlight of that page.


If Page 1 has a picture of a boat on it, you would make a ridiculous association between 'tie' (1 as per the letter number method) and a boat.

Association: A tie is a fluttering like a flag on the boat.

Page 2 may be an advertisement for lipstick. Associate a 'hen' (2 as per the letter number method) with a lipstick.

Association: A hen is wearing a blue lipstick.

And so on. By repeating the associations and looking at the magazine several times as you do so, you will learn the highlights of each page.

If a page has more than one picture on it, use the Link method to remember them. Page 14 is a fashion page, and it has a picture of a hat, shoes, and a dress.

Associate the word for 14 as per the letter number method, which is 'tyre' with a hat.

Association: 'The model is wearing a tyre as a hat'. Now, link hat to shoes and shoes to the dress. When Page 14 is called, the peg word will remind you of hat; hat will tell you that the next picture is of shoes, and the shoes will remind you of the dress.

You can also tell the audience on what part of the page the picture is located; whether it is on the lower or upper left part of the page, upper or lower right, or in the middle of the page. This is because to make the associations in the first place, you must really see and observe the picture on the page. The calling of the peg word enables you to recall the page and the images on the page very visually. In that way, you will know which part of the page a picture belongs.

2. Remembering Objects and Initials:

Have your friends seated around you. Then ask some of the friends (as many as you think you can handle at a time) call out any object and any two initials. When they now call out an object, you tell them the accompanying initials. This is an impressive feat, but a relatively easy one to do. Just make up a word that starts with the first initial and ends with the last, and associate that word to the object which has been called.


1. The object is bag, and the initials are R and T.

Association: The RaT is nibbling the bag.

2. The object is bed, and the initials are H and E.

Association: the HorsE is sitting on the bed

In this way, if the object called out is bed, you can immediately supply the initials H and E.

3. Card Tricks:

Card Trick 1:

Number a sheet of paper from 1 to 52, which is the number of cards in a pack. Have your friends call out numbers haphazardly and cross out the numbers as they call them. They can stop calling them any time they like. When they have finished doing so, you can tell them the numbers that are not crossed out!

The method:

Just mutilate the peg words (as per the letter number method) which represent the numbers called out. Then go over your words in your mind, beginning from that representing 1(tie) to the peg word of the last number listed on the paper 52(lion). Whenever you come to one that is not mutilated, you call it out.

Card trick 2:

Another impressive card trick is the "hidden card" one. This is most effective when you are working for a group of at least fifty-two people. For a lesser number of people, use fewer cards. Hand the deck to your friends and let everyone take one card. Each person calls the name of his card and also gives you a hiding place for it.

Associate the card word for the card called to the hiding place. If someone called the Jack of Hearts hidden in a piano, you can see yourself putting a number of hearts within a piano!

After all the cards have been hidden, let your friends call out the name of the card one by one. You can immediately tell them where each card is hidden. They can also be made to call out the hiding place, and you can tell them which card is hidden there.

The Number Game:

It is easy to remember numbers and perform it as a feat to impress an audience.

You will need to use two types of methods. Use the letter number method along with the rhyme method to perform this.

The game:

Have a friend number a piece of paper from 1 to 20. Have him call any of these numbers and write a two digit number alongside. When all the numbers have been called, you can go from the first one to the end, telling him the two digit numbers. Conversely, have him call any two digit number and you can tell him the number it is at.

The method:

If the list number is 3, and the two digit number written alongside to be remembered is 34, use the Rhyme method to remember 3 (tree). Use the Letter Number method for 34 (hammer).

Association: the tree has a hammer stuck in it.

This can be repeated for other two digit numbers down the list.

When the list number 3 is called out, you can immediately respond with the number 34 as the two digit number.

The same method will work for all the numbers on the list, and you will have a list of impressed friends.

An advanced alternative to this is to have your friends call out an object and a two digit number corresponding to each number on the list.


The list number can be 2, the two digit number can be 53 and the object can be a scooter.

2 as per rhyme method would be 'shoe'.

53 as per letter number method would be 'lamb'.

The object is scooter.

You need to make a ridiculous association.

Association: The shoe is worn by the lamb to drive the scooter.

While these games and tricks entertain an audience, they also sharpen your memorising abilities. Not only that, any of these methods can be applied to the learning of serious matters, such as mobile numbers, pan numbers, names, objects to be purchased, important dates etc. Doing these tricks is one way to learn how the memory aid methods work.

Every time you do an exercise to strengthen your memory, it improves further and you will find a gain in your retentive abilities.